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Gaza's ordeal under the onslaught of the Israeli bombardment has unmasked international organizations that hide behind the cloak of humanism and protection of human life.

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A former prison worker claims he contributed to the missing paedophile dossier by handing over names of VIPs and MPs who were coercing teenage rent boys behind bars.

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"The surest way to destroy a nation is to debauch its currency." - Vladimir Lenin

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What escapes comprehension for many is the ageless nature of this conspiracy by a rotating cadre of a powerful few to exert dominion over the earth and how they’re going about it.

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This series of articles will expose lesser known facts regarding the Kennedys and explain how the family’s fate is related to the shadow government running America.

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The rediscovery of the ‘oneness’ of life and our visioning of a lighter brighter world, is the wrecking ball that will smash the evil program called reality that has been created for us.

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It's rather ironic that this latest wave of Western armed and financed "Islamic" militants invading Iraq and now threatening Syria and Iran is named ISIS. Or is it deliberate?

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At a time of utmost poverty and misery prevalent in the West, the attractions the Muslim societies' wealth and prosperity-played on the minds of Church indoctrinated Europeans.