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One of the most potent and destructive vicious cycles ever invented by humanity is its relentless tendency to expand its intelligence at the cost of its consciousness.

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There is a form of happiness that offers us an opportunity to peep through the gaps in the wall of our ordinary consciousness and see the reality of our real existence.

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Zen and Richie field questions from his listeners on a range of interesting subjects including the occult invasion, the paranormal and our vibrational environment.

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This short documentary is a very dark talk exposes the history of Aleister Crowley, the occult and how it all fits in with the rampant pedophilia practiced by the elite today.

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Recognizing yourself as Consciousness is independent of all the activities of the mind. This will only come if you have experienced the deeper dimensions of Mindfulness.

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If a harmonic world is possible, let the intention to create it originate in those who have integrated the most experience and gained the most wisdom.

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Awareness is the key to breaking this Intervention because it can only act within your inner consciousness blind spots where you switch off and become automated.

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It is not the world around us that bends - it is us. A terrific reminder of the power of full on conscious awakening to effect real change at every level.

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This hypnotic work of our intentions locks us up in the prison of our desires and objectives and makes it impossible for us to return to the original state of our existence: openness.

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