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An explanation of how the sun and its magnetic influences directly affect the triggering of earthquakes on planet earth, as well as many other properties.

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Water might be more than just a substance found in space, and it in fact may be a form, the most important form, of intelligent life in the universe.

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If the position of the stars and planets directly influences our lives, how much more then do massive energy shifts and pulses coming from the gigantic center of our galaxy?

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What more can be said? So just sit back, relax and let this 30 second video put a big smile on your face.

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From A Plane Truth: This week in NASA lies. Faux ISS Images, secret messages in Earth View, Faked moon passing across CGI Earth and more.

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This might peel your eyes open a bit more. The hoaxes continue to be revealed, as well as their occult underpinnings. Strap in and enjoy the ride.

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Suspicious0bservers defines what a pole shift is and an overview of the effects a magnetic reversal would have on the weather, geological events, and human health.

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Great capture of the trickery used to try and fool the world audience that this "moon" mission was as they said it was. Sorry guys, caught once again in your deception.

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The subject of a coming grand minimum has drawn controversy from many in the heliophysics community.

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Amazing footage of solar flares, and detailed description of what would happen should there be another Carrington event, shutting down the world grid.


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