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The survival of the ego depends on the existence of a time-based reality, attachment of appearances, past and future, is the name of the game for the ego.

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When we are burning in the fire of fear, we fail to recognize the final root of all our fears is the fear of death preventing us from fully experiencing the joy of existence.

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Have you ever noticed the voice in your head that doesn’t stop talking? It’s busy judging people and things, forming opinions, and commenting on everything that happens.

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You can be who you are without interpreting yourself to yourself or others. A Beautiful short talk by Eckhart Tolle.

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These next few weeks are going to be life changing I believe. It is time to open our eyes and pay attention to everything taking place. Things are really not as they seem and you must prepare to accept that.

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Those of us who want to catch the wave, get on the bus out of hell… know what to do. We have to reclaim our minds and be vigilant of our thoughts. It’s not easy to escape from the abyss!

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Lies, taken as truth, will lull us into a false sense of security, into a dream. Once we have believed that we know the truth, we no longer look for it, and we will not long for it any more.

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The ability to correctly perceive and to some extent mirror the energy of another is a challenge. This gift allows us to steer ourselves through life with added perception.

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There's a certain letting go of cherished beliefs that needs to transpire to get to that ultimate conscious awakening, and that invariably presents some very tough hurdles to overcome.

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In today’s world, there is a resurgence of that connection with the biosphere and interconnected organism that is the planet and all that exists within it’s domain.


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