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Philosopher Kings and wise loving Queens are ever not only amongst us, but a voice within each of us, pointing the way out of the madness into a life of social harmony.

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Did you know that you’ve been jumping timelines all along? The only difference is that we are steadily becoming more conscious of the truth.

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After years of research you come to realize the source of the suppression is at the intersection of consciousness and conspiracy, suppressing your idea of Who You Are.

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I tell you, we have hardly begun to experience the wealth that we have at our fingertips in our quest to unite body, mind and spirit. But united they must be.

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It can be hard to be happy or heart-centered when we have so many responsibilities and life throws so many curveballs - happiness is here in every moment and we can always call on it.

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Studies at Princeton have suggested that two or more minds that hold the same thought or emotion simultaneously may have a tangible effect on physical surroundings.

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Once we embrace that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, our world begins to morph and the materialistic priorities of our experience begin to fade away.

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Whether through synchronicities, miracles, hardships, or tribulation, there are always valuable lessons to be learned from what you’re attracting in accordance to your vibration.

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Empathic Telepathy is not just ”mind to mind” communication but consciousness to consciousness - a greater use of the brain, a multi sensory complexity within the body.

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Your nicely constructed personal identity begins to crumble and you find yourself where you are able to witness the dance of forms and shapes like an external observer.

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