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Planetary changes do not happen according to mainstream science predictions. The rapid change of earth's magnetic polarity is important to keep an eye on.

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The American buffalo, which numbered an estimated 40 million when Europeans first arrived on Turtle Island, had been reduced to 25 by the late 19th century.

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Many aggressively deny the rapidly unfolding changes, the same deniers often condemn those who are willing to acknowledge and speak out about what is unfolding.

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Scientists have found that there are major cycles of mass extinction events, and smaller cycles of somewhat less traumatic devastations, and smaller cycles still of other devestations.

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Measurements made by Swarm over the past six months confirm the general trend of the field’s weakening, with the most dramatic declines over the Western Hemisphere.

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While natural forces are of course at work, don't tell me the massive geoengineering of the planet has nothing to do with this. You mess with nature and this is what you'll get. - Zen

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Most people don’t even know that the worst natural disaster that has happened in Europe in decades is happening right now.

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Not since this New Millennium began has there been a convergence of so many astrological alignments and geopolitical circumstances which will compel massive global changes. With the numerous and extraordinary astrological events taking place in April, the oft-predicted destiny of HUGE Earth changes can no longer be denied.

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CATEGORY-FIVE Cyclone Ita has been likened in sheer destructive force to Typhoon Haiyan that last ...

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TheEconomicCollapseBlogWhy are fault lines and volcanoes all over North and South America sudden...