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This literally is a paradigm shift away from the entire idea of pesticides. The insects would simply live their lives around the crops paying no attention to them.

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Some companies have seen a 50 percent increase in sales of non GMO seed, and some have said they’ve sold more non-GMO seed this year than in the last five.

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The food, vaccine, drug, insurance and health industry are a multi-BILLION dollar enterprise. The BOUGHT documentary takes viewers deep "inside the guts" of this despicable conspiracy.

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If i see another internet meme that says music is healing, and good for you, i’m gonna scream. Yes, it can be, but not all music is. I know this is a sacrilege to say, but i can’t help myself.

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The junk food habit is killing 40% more people than wars, famine, dictators, murderers, and politicians put-together. Still think there’s no reason to fight for food freedom?

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The Terraist Letters might be considered blasphemous, delusional, a hilarious metaphor by those with a finer sensibility of rhetorical humor, or a call to action.

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Activist Julian Rose briefs us about the Polish Farmer's Revolution against American and European Union banksters hard sell of GMO foods into their country.

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This week thousands of Polish family farmers turned out to protest in over 50 locations. This represents a dramatic escalation of protests that has been simmering over the last year.

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What's the Superbowl in America without fantastic commercials? It's time for a change -- which is why, in 2016, you should vote for Monsanto for President.

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