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There was no doubt in inner circles that a message had been received from space. It was sent in English. It was specific. It was so shocking it had to be suppressed.

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I made the best choices from the options available to me, and found peace with my choices, the supplements, the alkaline diet, and the I don’t have cancer, I just have to take some precautionary measures, state of mind.

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André Stern, now 42, is a living example of what happens to a child who has never received any type of education, and whose childhood has never been interrupted.

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Prevent Disease You could say that Stamatis Moraitis forgot to die. The Greek war veteran was diagn...

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The world now seems to be a completely different one than the one I lived in about ten years ago. It wasn’t the world (and its people) that changed really, it was how I thought of it.

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This is a short heart-warming compilation of people rescuing animals in distress and danger.

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Good is often thought of as a character trait, and even something people can get vain about, but today I’m going to give it a little more weight than that.

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This is a cute animated adaptation of part of the commencement speech given by George Saunders at Syracuse University, May 2013. The very wise full speech follows.