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The food industry churns out so called 'foods' on factory production lines and packs them full of what are essentially poisons. But in small enough doses not to kill you outright.

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I am writing this article because I believe the information will help millions of people - if only they should stumble across it and give it a chance. I am no writer, but what sort of person would I be if I let that stop me?

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People are raising up against the companies that are creating these toxic chemicals and boycotting major brands that have been mainstays in American supermarkets for decades.

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A culture that kills, including for food, must create a belief system that inures people to suffering. This is the only way the slaughter of other sentient beings is possible.

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After outperforming Monsanto with record crop yields, they have also managed a giant defeat by preventing the company from supplying El Salvador with its poison seeds.

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The liaison board last month rejected “the Monsanto clause for being abusive, arbitrary and compulsory regarding buy-and-sell soy contracts.

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When paradigms shift, tyrants fall, or corporations lose their market it is often not from some spectacular event, but by a single, humanizing display.

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For decades, Monsanto and its enablers inside the USDA have denied the central tenets of evolutionary biology, namely natural selection and adaptation.

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When you eat locally, you know things about your food that people who shop at the grocery store do not. On the labels of nearly everything in my freezer was the name of someone I know.

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I actually have the gall to want food that is edible and good for me, not just something a chemical company threw together that they say it is.


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