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On the face of it, Jeh Johnson is a serial killer and Constitutional scofflaw who operates from the highest levels of US government and corporate power. But he's black, and a Morehouse man...

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Net neutrality is under threat again as the FCC considers allowing large ISPs to create separate fast lanes and slow lanes. Beware "the spinning wheel of death".

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Unfortunately, and with great regret, I have now been forced to temporarily abandon my work on the geoengineering issue to address the all out assault being waged against me.

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Much of the power of “King Bibi” in the domestic U.S. comes courtesy of foreign agents such as AIPAC and the larger Israel Lobby but also the “Christian Zionists”.

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Excruciating up-to-the-minute coverage of some irrelevant bullshit story that has no ramifications whatsoever.

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“If voting made any difference they wouldn't let us do it.” - Mark Twain

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What would happen if the three major networks had come up with three vastly different versions of the Boston massacre? People wouldn’t know what to do.

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It's time to wake up as to who is who in this manipulated world, and how aggressive forces have overtaken our realms of information. A perfect example.

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I am not going to get into all the main stream media ebola bullshit. The supposed "facts" that the so called medical professional associations have invented to perpetuate this travesty.