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Is there anything more likely to make you shit your pants out of a mix of fear and anger than getting a federal subpoena out of the blue?

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Jade Helm 2 Decoded: A learned network/software engineer’s analysis of what’s really behind the exercise, an A.I. warfare drill. Interview starts at 11:45.

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People are taking back their power realizing the ‘big lie’ that they’re powerless and need to be dependent on controlling authorities by disconnecting from implanted beliefs.

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This is the real life story about what a Smart Meter can do to your home and your life, & when a public utility company, regulatory agency and insurance company are involved.

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At some point there will be more than just an angry minority demanding rights to be returned; but it is always easier to negate rights than to acquire them.

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Only an avowed “coincidence theorist” could believe that there are not strong connections between Western water shortages, Jade Helm and Atzlan.

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Looking back on my life, I see much of its meaning was derived from my transformation from the externally indoctrinated predator (wolf) to the inner-directed protector (sheepdog).

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Here's a trip into the mind of the scientific so-called elites and their dispassionate view of controlling humanity to their own ends. Seems they went with both Huxley and Orwell.

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There is an invention known as the invisible fence used to keep pets from running away. The full-scale conditioning of the American people by its institutions has become our invisible fence.

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