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Tony Turner, a physical scientist at Environment Canada was sent home, according to his union, over concerns that his song breached value and ethics code.

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What this shows us is the internet, both as a network and a market, consolidating and centralizing. In other words, it is doing exactly what it was designed to avoid.

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Ian R Crane at his very best and this DVD is essential viewing for those who have the interest and the courage to go deeper into the 'Rabbit Hole' of Deep Geo-politics.

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Don’t you want to thrive while you are alive? Then let go of government-engineered lies and narratives and see the greater agenda now for yourself.

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Part 2 of this series takes a deeper look at other aspects of Jeb Bush’s past, such as his involvement with PNAC and drug money laundering.

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The Bush family is one of the most notorious and nefarious American families ever to rise to power in the USA. The list of their deception, thievery and murder stretches back to the early 1900s.

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The purpose of this article is to reveal the hidden story the collective unconscious is trying to tell, and the lessons this might reveal, of a pop culture phenomenon centered in Apocalypse.

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Congratulations, Western Empire! You have succeeded where others tried but failed. You have achieved almost absolute obedience and discipline, a total servility.

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