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Many people believe that the Hollow Earth theory is more than a myth, and they point towards these discoveries as evidence.

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Everyone has a simple choice to make to live from fear or love. Take a journey through space, both inner and outer, and then make the choice yourself.

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A candid and interesting discussion with Director of Research for the Resonance Project, Nassim Haramein, speaking on the Modern Knowledge program.

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Clif High gives a brilliant discourse of a conscious understanding of reality outside of boxed in contrived "science". A must see to better grasp our true reality.

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The Simulation Hypothesis is a thought provoking exploration of the nature of our existence, playing into the universal curiosity of how and why we came to be.

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“So, I reason that, if I go back when I’m dead to the state where I was before I was born, couldn’t I happen again?” – Alan Watts

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While there is much highly assumptive pseudo-science and minimizes the essential ingredient of consciousness, this does help in appreciating our amazing universe.

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While this documentary is solely focused on scientifically-verifiable data, it also has philosophical repercussions pertaining to life, death and the origin of the universe.

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The actual nature or makeup of light remains a mystery precisely because the totality of reality and all events is itself encoded in light.

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