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Was humanity taken over long ago by parasitic inter-dimensional entities? Gnostic texts may hold the key to the greatest conspiracy in all human history!

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We go far down the rabbit hole on dark magic, freemasonry, aliens and theories linking the Obamas with the scientific occult kabal and the illuminati’s dark magic.

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Millions of people claim to have contact with extraterrestrial beings. This has played a large role in spreading the influence of extraterrestrial interest across the world.

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If your level of consciousness does not vibrate in a frequency above these emitted waveforms and you are not on ‘higher ground’ then you might be confused and deluded by these emissions.

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Traditional spiritually of Scotland, unicorns, corrupt monarchies and the Christian subjugation of the region is explored in this Buzzsaw interview hosted by Sean Stone.

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A must see video that nails it! Neil Kramer describes 'The Construct' - a matrix of distraction and disinformation which diverts our attention from the 'Organic Signal' that encompasses us.

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Past-life recognition in children is being studied extensively by various scientists and psychiatrists around the world to prove the survival of consciousness beyond the physical realm.

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There is a fourth dimensional spiritual awakening available right now, and the battle ground is in each and every mind. But, it’s hard to be true to ourselves when we have been driven into a corner.

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The Khazarian Jews have taken charge of that ravaged country’s government and finances and intend eventually to make the Ukraine a “second homeland” for the Jews.

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Neurobiologist Robert Sapolsky on toxoplasmosis and the behavior of a seemingly intelligent archon-like parasite.