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What the UN and the US have both failed to mention is the disingenuous intentions, means, and methods behind these so-called “aid convoys” attempting to reach “people in less accessible areas.”

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by Peak CrackersContributorMoving fast and quiet, while all eyes are on other larder. Oops, I mean larger topics like Kim Ks fat pockets...M.PCUS military...

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by Steven LendmanThePeoplesVoiceNone in human history compare to America. It's by far the most lawless. It's the world's most egregious civil and human rights...

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Mr. Peak CrackersContributorLining the board up for a set up checkmate ....M.PC PressTVThe group of five major emerging national economies known as the BRICS has...

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by Peak CrackersContributorProblem, reaction, solution...(M.PC ) ZeroHedge Crimea Will Formally Apply To Join Russia Tomorrow After 95.5% Support Referendum; US, UK, EU Reject Results UPDATE: While earlier...

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by Peak CrackersContributor-- Just think how many people could be fed, clothed or helped with medical problems with this money.  ( M.PC)Blank Check for...

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SHTFPlanYesterday Secretary of State and flip-flopper extraordinaire John Kerry advised Russia that Vladimir Putin has until Monday to pull back his forces from Ukraine....

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 John Kerry: Russia has until Monday to reverse course in Ukraine Secretary of State John Kerry warned of serious repercussions for Russia on Monday if...

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posted by Peak Crackers, ContributorIt is the Unlimited Imperialists along the lines of Alexander, Rome, Napoleon and Hitler who are now in charge of...



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