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The EPA is another of those agencies that sounds like a good idea, until you peel off the shiny friendly top layer to discover the stench of corruption underneath.

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We’re not alone but we do walk alone regardless of family or partner. No one experiences our moment to moment but us.

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Jon Rappoport Contributor Nomorefakenews.comIt would have been so simple. Flood Afghanistan wi...

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by Zen GardnerThe so-called elites, the psychopathic power mad robber barons, have gone to great...

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R. Teichmann, News Beacon Ireland Waking TimesDon’t hear, don’t see, don’t speak.The subject o...

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Chris Bourne, Openhand ContributorWaking TimesThe Spiritual Warrior blends many qualitiesTh...

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by  Julian RoseContributorOver the past ten years it has been my calling to help the Polish Co...

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This isn't necessarily all gospel truth which the researcher readily admits, but it's a terrific s...

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 by Allan R. Buckmann Activist Post I am a trained U.S. Air Force weather observer who work...

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