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Over 50 artists helped make up Dismaland, a dystopic theme park in the UK, replete with Jimmy Savile references and “entry-level anarchism” as a twist on Disneyland.

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In my opinion one of the best songs ever written. Brilliantly poetic, deeply touching, and woven with complete artistic genius from a beautiful perspective. Do enjoy.

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Excuse my cynicism, great song but where are these guys now? What do they do to back their words? Have they caved in to fame and money? At least Neil Young is still fighting...sheesh...

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Enjoy a Moody Blues journey down the good old path of feel good spaciness. After all, we're all here "just wondering" aren't we? With some wandering to boot. Cheers all!

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I guess I have been living under a rock because I never heard of this amazing instrument until today. Have you? Here are a few examples of Masters of the Stick and a word from its inventor.

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This is a new music video by the Bilderberg Group. Enjoy!

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Bad Clown knocks down another intriguing track, challenging our perspectives with an artful psycho-spiritual waltz down parallel avenue...with attitude!

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Enjoy the beautiful award winning music of Lynn Stokes and Sol Surfers.

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A voice, a poem and a guitar-- Mardi Garcia performs her original song, Blaze Blaze Blaze.

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Freedom doesn’t write itself with airspray on a toilet wall; for only through deep work and trouble (living as we do in 3-D rubble) can it come at all.

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