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If there is an evolutionary purpose to allowing the rule of evil, it would be the force it exerts upon us to look at what is good and embrace that for our own survival.

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One of the most profound realizations that comes from understanding fear, besides its use as a social engineering tool, is that fear is an energy source for parasitic controllers.

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Three German students surprise a homeless man with an impromptu concert on his behalf.

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The “I” Gene is an internal 'schism', a separation from our external surroundings, the people in our lives and it is a severance from our self. The “We” Gene is ever-evolving, all-conscious and all-inclusive.

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The real singularity is already here. Call it eternal consciousness or the creative Source, it's always everywhere and always accessible and way beyond anyone's comprehension.

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Between painful discomfort with self and self-love is love of truth. Some may say… let go, let go, let go of the discomfort… but you know, I’m kind of an owl person: I like to go into the ‘dark’…

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We have a lot to learn from animals. Take a look at this short video of what a dog living in a junkyard does every night.



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