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Malware used for surveillance, or spyware, is software installed on a victim’s computer by state actors, spies and police, rather than cyber criminals.

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What in the world is CERN doing as the location for 9/23/2015? The mystery deepens, because it not only shows up on google maps, but it also only shows up for most people not all.

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EMF expert Barrie Trower shares some startling information everyone should take heed of. Share this with those you care for, it is essential to know about this.

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This article highlights how quickly they are moving with their technocratic agenda while lulling the populace into complacent compliance.

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Almost unbelievable World's Fair attraction clearly programming an unwitting world to the "wonders of science and technology" to which they would soon give their minds and souls.

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Harald Kautz-Vella presents his detailed lecture on the two types of Black Goo, Morgellons, and Artificial Intelligence at the Bases Woodborough conference.

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We have been thrust to a point in history where the end-game scenario for the Technocratic Elite is closer to becoming reality than ever before.

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Soon the field of medicine is going to change beyond recognition. Your.MD, a new UK startup may be a real threat for all-purpose medical practitioners.

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It might be our health information that is the most tempting, offering up potentially the most intrusive window yet into our everyday lives.

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The subject of a coming grand minimum has drawn controversy from many in the heliophysics community.

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