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Farmers rely on Monsanto and Syngenta to buy their corn, they are very tied into these companies, and can’t even feed themselves off of the food they’re growing.

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Advantages are not only the possibility for faster and larger plant growth, but the ability to grow in urban areas or on contaminated lands, because the soil is not used.

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More and more businesses are closing here in America, and we could soon be going down the same chaotic path as Venezuela, and Greece before them.

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There are 10 simple things you can do to get started. Lots of them are free and if you apply yourself, you can get started on all 10 steps in less than a week.

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Forget Iran, Iraq, Ukraine, and Syria. This is where WWIII will start.

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They brainwashed me well, and I bought into a lot of this garbage, growing up. The real game-changer came as I drove down a south Georgia highway, one hot summer day.

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The most important precaution is to minimize your exposure to the banking system. Keep deposits well below the deposit insurance maximums. Accumulate physical currency, precious metals, and other “real assets.”

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The thing is, it’s not just the patrons and employees of these stores who are affected. This is going to be catastrophic on a variety of levels.

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I’m not Zoltan, the fortune-telling dude in the machine, but, I think there is something coming in 2015 that we all need to be concerned about.

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We’ve made so many collective bad choices about how we live that one can’t help feeling we are simply a wicked people who deserve to be punished.

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