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Julian Rose shares his views with Zany Mystic on a wide range of subjects, most of which are leading humanity in an increasingly dark direction.

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None of this is tin foil hat territory, and all that has just been said and what you have seen in the TLBTV presentation, is backed by solid and proven scientific data …

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Allan Buckman's credentials for addressing the critical climate engineering issue are ideal and he makes his voice heard loudly and clearly in the testimony in this video.

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Our sense of reason is our greatest gift, but for most this sense has long ago been overridden by societal conditioning, programming, and propaganda.

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Record forest fires are raging around the globe, climate engineering is a primary factor. Boreal forests are going up in flames, further loading the atmosphere with Co2 and soot.

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This article bypasses the massive influences of geoengineering and Fukushima, but is nonetheless interesting what they're witnessing. Deliberately blinded leading the willingly blind.

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Geoengineering compounds eventually end up on the ground and in the water, causing changes in soil pH and composition, and generally killing the entire ecosystem.

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Although there are scalar/orgone energy devices which help to transmute chemtrails, there is nothing more powerful than our own beautiful minds.

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The climate engineers have aggressively interfered with all of the planet's processes and natural cycles. This includes the El Niño events which the weather makers have actively tried to suppress.

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All lives hang on the balance as Geo-engineers desperately and covertly attempt to zap with HAARP the mass methane gas releases in the Arctic oceans, Greenland and Siberia.

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