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Whether we feel comfortable or constrained within the current paradigm, we are still at its mercy. Whether you stay informed or not, ignorance doesn’t alleviate you of its burdens.

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The Thirty Years War is a complex historical period, pertaining to numerous wars and conflicts fought by an array of power blocs for a variety of reasons.

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A powerful statement regarding who is really dangerous and wreaking havoc around the world, while marginalizing those who seek freedom, sovereignty and empowerment.

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The Neocons continue to holding key jobs in US foreign policy, ensconcing themselves in influential think tanks, and remaining the go-to experts for mainstream media coverage.

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We must first be fully awake ourselves. But full on exposure of the reality of our situation and what we're up against is intrinsic to this victorious overcoming.

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"The best way to maximize international support is to strike when there is a widespread conviction that the Iranians were given but then rejected a superb offer."

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Now, turning our attention to the Globalist Mafia; we can better interpret some stunning statements made by that arch-criminal George Soros.

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Jade Helm 2 Decoded: A learned network/software engineer’s analysis of what’s really behind the exercise, an A.I. warfare drill. Interview starts at 11:45.

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