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The evolution of humanoid robots continues to quicken with greater strides being made toward applying artificial intelligence to create emotional robots.

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This is not the first time that Roman technology has exceeded that of our modern day.

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Meet LEVAN (Learning EVerything About ANything), the AI program with cheery acoustics that is in training to become the Forrest Gump/Bubba of the virtual realm.

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Nanotechnology is probably not the reading material sitting on the coffee tables of most people. Yet, it is already beginning to have an impact on everything from electronics to alternative energy to food, cosmetics and clothing.

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Inventing the Future with Robert Tercek takes a closer look at the collision of open society and surveillance.

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RedIceCreationsA team of researchers at Bar-Ilan University in Israel has successfully demonst...

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By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today EditorAuthor, barrister and political advisor Matthias Cha...

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“Why is my laptop on?” does not seem like a complex question.But when I tried to answer it this ...

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Crew members in their mid-20's from the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan are coming down with all ...

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by Zen GardnerAnything mainstream medical is of course suspect, although some rare folks put o...