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You feel like there is this debt for every life that you take... you owe the world something because you left it without this other person that could have done something amazing.

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This secret meeting was the first military strategy session of the UN, because it's mission was to explode the world's first atomic weapon on a living population.

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The Goldstone report was 'devastating' in its conclusion that Israel was trying to punish and humiliate the citizens of Gaza. He adds that Israel has a 'maniac' for a head of state.

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Until the Organized Crime Cabal is beat down and the Kingpins either arrested, prosecuted, convicted and imprisoned or driven out basically all Americans are screwed.

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What is considered “world affairs” is nothing more than well-scripted theatre, it is also true that there are often events beyond the control of the world oligarchy.

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Really. How can they possibly know this for a fact? It isn't like these chaps state their intentions while going through Customs. This is all to promote ISIS as the modern boogeyman.

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American Sniper seeks to lionize a monstrous war crime, the lethal effects of which are still being felt today by ordinary Iraqis whose lives have been impacted in horrific ways.

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Ole Dammegard makes an impassioned plea to men in uniform to become informed and realize they are being used by wicked manipulators only out to promote their own agenda.

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During the last fiscal year, U.S. Special Operations forces (SOF) deployed to 133 countries — roughly 70% of the nations on the planet, unbeknownst to most of the world.

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