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The psychopathic world ruling elite owning the banks, weapons, gold, drugs and oil are tightening that unrelenting grip on the control of our health, food, water, air and money.

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If anyone isn’t aware of the grand plan to institute global governance they are seriously hindered from connecting the dots of this worldwide meltdown.

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Very informative interview with Tim Jenkin, who founded the CES in Cape Town, an amazingly user-friendly alternative economy that has gone global over the last few years.

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Do you sense an aspect of urgency here? You sure should. Our situation on this planet is dire, and if you haven't found that out yet, you're sleepwalking.

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There have been numerous reports highlighting the frantic activities of the world’s ultra-wealthy elite purchasing emergency hideaways and moving into physical holdings.

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"10 Signs Proving We Have Major Earth Changes Coming In 2015 Onward" from a friend here in Uruguay on Phoenix Rising radio.

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In a long-term disaster, I would certainly consider these plants vital to preserving life and the right edible plants could augment your gardens and food stores.

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“There was a need and we tried to address it. Projects are chosen according to the demands of the community and not according to the whims of foreign funders."

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Permaculture works within the structure and efficiency of nature — rather than attempting to dominate and control the natural world as we have in the past.

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While your current situation may be less than ideal, you have to remember that very few locations are actually perfect for prepping.

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