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A hostile takeover has been executed with boardroom secrecy and precision. Creativity in music has become less about the art and more about what the artist is willing to sacrifice.

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Whilst we travel this region of space, let us get closer to the blue orbs face.

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“Music directly represents the passions of the soul. If one listens to the wrong kind of music, he will become the wrong kind of person.” ~Aristotle

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Flashmob celebration at Shannon Airport, Ireland. One of my favorite phenomena to witness, so inspiring and moving! Freedom is our natural state!

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A beautiful shamanic native American chant to bring in the New Year with love, compassion, happiness and prosperity. Much love to all!

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When I refer to solar plexus energies that is where Joe Cocker's voice and passion comes from - take a look. Here's to a fine passing into Infinity for Joe.

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Beautiful shamanic music that bypasses the mind and speaks straight to the soul. Enjoy the power of the earth connected music of the elders.

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A Sonnet for the Earth. Beautiful poetry by Anna Hempstead Branch brought to life as only the Snordster can.

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Native Voice TV Host Cihuapilli Rose Amador has Good Shield Aguilar, Lakota/Yaqui musician, as her guest for the second time. Great meaningful music!

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Do you think your government is NOT scaring you senseless and stealing your cash while screwing the population of your country in their collective arses?

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