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Like any UN summit, this one will be full of buzzwords such as consensus, empowerment, rule of law and sustainability, all of which have a sinister double meaning.

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There are reasons to be concerned about the inevitable digital clampdown. But there are bright spots as well, and these deserve to be noted, highlighted and celebrated.

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Everything seems to be a bit blurred everywhere I look. Not sure who’s zooming who. I see the term cabal frequently so I finally looked into it’s meaning. Now I’ve got all nine windows open...

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It is so easy to get so caught up in the peripheral conflict between the elites and the citizenry that we forget what the whole thing is really about.

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The Truth Seeker, Daniel Bushell, speaks to Gerald Celeste, Anthony Gucciardi and Kevin Barrett about the current situation in the U.S.

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Wars by elites against populations are often so subtle that many people might not even recognize that they are under attack until it is too late.

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The time has come for us to stop the madness threatening to destroy the world, once and for all, in a non-violent way, by letting the truth expose their dark agenda.

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if Americans are uneasy about this summer’s planned Jade Helm 15 military exercises across several states, they have every right to be.

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Last spring, designer Adam Harvey hosted a session on hair and makeup techniques and a series of styling methods designed to turn your face into an anti-face.

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Although no one can say exactly what the new paradigm will be, It has as its central purpose the nurture of all human beings and the wise stewardship of this planet.

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