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Monsanto is usually highlighted, but there is a plethora of other similarly complicit chemical weapons designers that deserve to be outed and shut the hell down.

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This is an important precedent that shows the interests of companies linked to this type of activity – among them Monsanto which is seeking permits to plant corn.

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Monsanto announced that its earnings fell 34% in its first fiscal quarter as South American farmers reject GMO crops.

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Julian Rose highlights the threat genetic engineering presents to our DNA and how it is a tool of depopulation, reading from his book "In Defence of Life".

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This raises a larger question: how much of the world's food supply is now contaminated with GM plant material?

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Two short films document a powerful coming together of Poland's bee keepers protesting bee deaths and our anti GMO activists from the Coalition for a GMO Free Poland.

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A determined effort by all who care about real food and real farming is needed to stop one of the most insidious attempts yet to end Europe's widespread resistance to GMOs.

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Check your cynicism at the door long enough to appreciate what it took for the citizens of Maui and the local SHAKA Movement to shock the world.

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A study from the Journal of Organic Systems includes the following 12 charts which show the correlation between Roundup (technically known as “glyphosate”) and disease.

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Maui is a very importance piece of Monsanto’s empire. Because of the year-round weather, they can run many, many tests on new GMO crop varieties.

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