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The removal of the parasitic force will come as a by-product of the REAL revolution now nearing completion: a complete reset via an upgraded vibratory frequency.

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In this interview this greatest inventor and seer of modern time unravels a new vision of humanity which we, the light warriors of the first and the last hour have created a century later.

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An excellent audio-visual breakdown of the true nature of our multidimensional experience we call reality, when in the full reality what we see is a very small part.

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Some fascinating dot connecting here. Take it for what you will but a lot of good historical information to take into consideration.

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A very good interview to understand some of the logic, reasoning and common sense about a flat plane Earth. Keep on wondering!

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They've got us staring skyward at mathemagical marvels that are nothing but smoke, duct tape and literal mirrors...while life happens below our two sole soles...

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The time has come for us to stop the madness threatening to destroy the world, once and for all, in a non-violent way, by letting the truth expose their dark agenda.

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A brilliant, well researched in depth exposé of the Illuminati's roots, history and agenda and how they operate with a long range view to further their nefarious plan.

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Like religion and like the Mafia, democracy has provided a formula which offers protection for those who prescribe to a skewed system of control by the few.

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Google's recently announced plan to begin manipulating search engine results to reward websites based on their apparent factual soundness. (According to whom? - Z)

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