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Each person has the power and ability to save animals from cruelty and produce change in the world. For Renee King-Sonnen, this meant reevaluating their own livestock ranch in Texas.

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In my opinion one of the best songs ever written. Brilliantly poetic, deeply touching, and woven with complete artistic genius from a beautiful perspective. Do enjoy.

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Had to share this as it is so powerful within the confusion in which we exist today. Sometimes the minds of the past are the greatest lessons of today. Enjoy!

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We can become so focused on the negative that we forget to take time to acknowledge, celebrate and emulate positive stories and developments.

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A unique film crossing generational boundaries to awaken idealism and visionary potential with a powerful message that speaks to these chaotic and transformative times.

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Ideas and words are power but the hearer must desire, to draw with will and wonder from the well of ice and fire. We cannot force or overwhelm, imposing wills on those...

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Soyen Shaku (1860-1919) is noted as the first Zen Buddhist priest to come to the United States. This is a list of rules to live by that Zen master Shaku set for himself, and lived by each day.

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The end of Age is rapidly approaching, In that there’s nothing anyone can do, Through conscience we create a better future, While moving past their lies to seek the truth.

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