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As humanity becomes more conscious to the language of nature, it is clear that mushrooms in their many forms come in peace and are here to help.

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Everyone that is awake and aware of this issue is needed to help sound the alarm on the toxic all out geoengineering assault being waged against life on Earth.

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A compelling documentary exploring the possibility that the fall of ancient civilizations and the rise of modern civilization, might be related to our Sun's motion around a companion star.

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We came here to watch all this amazing beauty arise in the world, and to help it along, and participate in various supportive ways, and to help folks along.

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"The suppression of uncomfortable ideas may be common in religion and politics, but it is not the pa...

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Very interesting take on our origins. Integrate these assumptions with your other "wonderings" and enjoy the ride of never ending exploration!

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Don’t these people live on the same planet, work in the same world, and play on the same turf as the rest of us?!

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The planet is dying. Though there are countless forms of damage to Earth from human activities, climate engineering is mathematically the greatest single source.

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Was there was a Pangaea "super-continent" in the past? Was the change due to the Earth expanding, not continental drift and tectonic plate movement?

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This powerful coronal hole and coming alignment could have a strong effect on our planet, as we're possibly now in the calm before the storm with our spaceweather.

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