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Very shortly, things are going to start changing in a major way. America is dying, and the hardest times that any of us have ever seen are right in front of us.

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There are a lot of events converging this month, will this be the event of events no one saw coming? When September is over, all we're going to remember is this....

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Unfortunately and ironically, our society has been so successfully dumbed down that it takes a rock band to lay bare the plain truth of the horrors of war.

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Now here's a song that should be viewed and listened to on every mainstream channel just for the kick of it to watch the globalist illuminati maggots squirm. While we rejoice!

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Humankind is the largely unwitting victim of a frequency war on our consciousness that has been waged for decades, if not millennia.

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Today is a brand new day.. A day that was sung about 40 plus years ago when a bunch of young people took it upon themselves to stop the war. We did it but at great cost.

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A beautiful interlude during this frenzy of information and digesting of all we're undergoing. Enjoy, and deeply enjoy the loved ones around you!

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Over 50 artists helped make up Dismaland, a dystopic theme park in the UK, replete with Jimmy Savile references and “entry-level anarchism” as a twist on Disneyland.

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In my opinion one of the best songs ever written. Brilliantly poetic, deeply touching, and woven with complete artistic genius from a beautiful perspective. Do enjoy.

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Excuse my cynicism, great song but where are these guys now? What do they do to back their words? Have they caved in to fame and money? At least Neil Young is still fighting...sheesh...


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