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The propaganda? “We can’t defeat Ebola unless all nations form one system that allows prevention and quarantine and immediate treatment anywhere on Earth.”

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The WHO was caught inflating the Swine Flu pandemic to hoist experimental vaccines on the world. Perhaps we should not take them on their word without demanding evidence.

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Outside the U.S. the vaccine empires are beginning to crumble, and English versions of the news in mainstream media outlets are available via the Internet. One such country is India.

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If you are in Liberia, it's EVERYWHERE. Everything you see, watch, listen to, everything everywhere is constantly reminding these people that "Ebola is real". Why? Guess...

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Some readers, who haven’t been reading all my Ebola articles will respond by saying, “If it isn’t Ebola, then what is it?” The flaw in that question is the use of the word “it".

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Our immune systems are targeted with each new GMO, each new pesticide, toxic food additive, water additive, vaccine, drug, etc. And we can include fear porn on that list.

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This is how you create a fake epidemic. Real death, false explanation. You tie together and link together people who are sick and dying for various reasons, and you claim they’re all dying because of the One Germ.

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It’s interesting to see people who otherwise call the CDC a fraud suddenly accept the CDC’s edict about Ebola. There is no rational substance to that acceptance.
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