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This film, with the help of various experts, provides tools on how to get back to our natural state of inner and outer harmony. This is where global change will start.

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Dixie natural man Bill Bunting drops some serious common sense regarding racial division and government control. You're being played and it's time to wake up.

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The truth only solves, dissolves, and removes problems - it has always existed but we haven’t always been aware of it, as history shows time and time again.

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Very informative interview with Tim Jenkin, who founded the CES in Cape Town, an amazingly user-friendly alternative economy that has gone global over the last few years.

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David Icke breaking down the world around us with a challenge to take action in the expression of our lives and what we participate in.

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I tell you, we have hardly begun to experience the wealth that we have at our fingertips in our quest to unite body, mind and spirit. But united they must be.

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The words conspiracy theorists are being heard more and more these days, and for good reason. It turns out we're right and people are waking up everywhere.

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This discussion of their recent road trip leads to important life lessons learned on how important it is to let go of fear and take the "leap of faith".

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David Griffith in an innovative and provocative production of Zen's revamp of a revolutionary classic to apply to the very different world we live in today. Beautiful, David!

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for the first time in the known history of humanity we can unite the people of earth to achieve a common goal: we the people, not the elite, will control our own destiny.

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