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Natural Health and Medicine is a resource for leading a balanced, natural blissful life free from over medication.

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This DIY healing wonder has an interesting history, named after four thieves in Marseilles, France who used it to avoid sickness during a pestilence .

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Watch what’s happening in Australia. Something like it could be coming to your front door. If you live in Australia, it’s already at your door.

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It’s been over a year since hundreds of parents have downloaded this form and there are still no reports of any signatures, dismissing a parent’s anti-vaccination stance as ridiculous.

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Angelina Jolie has her breasts and reproductive parts removed and she’s a freakin’ national hero for preventative health care. What?

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Cancer rates continue to skyrocket across the globe...but don't worry! According to the cult of the cancer cure, that's a good thing!

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The mainstream media is constantly reporting on new scientific medical studies, dishing out more advice than a doctor on what (and what not) to consume to maintain our health.

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No one can accuse the Stanley Brothers of Colorado of not pushing the envelope in the development and availability of medical cannabis in the U.S. They have single handedly changed the game.

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Did you know that hugging trees can actually improve your health? You don’t even have to hug a tree to reap the benefits, just being around nature is enough.

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When paradigms shift, tyrants fall, or corporations lose their market it is often not from some spectacular event, but by a single, humanizing display.

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