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In 2005 the Bush administration and Congress used...justif(ied) legislation of the "Halliburton loophole," which exempts hydraulic fracturing from Safe Drinking Water Act. Legislation also exempted the practice, used in 90 percent of U.S. natural gas wells, from the Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act.ProPublica investigations, however, found fracking to be the common thread in more than 1,000 cases of water contamination across seven states.

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Are your Cheerios less than cheery? If you became ill from something disgusting in your bowl of Total, I hope you didn’t “like” them on Facebook.

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Jon Rappoport Activist Post“I recognized my two selves: a crusading idealist and a cold, granitic believer in the law of the jungle” – Edgar Monsanto...

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from Elva Thompson, Contributor NativeNewsOnline “We’re trying to devise plans to protect the people from these things like KXL.” – Rosebud Sioux Tribal President Cyril “Whitey”...

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from Elva ThompsonContributor“Tar sands pipelines will not pass through collective territories under any conditions or circumstances,” the tribes said at a press conference.‘Environmental...

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NewBeaconIrelandAs the US and EU apply sanctions on Russia over its ‘annexation’ of Crimea, JP Sottile reveals the corporate annexation of Ukraine. For Cargill,...

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NaturalCuresNotMedicineAspartame’s presence in the world’s food supply has been the subject of great protest and controversy since the mid-1980?s when then CEO if Searle,...

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from Peak Crackers, ContributorGlobalResearchChances are that you have had a McDonald’s meal in the past or if not, you certainly know a lot of...

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GlobalResearch.caMoncton, New Brunswick – I have been camping at the current blockade along highway 134 since the inception of the encampment, filing almost daily...