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Proof of Heaven author Dr Eben Alexander in a fascinating and inspiring interview regarding his journey into the "after"life and what he has learned from the experience. Terrific!

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The space-time of the continuum went away. It disintegrated. What took its place was an island of joy. What sits outside this matrix is more real than real. When you find it.

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"They cannot hide from the masses what is energetically placed within the Soul." - Professor Willi A...

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Life is short. When the time comes to move on to the wherever, it would be a good thing to leave behind something to think about for those who never knew you or ever heard of you.

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Walk away from a life of servitude, and do what you love to do. For a few 10's of thousands of dollars you can be living on your own land, in your own cabin, and doing your own thing.

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Wonderfully inspiring presentation exposing our world while presenting the ultimate solution to all of our woes. Love, true love, consciously aware and sincere love.

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The following 3 videos are inspiring examples of how technology can assist in our evolution, and help us to stay grounded, by providing us renewed perspectives on life here on Gaia.

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