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There are a lot of events converging this month, will this be the event of events no one saw coming? When September is over, all we're going to remember is this....

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I believe that we will awaken from this spell only if we learn to heed and cherish another kind of information, one that courses through the present and actually makes it what it is.

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As the battlefield of duality grinds to a close and the old programme ends, we have an opportunity to escape from the confines of the human ‘loosh’ farm.

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Have you ever seen a paralympic athlete upclose? It’s an experience these gym goers will never forget…ever!

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Today is a brand new day.. A day that was sung about 40 plus years ago when a bunch of young people took it upon themselves to stop the war. We did it but at great cost.

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David Icke dismantles the obscene and insane existence of the British monarchy, which is not just symbolic but a major strand in the web of control and visual face of the hidden hand.

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“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than the ones ...

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Whatever we are meant to do, whether it be standing against the coming storm or getting the hell away from it, the one thing that I can’t abide by is laying down for it.


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