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If this does not clearly illustrate the connection between CERN and Saturn nothing else will. CERN was “reactivated” according to the celestial movement of the planet Saturn.

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Science fiction writers have given the concept of extraordinary openings in space/time all sorts of names to explain how travelers from distant realms arrive in Earth skies.

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The biggest sunspots of this entire sun cycle are turning toward the earth with the possibility of serious flaring and CMEs.

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Next week’s experiment is considered to be a game changer, CERN scientists will conduct an insane experiment hoping to connect with a parallel universe.

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‘If this does not get the skeptics going wild on the moon debate, we don’t know what will.

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Interesting and comprehensive points here. Too much trust in data sources as well as downplay of geoengineering, but good info to ponder.

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Had this solar blast been earth directed it would have been a Carrington level event and shut down the world grid. Good reminder that this is always possible.

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Suspicious Observers makes an interesting observation here as the sun has been sending repeated plasma blasts toward the infamous green comet Lovejoy. Has me wondering.

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This powerful coronal hole and coming alignment could have a strong effect on our planet, as we're possibly now in the calm before the storm with our spaceweather.

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