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I am just a public joker who gained an insight into his days and has succeeded in exploiting the stupidity, vanity and avidity of his contemporaries.

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We have become so divided as a people. This is by design. Race, sexuality, religion and politics. One common factor though, that truly unites us all, is our collective distaste for war.

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Benny Wills of JoyCamp talks about where they began, how they've evolved and how they've brought their unique blend of comedy mixed with conspiracy to a whole new level.

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Absolutely thrilling song you don't want to miss. Mankind's heart is the same the world over, longing for peace, freedom and everlasting love.

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They've got us staring skyward at mathemagical marvels that are nothing but smoke, duct tape and literal mirrors...while life happens below our two sole soles...

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This video shows how beautiful our nature is and how horrible it would be if it wasn't there...sung by Miriam Stockley and composered Karl Jenkins. - CalgryFlame

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Wash your spirit clean - Be grateful for the struggles - Give away the things you don't need - Let it all go and you'll soon see - And you'll wash your spirit clean

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A powerful indictment against the corrupt ruling class in the UK who continue to mock the very ones they're oppressing. Right on NxtGen!

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Vivek Chaturvedi asks the ultimate and most important question, then takes us on a magical mystical musical journey. Sit back and enjoy a conscious ride.

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This is a house truck that you have to see to believe. Completely road legal, this off-the-grid house truck folds out and transforms into a fantasy castle.

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