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Behold the scam, brilliantly deconstructed once again. That humanity is reacting to such false information is almost beyond belief. Mind control is no joke, nor social engineering.

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When Zaire was being used as a bait for the CIA we saw the outbreak of Ebola in Zaire - the same year that George H. W. Bush was the director of the CIA.

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It is best to be prepared for all possibilities because their ultimate objective of planned obsolescence ends with you and me.

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Alleged family of Thomas Eric Duncan who does not exist. He was NOT important to them. They never talked about him on Facebook. Not even a mention of ebola.

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Phoenix Air has released a statement explaining why the now infamous non-HazMat-wearing 'clipboard man' seen in close proximity to Dallas Ebola patient - it will blow your mind.

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Problem: Ebola Virus...Reaction: My symptoms could be Ebola so do something about this for me! Solution: Vaccines, government control and military intervention.

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We warned a week ago of the possibilities surrounding an Ebola outbreak in America. Now we get some degree of confirmation of a medical-based martial-law coming to the US.

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Nothing invigorates and empowers an authoritarian regime more than acts of terror and violence. They never benefit the average man or woman, only those in positions of power.

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Behind the so-called "Occupy Central" protests, which masquerade as a "pro-democracy" movement, is a deep and insidious network of foreign financial, political, and media support.

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This is the game changer. ISIL will be in all of our faces by 2015! No doubt about it after this revealing video!!!! But.. Who are these guys? https://public.isishq.com/public/Site
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