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Shredding the phoniness of false spirituality. New age sycophants and groupies beware, this skit may hit home and blow a few styrofoam paradigms to smithereens. Enjoy!

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Much has been said recently regarding the “mass awakening.” Whether this is really occurring at this time or not, while certainly significant, it is not what is most important to me.

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When we go into these deep pains or reprogramming of what basically are our emotional and spiritual immune systems, we become fragile - and ‘fragile’ and ‘warrior’ is no contradiction.

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Empaths are usually non-violent and non-aggressive people who love peaceful and harmonious environments. Disharmony makes us uncomfortable. We will do everything we can to avoid it.

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For it is not our clothing - our physical wrappings or pretty packaging - that determines who we truly are; it is our true nakedness, our Inner beauty, which lies beneath.

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What if we could wave a magic wand and both Israel and America disappeared tomorrow? Would all our problems go away? I think not. So, how do we get out of this mess once and for all?

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Your life in the world is an opportunity for self-understanding. Self-understanding is enlightenment, and enlightenment is the direct experience of the mystical — you.

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Enlightenment is a very normal experience, attainable by everyone. There is nothing mysterious or secretive about it. There is nothing unnatural about it because it follows the natural way of things.

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The space-time of the continuum went away. It disintegrated. What took its place was an island of joy. What sits outside this matrix is more real than real. When you find it.

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The whole concept of spiritual awareness isn’t all about connecting with a higher divine power, but also connecting with nature and yourself.
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