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If you don’t want to support Israel in their genocide of Palestinians, don’t buy any products with the bar code 729 or some of 871. Read labels carefully as many products are Israeli.As it turns out, Israel's bar code remains 729

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Corporations will continue to abuse their constitutional protections as legal “persons” until fresh water has become fully privatized, or until their rights are eliminated.

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Nearly 65 billion animals worldwide, including cows, chickens, and pigs, are are imprisoned and tortured and crammed into confined animal feeding operations known as CAFOs.

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Brazil's football stadiums are built on Indian land, and the country's new-found wealth comes from the dispossession of the Indians and the theft of their lands.

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The U.S. EPA Office of Pesticides tasked with reviewing all pesticides and chemicals on US agricultural produce told the EWG that they had no idea their was a ban on DPA.

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The World Cup 2014 is now taking place in Brazil until July 13. For this much-anticipated month of soccer, Brazilian citizens have paid a very high price in many ways.

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By FDA definition, MSG is “naturally occurring,” because the basic ingredients are found in nature. “Naturally occurring” does not mean that a food additive is being used in its natural state.

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"There is clearly a possibility that the deep fracking can affect the stability, but even more likely is fracking liquids entering the waste beds - which would be a very bad thing."