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This is a new music video by the Bilderberg Group. Enjoy!

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Bad Clown knocks down another intriguing track, challenging our perspectives with an artful psycho-spiritual waltz down parallel avenue...with attitude!

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Enjoy the beautiful award winning music of Lynn Stokes and Sol Surfers.

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A voice, a poem and a guitar-- Mardi Garcia performs her original song, Blaze Blaze Blaze.

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Freedom doesn’t write itself with airspray on a toilet wall; for only through deep work and trouble (living as we do in 3-D rubble) can it come at all.

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Art and imagination are of another universe(s). They can deploy logic, but they can also invent in any direction without limit, and they can embrace contradiction.

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"Permanent Holiday", another great reggae song from Mike Love where he shows off his amazing pedal skills.

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For one hundred years now wise teachers and elders have urged, “We must bring together the spirituality of the East, with the energy and material mastery of the West.”

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Bad Clown lays down another powerful track, challenging the viewers' perspective on anything and everything in order to bring conscious awareness. Enjoy!

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“The music is not in the notes but in the silence between them.” - Mozart

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