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News clips of Hillary, Obama and McCain openly admitting that the US armed, funded and trained ISIS, who they are now fighting.

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There is so much debate over how the U.S. and other nations will stop ISIS. Ben Swann exposes secret DOD documents that prove the U.S. wanted ISIS to emerge in Syria.

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In this beautiful video lectures by Alan Watts and the amazing Krishnamurti are set to powerful images to give a hopeful and empowering message to humanity.

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Telling it like it is, Ken exposes the raw truth about what is really transpiring at the hands of today's psychopathic rulers in Paris, the Mideast and beyond.

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An astronomic number of people have been grieving loss for some time in places whose names roll off our tongues as if it’s accepted that violence simply happens there.

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This Veterans Day, I just wanted to thank the troops for their service. Thanks for blindly following the orders handed down by psychopaths.

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NATO’s war games are supposed to last a very long five weeks, involving 36,000 troops, 230 military units, 140 fighter aircraft, more than 60 ships, and Humvees spectacularly bogged down on Portuguese beaches.

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The “precise targeting, the prolonged destruction of a fully functioning hospital full of patients and health workers...transcending even the bounds of war.”

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All that can be done for the fools is to leave them to their own devices as well as acquiring the means to protect ourselves from them once it becomes necessary.

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