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The Next Generation Identification system will eventually include iris scans, facial recognition, and a range of other biometric identifiers that are collated into a central database.

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An excellent, well researched and presented tool to send to those who have not connected the dots yet. Encourage them to watch all the way through to the end to Wesley Clark's admission.

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We are able to see the architecture, the structural patterns, of each kind of mind-control regime. This can help us recognize precursors – signs that such a future is coming our way.

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Online people search engines, also called data brokers, can be used for privacy in the form of becoming ubiquitous, that is being everywhere at once.

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The UK's Scotland Yard, according to The Guardian, warned the public that, in effect, under terrorism legislation, "if you watch terrorism, you're also a terrorist".

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Riding down the elevator from my room, I decided that this would be my last night here.My intention had never been the same as the rest. Instead of the profit motive, I merely wished to understand what it was all about.

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