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In the past, the toxic load of adjuvants and known immunoexcitotoxicity to the unborn child was a major contradiction. What has changed from then till now?

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This is a tale of murder, intrigue and espionage that winds up in a syringe plunging into your child’s arm, slowly but surely doing away with America; one person at a time.

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EIGHT Alternative Health Practitioners MURDERED (& FIVE missing) it's clear they're now assassinating those who challenge the prevailing cancer and/or vaccine orthodoxy.

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Suddenly, we’ve awakened to the global herd mentality where everyone must fall in line to be “immooonized” with vaccines, or be punished. Should we be concerned?

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Is a new era of vaccine-infused foods upon us? They've done everything else with genetic modification of food, so why not throw in some vaccines?

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David Noakes, who spoke at AV6, shows that miracles are possible and you can demand that the MRHA and governments allow us free choice over our own bodies.

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This is potentially explosive information that could blow the lid off of the cancer and vaccine agendas and explain the intense cover-up of these issues.

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Now it’s SB792 in California – mandatory adult vaccinations. No personal exemptions and criminal penalties for failure to comply.

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What happened when a UK doctor appeared as an expert witness to help two mothers prove in court that their children didn’t need to be vaccinated?

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For the past six decades, saturated fat and cholesterol have been wrongfully vilified as the culprits of heart disease. See who the real killers are here.

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