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Steven Bancarz, Spirit Science Metaphysics Waking TimesThis may seem like a far out idea, but i...

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Nassim brilliantly explains the physics involved in plugging into the Unified Field in easy to understand terms and concepts. Don't miss this. Thrilling and empowering!

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Like higher organisms, plants appear able to make complex decisions.

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Every thing around us has an effect on something within us. The moon frequencies have the power to make the thought frequencies in our sub-conscious mind surface to the conscious mind.

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There are many myths, legends and even suppressed historical accounts regarding our planet being hollow and even inhabited by various species of humanoids.

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The earth is evolving in consciousness, which influences our conscious evolution. Two features of this transition are the so called “quickening” of time and increased synchronicity.

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In our universe of frequency and vibration, where all matter is condensed energy and even water demonstrates intelligence, sound and intention play an enigmatic role in the organization of life.

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Take a trip and experience a sense of the enormity of both outer and inner space. Enjoy the ride!

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