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Join thousands for a free online EMF Summit starting tomorrow and continuing every Tuesday until December. Each week is a new video interview, which begins Sept. 2nd.

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Unlike the modern industrial agricultural system which relies on herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers, a food forest is self-regulating and highly abundant in yield.

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Online people search engines, also called data brokers, can be used for privacy in the form of becoming ubiquitous, that is being everywhere at once.

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Good Morning San Diego invites Alex Fidel, a mayoral candidate for Encinitas, CA who blows the doors down!

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Any contract based in fraud is null and void, once the fraud is revealed. And it has been revealed! However, not everyone is fully aware of all of this.

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This event will focus on an end to the ongoing bombing and on a clearing of deep trauma from the collective energy field, particularly for the 400 000+ children living in Gaza.

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For four days the San Francisco Bay Area community blocked the Israeli ZIM ship from unloading at the SSA. We salute the workers of ILWU local 10 for honoring our pickets.

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In another sign of the increasing support for the international Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, activists prevented an Israeli cargo ship from docking on Saturday.

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We are on the front line of the battle for the minds of the next generation. A generation of awakened minds will be the wave that spells the end for the control matrix.