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The western US is under an all out climate engineering assault, California most of all. The Weather Makers can shut the hydrological cycle off as long as they wish.

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Too many people are allowing themselves to be manipulated by the despicable lies and manipulations of psychopaths in positions of power - pushing us all closer to the brink.

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Excellent montage exposing geoengineering predictive programming, including a short film about the ongoing chemtrails exposusures and how they're fighting them.

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Ambulances themselves are coming under attack. Indiscriminate shelling continues unabated, and Israeli snipers inside houses are attacking anything that moves.

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Written yesterday, 20th July 2014, Dr Mads Gilbert is overwhelmed by the ongoing slaughter of the prisoners of Gaza. This is his open letter. - Patrick

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The rivers of blood will keep running the coming night. I can hear they have tuned their instruments of death. Please. Do what you can. This, THIS cannot continue.

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What does the magician do? Draw your attention to one hand while the other is busy preparing the trick. That these airliner tragedies are intertwined is no coincidence.

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Israeli forces targeted several wells and more than five water-lines that are located in vital areas. Just one single water-line services more than 20,000 people.

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69 years after the first test, nuclear experimentation has failed at every step, and the inextricable nuclear fuel and nuclear war cycles are a deadly chain of meltdowns, bombings and denials.