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Patients need protection against the powerful arsenal of psychiatric drugs more than they do against harmless natural supplements and foods!

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What was his secret task at the FDA? “Drug reviewers were clearly told not to question drug companies and that our job was to approve drugs.” In other words, rubber stamp them.

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A new government survey has found that approximately 1 out of every 13 children is taking at least one medication for emotional or behavioral problems.

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Aspartame, the popular sweetener in over 6,000 grocery store items, including everything from soup mixes to carbonated beverages to chewing gum — can essentially program your brain cells to kill themselves.

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As incredible as it may seem, new even weirder human-altering ingredients are going into this next round of flu vaccines.

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A prescient reprise by the Peakster exposing the real effects big brother and its agent big pharma are perpetrating on an unwitting populace.

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While Americans comprise only 5 percent of the world population, we consume an incredible 50 percent of Big Pharma’s drugs. Make no mistake. These drugs are meant to keep us imprisoned in poor health, not heal us. It’s time to kick the drug habit America.

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Modern hospitals, cold, white, stainless steel, plastic, anti-septic, cold….no amount of lipstick like gaudy playrooms and fancy receptions can absolve this industry of what it has wrought on humanity.

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Peak Crackers, ContributorA crusty society just crumbling away ...Peak An essay by Charles ...

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With 300 official labels of such disorders, a shrink (dealer) will be more than happy to stick a...



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