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A fabulous interview with Benny Wills and Kevin Kostelnik of JoyCamp on awakening and taking culture back and reversing the spell of entertainment brainwashing.

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Another great piece from Prince Ea - impromptu talk on the real issues behind humanity's problems, which if we don't address will just lead to everything repeating.

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Like a cold shower, watching Seven inexplicably collapse shocked many people into a new awareness. For the first time many of us would begin to question officialdom.

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And so it erupts. A passionate rap style poetic blast that you don't want to miss. Kudos to this young man who is clearly awakened and motivated - powerful!

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All we ever perceive are just our perceptions. Our perception is based upon our beliefs or belief systems. What we believe, and our degree of attachment to that belief, forms our reality.

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A brilliant introduction to awakening and what those experiencing it are up against and how to overcome the fundamental obstacles that present themselves. Lovingly inspired.

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Any contract based in fraud is null and void, once the fraud is revealed. And it has been revealed! However, not everyone is fully aware of all of this.

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I thoroughly recommend this consciousness raising interview with John Perkins - author of 'Confessions of an Economic Hit Man' and other works on plant shamanism.

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The story and legend from the Native Americans People about the Tribe of people from many walks of life, that will rise to save the Earth.

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I'm not a shadow. When you look down, you wont see me - I'll stand up and ill stand tall, I don't follow anyone. I'm not a shadow, 'cause I'm not a shadow