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Public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment nothing can fail. Without it nothing can succe...

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The Telegraph finished a recent article with, “If Nero fiddled while Rome burned, then Obama is dining out, golfing, and raising money while the world collapses.”

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"If you’re anti-Israel, then you’re anti-America. It’s the only democracy over there, it’s the only ...

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This further confirms the problem - reaction - solution formula which David Icke has been so good at analyzing. Another false flag operation shot full of holes.

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Standing at the lectern the President began: “I’m surrounded by enemies, and that means you’re surrounded by them, too. These enemies are in my government.”

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“The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself, wi...

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A former prison worker claims he contributed to the missing paedophile dossier by handing over names of VIPs and MPs who were coercing teenage rent boys behind bars.

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The orchestrated mass intrusion of immigrants into the US, and hypocrisy of increasingly stringent security measures for the main population paints a very clear picture.