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Some simple burning questions whose answers can only be described by the globalist plans for a new world order. Humanity is asking: Who is ISIS ?

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Much of the power of “King Bibi” in the domestic U.S. comes courtesy of foreign agents such as AIPAC and the larger Israel Lobby but also the “Christian Zionists”.

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Terrific exposé of our manufactured enemies - by the oligarchs and for the oligarchs. Well laid out by consummate researcher Webster Tarpley with potent 1984 clips at the end.

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And to think the Foley beheading was faked, doesn't all this smell like more good 'ol Amerikan refried crap. Behold the new, improved boogeyman.

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Obama announced that the US military intervention in Iraq would be solely under the pretext of "humanitarian intervention" while US troops would be deployed as "advisers".

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A senior official from the Dutch government claimed that militant group Islamic State (IS) was created by Zionists in order to discredit Islam. And was immediately fired.

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The world is careening towards a showdown, not perpetrated by its peoples, but by psychopathic rulers. Yet humanity may yet pay for cooperating with its own destruction.

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Although not enough information exists to fully substantiate the story told on this video, there is an indication that the “Iron Dome” is nothing more than a giant fireworks display.