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A Canadian company is trying to make it possible for anyone to be a "biohacker" and make custom genetically modified organisms in their home kitchen.

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Is there a connection between what the climate engineers are doing in the Arctic and the recent untimely deaths of three scientists that were investigating the Arctic sea ice?

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Now that it's a foregone conclusion that every country will have armed drones within 10 years, the only race left is to acquire the most powerful weaponized drone.

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I believe, as do the engineers in India, that this is the biggest breakthrough in rotating electrical machine design since Faraday’s invention of the electrical motor in 1832.

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Scientists are determined to not only create Strangelets, the most explosive things in the universe, but to harness their power and connect to another dimension.

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Why are the rest of us supposed to casually believe running this CERN machine at higher and higher and higher power won’t have some overall effect on the planet?

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As if concerns about the global drone arms race wasn't enough, very soon we might not even be able to see what's in the sky.

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Not all scientists have fallen victim to the rhetoric. In 2014 “A call for an open, informed study of all aspects of consciousness” was made by around 100 scientists.

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Malware used for surveillance, or spyware, is software installed on a victim’s computer by state actors, spies and police, rather than cyber criminals.

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What in the world is CERN doing as the location for 9/23/2015? The mystery deepens, because it not only shows up on google maps, but it also only shows up for most people not all.


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