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The pro-Israeli government of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is making diplomatic and military preparations for military intervention in Syria, leaked documents show.

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Image as seen by US Drone pilots (and even earth-mapping satellites) The Raw StoryAn artists collective has unfurled a massive poster showing a child’s face...

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from Peak CrackersContributorWhat a-Bot that? - MPC SpaceWarThe American secret X-37B unmanned spacecraft has broken its own longevity record by staying in orbit for more...

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by Chip TatumAccording to Boeing’s super secret development company Boeing Phantom Works and the Federal Government, you can not handle the truth! It refers to the Safety...

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Peak CrackersContributorOnce again the BRICS are piling up in a more aggressive effort to become the next global currency..M.PC ZeroHedgeThe more the West attempts to...

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TwoIceFloesWhen I entered high school back in 1969 the small town I grew up in was just introducing a more flexible, dare I say...

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by Peak Crackers ContributorSo sad that we kill each other off for no real gain ...Just all on self greed and preservation via fear /...MPCGLOBAL...

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All can be rest assured that following Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech at the UN in September of 2012 featuring his now-infamous ‘bomb-gonna-go-boom’ cartoonery,...



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