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Half a century ago people had to be reassured their social security card was not being used for identification. Now? Take a look.

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Almost 70 years after the release of the novel, telescreens are a reality … and they are going much further than Orwell’s telescreens.

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In researching the MK ULTRA programs I came across an interesting connection to the coming SmartGrid. While this may sound like the ultimate paranoiac tin foliage, I suspect more at work here.

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It’s bad enough to have the IRS or another government agency after you. But when Uncle Sam, or a state or local government, hires a collection agency to chase after you, things can go downhill fast.

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Luke Rudkowski and James Corbett to discuss the devastation of Ukraine that has been wrought by decades of corruption, colour revolution, debt slavery and war.

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This film lays bare the system we have been given and the reality many people are so afraid to wake up to. We have the power and the control.

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This "biometric dragnet" pilot program includes fingerprint scans, iris scans and facial recognition scans for all forms of European travel - road, train, sea and air.

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The police state ramps up, including a raid on a political meeting and using the vaccine agenda to create more limitations on personal choice.

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The Internet and Web are now considered a utility under Title II of the Communication Act. The long-range implications are mind boggling.

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