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The less we are aware of the bittersweet truth of authentic spirituality, the more its intellectually modified version hypnotizes us with its false luminosity.

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A crucial aspect of the wondering/wandering experience is to allow ourselves to be vulnerable enough so that we can be astonished by our experiences.

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A terrific summary by Max Igan of the state of the manipulated world and the stifling of humanity's natural connection to Source.

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In your present, isolated state of consciousness, spatial consciousness is not present in your life, you wish to bring things beyond forms and shapes under the control of your Ego.

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At some point in the journey we can choose to be at peace with the full package of who we are. We don’t need anyone’s approval to lay down our burdens, let ourselves love and be loved, and return to innocence.

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Regardless of the events, teachings and resources that led to our personal awakening, together we have a responsibility to heal and grow our internal and external worlds.

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The path of the traditional healer is one of the most difficult ones to walk. There are very few reference points and it requires an extraordinary level of consciousness, compassion, purpose and dedication.

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"The Circle has healing power. In the Circle we are all equal. When in the circle no one is in front...

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Humans are potentially capable of living in a state of consciousness compared to which normal wakefulness is like sleeping or dreaming. The nature of spiritual awakening is frequently misunderstood.

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