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The issue is that psychopathy, especially in positions of power, is not just rampant but so readily accepted. That’s where the problem exponentially compounds.

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Beyond the tale of Melusine, and mythological mystery of the mermaid – the other gods of the sea are amongst the most powerful in history.

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A glimpse into the psychopathic mindset of the corporate elite who feel they know what's best for humanity and nature - and should control it all.

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Michael Meacher MP, who died this week, was the only genuinely radical UK parliamentarian in recent times. Here he exposes PNAC and the military ambitions of the USA.

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The ‘solution’ is to pour more ‘approved pesticides’ on the crop, but this makes the pests resistant which resurface with greater virulence and kills their natural predators.

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This excellent short film from Wesley PP Hall does a fantastic job of simplifying concepts that our leaders and MSM would prefer us to dismiss as confusing or complex.

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It’s hard to believe that the once almighty Monsanto is on its knees. But their dirty deeds seem to have finally caught up with them.


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