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Chemtrail and nuclear experiments continue to pump into our atmosphere everything from biological material to nano sized metallic particulate which become electrically charged by sunlight.

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The geoengineers are desperately trying to create regions of “cool-downs", shallow layers of cold dense air which are being heavily sprayed with artificial/chemical ice nucleating elements.

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Julian Rose on the current world condition in an inspiring interview with Lance White of Zany Mystic. Awareness coupled with activation is the only path for awakened humanity.

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Excellent trailer that can be used for those not yet aware of the chemtrail program and all it implies. Very well put together but haven't seen the full DVD yet. Pass it on!

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"This is man-made. The level of aerosol spraying out in the Pacific and the Pacific Northwest is totally consistent with keeping this northerly flow in place.”

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Snowpiercer begins with planes spraying the sky, as news casts report the importance of CW7 as the last hope to save humanity. As a result, all life on earth dies but the "chosen".

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The power structure has made sure that all global populations were and are exposed to many lethal combinations of metals and chemicals. We are all in a literal fight for life.

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Though this effect is not long lasting in South Dakota, for the cows temporarily trapped in this concrete chemically reactive snow, it was more than enough to kill them.

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An intriguing dissection of how the combined use of chemtrail aerosols and HAARP technology are being used again to create the polar vortex via manipulating the jet stream.

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Who is pulling the strings in the Alzheimer’s Association? Why do they want to hide the aluminum/Alzheimer’s connection?
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