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Richard Williams from New Dimensions TV hosts Zen and we cover a variety of issues confronting humanity and the imperative to awaken and activate.

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This latest intelligence concerning the fall of the family Rothschild is a breath of fresh air in a choking smokescreen meant to confuse the sane among us.

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“We are usually told that revolutions are set in motion to realize radical changes. Actually, it is drastic change which sets the stage for revolution."

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There have been numerous reports highlighting the frantic activities of the world’s ultra-wealthy elite purchasing emergency hideaways and moving into physical holdings.

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Only an avowed “coincidence theorist” could believe that there are not strong connections between Western water shortages, Jade Helm and Atzlan.

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"10 Signs Proving We Have Major Earth Changes Coming In 2015 Onward" from a friend here in Uruguay on Phoenix Rising radio.

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Problem-reaction-solution, the Hegelian Dialectic is that process the globalist ruling class have chosen to use as the primary tool to manipulate and control society.

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There is a problem. A problem for Globalism. This is, behind the scenes, what the titans of control are whispering about.

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Although the House of Representatives voted down legislation to “fast-track” trade deals through Congress – it appears the TPP may have already secured its future.

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