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For most of us waking up in a world that is still asleep is a very harsh and difficult experience. Often you become convinced that there is something seriously wrong with you.

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Buddhism is really just a collection of methods and ways of realizing the ultimate truths of this life, and the path to discovering true peace and happiness.

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I do believe the Jesus myth holds profound meaning that, if completely understood, could change the world for the better to a degree that is incalculable.

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The more traumatized the people of a nation become, the more trauma continues to be unleashed upon them as a way for the rulers to gain more control over their minds.

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Scooter masterfully dismantles the hypocrisy of religiosity and the ongoing oppression of hierarchical rule by way of laws and myths.

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We become a force to be reckoned with when we transform ourselves from victim to hero, from a lamb into a lion, from a pawn into a knight that transcends the chessboard.

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Your subtle etheric energy is your true spiritual identity. Your physical body is only one small part of what you really are.

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The less we are aware of the bittersweet truth of authentic spirituality, the more its intellectually modified version hypnotizes us with its false luminosity.

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A crucial aspect of the wondering/wandering experience is to allow ourselves to be vulnerable enough so that we can be astonished by our experiences.

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A terrific summary by Max Igan of the state of the manipulated world and the stifling of humanity's natural connection to Source.

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