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Everyday that goes by without putting into place a strategy to step out of this straight-jacket – is a day wasted – a sacrificial offering to to all that is sucking the life out of humanity.

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Three German students surprise a homeless man with an impromptu concert on his behalf.

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Jews and Palestinians have been holding anti-war protests throughout Israel, but the mainstream media has refused to cover them.

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We challenge the perversity of a propaganda that justifies the creation of an emergency to masquerade a massacre, a so-called “defensive aggression”.

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This is a landmark watershed event, brought on by active commitment to getting real information into the hands of those who can further expose this critical issue. Bravo!

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It is important to be able to field some basic questions about this most dire issue if you are to gain credibility with others. Most people do not want to be sprayed like bugs.

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The Shasta County meeting drew almost 500 people. This was officially the largest attendance in the facilities 10 year history of meetings. Video of the full session.

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You don't need big-ag's Golden Rice, you just need a garden.

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40 000 people in Cape Town marched in solidarity with Gaza today calling for the Israeli ambassador to South Africa to be expelled and an end to trade ties with Israel.

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56,000 people pledged to support a global 'internet seed swap' promoted by Avaaz. The plans are deeply flawed and were developed without consulting major seed saving groups.