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The same nefarious forces that caused the Gulf oil disaster, led by the same man, will be in charge when the UN is in charge of US gun confiscation and mass relocation.

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The children gave a shockingly detailed description of horrific sexual abuse and child sacrifice at the hands of their father and, according to the children, many members of staff.

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These in your face rituals are not, as some people assume, designed as confessions. They’re designed to redirect public attention, with some demonized “evil” Goddess.

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A look behind the scenes to what's really going on and the extent of social and occult engineering being exacted upon humanity. Illustrates much of what we've been covering.

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Please keep in mind who was / is in charge of these operations, because that will supply some important clues to guilty parties in other top assassinations and so called “terror-acts”.

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George Car­lin used his unique tal­ent to stand in the Truth and speak out against the il­lu­mi­nati within government, and like so many be­fore him, he was mur­dered for it.

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