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Once upon a time, North America almost divided along a very deep subsurface rift. Today, that rift system and its faults are known as the New Madrid fault zone.

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Scores of communities worldwide have been building these safe, autonomous networks—often because a mesh can also be used as a cheap way to access the regular internet.

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Time, words, and money are all interwoven to create an energy siphoning system that is more complex than most people realize.

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If the algorithms that organize the world of money were turned on their head and used to analyze the defects in their guiding philosophy, they would shred it all.

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The origins of ancient Egypt, hidden knowledge inside the pyramids, and the secret truth about Atlantis are detailed by Egyptologist John Anthony West.

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A brilliant synopsis of Man's condition. The question is not if you have been sold the lie. The real question is if you have bought the lie.

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A look behind the scenes to what's really going on and the extent of social and occult engineering being exacted upon humanity. Illustrates much of what we've been covering.

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Ever wondered why The Chosen Ones are so hoochie-coochie with the Saudis? Brace yourself. The Sauds were originally Sabbatean Jews. Read on, there's more real history here.

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The rules of the game are not nearly as rigid as they appear to be. Reality is a creative process which we're all engaged in. Now is the time for a paradigm shift.

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This material is not to convince anyone of its truth. I offer it simply to present the conjectures of someone who has devoted many long hours to exploring these issues with a discerning eye.

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