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"The introduction of further GMO plants with a host of new herbicide resistances is a one way street serving only as a vehicle to sell more and more toxic agrochemicals.”

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Is this commerce with seeds over the internet going to escape the laws of world trade dictated by Monsanto and other multinationals?

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The insanity is such that you more or less have to be a sociopath to insist on business as usual in light of the ravaging harm agricultural chemicals are causing.

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The world's food supplies are at risk because farmland is becoming rapidly concentrated in the hands of wealthy elites and corporations, a study has found.

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While the author doesn't touch on the more deeply nefarious reasons for poisoning the world, this is one of the most thorough explanations of the extreme dangers of GMOs. - Zen

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Well worth the watch. Fabulous story of the Monarch yet a dire reminder of what is being done to our natural world and what we can do.

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To be truly free is both very easy and very hard. We avoid the horror of our enslavement because it ...

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Eric Draven, Guest Waking TimesEveryday, more and more people are waking up and discovering that...