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The snitch mentality appears to be popping up everywhere these days, even when the informant doesn’t get anything out of it. How much worse will it be when they do?

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Privacy is not the only thing at stake when everything we say, everywhere we go, and everyone we associate with is fair game. Having to choose between new technologies and our liberty is wrong.

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The transition to a cashless society continues apace, while simultaneously incorporating an all-inclusive tracking database from which it will become very difficult to escape.

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If you believe disconnecting from the Internet and modern gadgetry is a solution, this should be a wake-up call that the surveillance industrial complex knows no bounds.

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Twitter is the latest to seek new ways to utilize its massive database of public information. It has granted MIT's Media Lab $10 million to analyze all communications beginning with the very first post in 2006.

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This could allow countries to increase surveillance in the name of counter terrorism, and give states new tools to crack down on dissent by simply labeling activists ‘terrorists’.

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If you thought Obama's War is Peace speech to the U.N. was creepy, wait until you see this. Cameron is officially announcing a the plan to use a full assault on dissenting views.

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The latest revelation about the NSA's endless mass surveillance program. Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp, a cleverly presented exposé of our Orwellian police state.

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The Next Generation Identification system will eventually include iris scans, facial recognition, and a range of other biometric identifiers that are collated into a central database.

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On the face of it, Jeh Johnson is a serial killer and Constitutional scofflaw who operates from the highest levels of US government and corporate power. But he's black, and a Morehouse man...
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