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Obama - If the Syrian government were to shoot down American military planes engaging in attacking Syria then the United States would be forced to “wipe out” Syria’s air defenses.

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The real reason Russia and Syria are being targeted right now, another breakdown from StormCloudsGathering.

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The denial of justice to Palestinians is a symptom of much of humanity under siege and a warning that the threat of a new world war is growing by the day.

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An excellent, well researched and presented tool to send to those who have not connected the dots yet. Encourage them to watch all the way through to the end to Wesley Clark's admission.

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The people of Warsaw freeze for one minute every August 1st to commemorate the more than 200,000 who lost their lives during the Warsaw Uprising of 1944. Gripping.

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Of the 46.5 million Americans living in poverty, 20.4 million live under half the poverty line. This begs the question of just how poor America’s poorest people are.

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Some simple burning questions whose answers can only be described by the globalist plans for a new world order. Humanity is asking: Who is ISIS ?

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Much of the power of “King Bibi” in the domestic U.S. comes courtesy of foreign agents such as AIPAC and the larger Israel Lobby but also the “Christian Zionists”.

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Terrific exposé of our manufactured enemies - by the oligarchs and for the oligarchs. Well laid out by consummate researcher Webster Tarpley with potent 1984 clips at the end.

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And to think the Foley beheading was faked, doesn't all this smell like more good 'ol Amerikan refried crap. Behold the new, improved boogeyman.