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Another great take down by Sir Peaksalot. Be sure to visit his channel on YouTube for more cool and enlightening musings.  - Zen+++ZenGardner.com

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If you haven't discovered Inelia Benz this recent interview is a good starter. She has a fascinating story and always shares helpful, empowering information....

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by Soren DreierSpiritually engaged people still find a contradiction between discovering the Matrix and their Spirituality.Why is that so? Did they forget how they got...

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by Zen GardnerThis phenomenon can seem apparent but it's quite profound when you break it down. If you watch any mainstream propaganda with an...

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(From a comment on YouTube:) Anyone who writes David Icke off before actually looking into what he has to say, is the very definition...

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Elizabeth Whitney A few weeks ago, a whole lot of hoopla went down about the end of the Mayan Calendar. Most of it was disinformation...

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Change your thinking and change the world utilizing just one aspect of the Tibetan Practice of Tummo, inner heat. By Ethan Indigo SmithContributorZenGardner.com Isolation.  Retreat. ...

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by Julian RoseContributor Throughout the past three to four decades, putting ourselves in the foreground and just about everything else in the background has become...

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AstroEconRobert Hitt, Contributor The video collection called RING OF POWER is like running a marathon.. Be prepared to have your mind blown.. The series is...


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