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by Marco TorresFrom pollution to politics, the era of deception and duplicity has reached new heights and hijacked almost every form of media in...

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Jon Rappoport Activist PostOn one level, the struggle over Ukraine is a deadly US/EU/Russian game of territory, involving governments, intelligence agencies, corporations, and banks.But at...

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BoilingFrogsPost: In this blockbuster no-holds-barred conversation, Sibel Edmonds, Guillermo Jimenez and James Corbett discuss Edmonds’ recent series of articles on Glenn Greenwald and his...

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This is terrific. Just listen to his quick, intelligent eloquence and powerful conviction, while reaching out to the host...this blew me away. Way to...

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Eric Blair Activist PostThank God the government shutdown crisis is over. Not because it averted economic catastrophe, that's still coming, but because the phony narrative...

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Latest news on the progress of the People's Voice from their Breakfast Show host Richie Allen. Amazing the progress that's been made is such...

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by Zen GardnerThis is another of those surreal mind twists we see continually now, cleverly embedded in a token release valve admission. The effects...

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by Zen GardnerEvery Amerikan President has been a doozie in his own way. The politics is all just hogwash but the real language they...


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