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Natural Health and Medicine is a resource for leading a balanced, natural blissful life free from over medication.

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A new study adds to an already extensive body of research that the rapidly expanding gluten free movement is not a fad as critics claim.

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Fernando Vossa explains and demonstrates how sonic reiki with corresponding geometric light heals the body.

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For those with a moderate to large sized yard, follow suit on the picture story. This is how to create REAL health security. It’s time to stop consuming and start producing.

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Lloyd's of London recently added a waiver to their insurance policies that they will not cover any health claims associated with wireless technology.

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It is clear that the awakened public has checkmated the GMO industries. However, at SXSW GMO corporation money talks as real debate is controlled and censored.

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A heart-rending account exposing the madness of the prescription drug assault on humanity. Please circulate widely.

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I highly suggest that you upload these apps and make a statement against Monsanto by boycotting ALL of their products. Your body will thank you.

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When we use these plants and herbs to heal our multidimensional being, our consciousness connects with the spirit of the plant and facilitates the healing for us on our multidimensional levels.

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This practice immediately breaks most of the Nuremburg Code/Principles prohibiting medical research when there is even a remote possibility of injury, disability, or death.

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