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Are your Cheerios less than cheery? If you became ill from something disgusting in your bowl of Total, I hope you didn’t “like” them on Facebook.

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Not so long ago Humankind shared a sacred bond with the animals. Scarcity of resources and the specter of starvation necessitated a cooperative, mutually-beneficial relationship that fostered close ties.

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While many people primarily connect gluten issues with digestive problems such as acid reflux, bloating, cramping, extreme or persistent flatulence, diarrhea and even nausea after eating it, in reality, there are a whopping 200-plus symptoms that can manifest as a result of gluten intolerance.

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Designer Arturo Vittori says his invention can provide remote villages with more than 25 gallons of clean drinking water per day.The invention from Arturo Vittori,...

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The shocking truth about what is happening to humanity due to our horrifically tainted food supply.

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By Daisy LutherContributorZenGardner.com There is a big secret out there in the grocery store aisles that no one wants you to know.  There is a...

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by Peak CrackersContributorJust think it only took China 10 years to have an obesity problem. Look back at this article from 2011 (Obesity in...

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Sayer Ji Activist PostFluoride is found everywhere today, from antibiotics to drinking water, no-stick pans to toothpaste, making exposure inevitable. All the more reason why...

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NaturalSocietySlowly, mainstream medicine is catching on to the multipurpose importance of a hormonal nutrient called vitamin D. While maintaining higher levels of the vitamin...

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PreventDiseaseDates are the energy-dense fruit of the date palm -- an enormous, ancient tree and one of the oldest in the world. Whereas most...


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