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Our planet is due for a cleansing, whether it is a pole shift, an asteroid, a volcanic eruption, an earthquake, an ice age or a pot shot from the sun that decides the fate of Earth this time round.

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What is really interesting is discovering those you think are awake are actually sleeping and vice versa, with sometimes the very least possible person the most enlightened of all.

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Waking up to the truth about our manipulated reality we are in no man’s land struggling with doubt and questioning our sanity… but one thing’s for sure, we can never go back to ‘normal.’

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A remarkable clip exposing the Matrix agenda. Hence the fluoridating, vaccinating and genetic modifying of humanity, vain attempts to thwart our transformation.

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We are powerful beyond measure. When in body, we forget this – until we wake up and reconnect with our all powerful, immortal big self. Once we know this, anything is possible.

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We are all powerful, all potential and all possibility. We are organic beings producing energy rivaled only by the Sun and artificial invention. We are descendents of the light of creation.

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James knocks it out of the park again with this poignant essay. That folks can't make the rational connection is Orwellian to say the least, but that's the world we're living in.

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How awakening affects each of us individually is really a question of simply putting what we've learned into action and trusting the Universe for the consequences.

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Has our existence been hijacked by higher dimensional entities and we are prisoners within a matrix of deceit? If so, then this prison of minds has the door wide open to exit it.

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Walk away from a life of servitude, and do what you love to do. For a few 10's of thousands of dollars you can be living on your own land, in your own cabin, and doing your own thing.
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