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Natural Health and Medicine is a resource for leading a balanced, natural blissful life free from over medication.

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Together lemon and baking soda help fight cancerous cells or diseases in the body and help increase the body’s ability to clean itself up of what may be causing the diseases in the first place.

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BPA is a dangerous chemical linked to health concerns from digestive problems to issues with brain development. It’s was found in around two billion products in the U.S.

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The concept is quite simple—although removing grains from your life could be a bit tough, thanks to the fact that they’re in so many foods and we’ve become addicted to them.

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What you may not be aware of is just how widespread fluoride is. Fluoride is so ubiquitous and deleterious it almost functions as the Controllers’ lynchpin of destruction.

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For years, doctors and researchers relentlessly claimed that cancer could not regress on its own. Now some are daring to question and contradict the official version with the support of scientific proof.

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Children who spent a lot of time outdoors also experienced a wealth of positive emotions, including peacefulness, happiness, and a sense of belonging to the world.

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Here are the common pitfalls we health nuts often fall into that keep us from experiencing a level of health and vitality that we preach about and dream of.

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I didn’t recall being notified about this and did some research which indicated that the symptoms I’d been experiencing are common amongst those subjected to EMF radiation.

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Human beings and plants have co-evolved for millions of years, so it makes sense that our bodies would be adapted to absorb needed, beneficial compounds.



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