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In a lively interview, Julian Rose and Zany Mystic trade views on the state of the planet and on 'the reason to be' of the Large Haldron Collider atom smasher.

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Non-local or universal information resides outside of the mind where it is always available and can be tuned into like a radio.

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Julian Assange describes the special relationship between Google, Hillary Clinton and the State Department -- and what that means for the future of the internet.

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The scientists behind the Large Hadron Collider know EXACTLY what they are doing, despite how they PRETEND they don't know.

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So we have abut three months to intervene and bury this mad experiment before it further scars the fabric of our home and causes more rejoicing amongst those who delight in dabbling in death.

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This confirms what we've known all along as they've used HAARP like technology and ground stations to weaponize the weather.

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Next week’s experiment is considered to be a game changer, CERN scientists will conduct an insane experiment hoping to connect with a parallel universe.

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Professor Searl makes no secret that he has run his home for the last 31 years completely off the grid by harnessing ambient energy and transforming it into electricity with his S.E.G.

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While the majority of sleeping humanity thinks this exponential growth in technology is cool, those who are awakening know something is very wrong.

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