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Modern hospitals, cold, white, stainless steel, plastic, anti-septic, cold….no amount of lipstick like gaudy playrooms and fancy receptions can absolve this industry of what it has wrought on humanity.

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Peak Crackers, ContributorA crusty society just crumbling away ...Peak An essay by Charles Gant, MD, PhD and Greg Lewis, PhDPsychotropic drugs have been used for...

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With 300 official labels of such disorders, a shrink (dealer) will be more than happy to stick a label on you, and prescribe you...

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"It turns out that the informational pipeline that feeds the entire perception of pharmaceutical medicine is a rank fraud." Jon Rappoport Activist PostHere are four smoking...

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[Excellent and powerful summary by the Peakster of the horrific drug agenda being foisted on humanity using the arms of the psychiatric and drug...

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By Jean BushNotesfromtheamericansouthwest(From a letter to Philip Jones)When I read your article DK Ultra, I was appalled at the ease with which state engineered...

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Melissa Melton Activist PostA fresh report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that 20 percent of American children now have...

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This says it all. The drugging agenda...why we need to stay clear of anything they have to offer. Period. Love, Zen[Hat tip: Freddie -...

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Think you're not on psychotropic drugs? The Peakster wants to clue you in on something. And it's not just in the water...chemtrail cocktail samples...

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This is a long listen but well worth it imo. From tainted polio vaccine to weaponized cancer to Lee Harvey Oswald and JFK and...



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