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Whether we feel comfortable or constrained within the current paradigm, we are still at its mercy. Whether you stay informed or not, ignorance doesn’t alleviate you of its burdens.

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Luke Rudkowski gives the lowdown on John Elias Bush or Jeb Bush - his sketchy business career, early schooling, and current policy including his approval of torture.

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The establishment is testing the public's reaction to the notion of pre-crime camps for disloyal Americans. The media's reaction? Crickets.

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It should come as no surprise that with an annual military budget of over $610 billion, the United States invests in some gargantuan black ops and top-secret facilities.

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Israel is not an anomaly. It is a window into the dystopian, militarized world that is being prepared for all of us, a world with vast disparities and draconian systems of internal security.

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The Neocons continue to holding key jobs in US foreign policy, ensconcing themselves in influential think tanks, and remaining the go-to experts for mainstream media coverage.

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"The best way to maximize international support is to strike when there is a widespread conviction that the Iranians were given but then rejected a superb offer."

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As the US election cycle heats up over the next year, the psychological warfare regularly used to deceive the public will also increase.

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CIA secret wars have killed over six million people since its inception in 1947, wreaking havoc, death and destruction worldwide. Amerika's legacy to the world.

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