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Censored: Dane Wigington Geoengineering Interview Pulled from YouTube

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After receiving more than 70,000 hits on YouTube, the video of Russ Tanner’s recent interview with Dane Wigington, "The Most Important Topic For Everyone In 2013" was pulled. Our thanks to the viewer who re-posted the video.The newly uploaded video, of course, does not reflect the number of hits that it has actually received. Was this done to disinform potential viewers about how many people are looking into the topic of geoengineering? Keep sharing the information, everyone!In the event that it is pulled again, here is a link to the video on this site:

Dane has a background in solar energy. He is a former employee of Bechtel Power Corp. and was a licensed contractor in California and Arizona. He has been engaged in constant climate/geoengineering research for over a decade.His personal residence was feature in a cover article on the world’s largest renewable energy magazine, Home Power. He owns a 1,600-acre “wildlife preserve” next to Lake Shasta in northern California.Dane put all his focus, efforts and energy on the geoengineering issue when he began to lose very significant amounts of solar uptake due to what ever-increasing “solar obscuration” caused from the aircraft spraying. He also noted significant decline in forest health. Extensive testing and research into the geoengineering issue was commenced and has continued since 2002.He is the lead researcher for www.geoengineeringwatch.org and has investigated all levels of geo engineering from stratospheric aerosol geoengineering (SAG) to HAARP. He has appeared numerous films, and radio interviews to explain the environmental and health dangers we face on a global level from geoengineering.Dane lives in Shasta County, California.

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  1. * An extremely serious & sobering existential view of the world in triage…no wonder people are exploring their spiritual selves, albeit, on conscious / unconscious levels, as in, alternate metaphysical ‘escape-pods’ retreating from the “drunken (Wall St) sailors…dancing on a sinking ship”… as the archetypal survival/ mind contemplates ‘every’ possibility with no stone un-turned, when it comes to survival.
    ….One could absolutely conjecture a logical possibility, that a maniacal cold-blooded alien race,devoid of any moral or ethical thoughts/ emotions (Borg)… has been busy “Terra-Forming” this planet for a suitable ‘way point’ outpost for inter-galactic travel…pure speculation…but for this ‘elephant- in- the- room’ – these Alien terra-forming ET’s don’t seem to value, as evidenced, or have ‘ANY’ respect for the obvious plethora of life-force bounty amid the myriad of life-forms existing presently on planet Earth….the Joker’s gone crazy…& the 1% are heading underground.
    …What if,lets say, that 26,000 yrs ago people much like us headed underground to escape a oncoming catastrophe…while some remained on the surface & miraculously survived. It could be entirely plausible that the survivors underground morphed into green & scaly hu-man reptoids thru ‘Trans/humanistic’ tinkering of DNA(going on right now) & the aliens are really ‘US’ in a juxtaposed time joke anomaly….I’m open to any idea or possibility.

    • You maybe closer than you think. Who controls hollywood? What dwarf star is on its way here according to CNN yesterday? Hollywood always tells us what they are planning through movies before the event. Well, RENT THE MOVIE “THE ARRIVAL” and take a gander at their geoengineering with methane gas. What a coincidence.

    • “We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers in high places” so says the Bible. in other words: demons and Satan, who is the god of ths world, are at work orchestrating the new world order. You can read all about it in the book of Revelation.

      • It does seem a little like revelations.I mean with the ocean dying and food chain and oxygen and planckton dissapearing very quickly. Meaning dangerous methane will eventually become the same sort of atmosphere that the dinasaurs lived in. No insult to the Dinosaurs…

  2. I truly don’t process it! I’m beyond broken in trying to comprehend why we go along with this; we are the ones that will lose it all, and yet most are complacent in this matter. These monsters would not be able to do this if the engineers, pilots, and chemists/researchers did not enable these disastrous projects. The fact that these incredible human beings are using their might to assist these monstrous projects, and their critical thinking is not stopping them, is beyond any thought I can comprehend. May be I do underestimate the greed-power and the drugs, but these people like us have kids, wives, and husbands that they love too, where is that positive influence for change? How in God’s name doesn’t the survival instinct kick in, and these people’s soul connect into our grid of the human conscious and realize what a horrible thing they’ve done? How is it that our oneness with it all is completely impenetrable to these people? What an incredible arrogant bunch these people are. I live in Seattle and our skies are a reason to cry, I feel like crying all the time when I look around, and yet not one person near me even recognizes that the sky is no longer blue; yesterday it was incredible what they’ve done, they destroyed what was a beautiful glorious day into their haze of poison. My boys are aware of it, and they ask when are these people going to jail, and I tell them one day, and justify it with the argument that many are indeed waking up. My power meter is running on high, and I am mad as hell. But I am joyful and so incredibly moved/inspired by these folks that are exposing the most disastrous endeavors humans ever take; this has to stop, and should have never ever started. What can I do?

    • LOVE??? You expect these inhumane animals to have LOVE for anything, much less their own kids and families? They have only “USE” of those they partner with and the kids are simply their way of continuing the agenda through generational passage. Love is not in their lexicon.

    • Gustavo, for several generations people in the field if PR have studied exactly how our minds operate in order to sell us the products and ideas they will profit from. This is effectively a brainwashing technique. If you honestly wish to understand what is happening and why, seek out this docunentary from BBC (its in YouTube): Century of the Self. Watch all 4 hours and I promise your depth of socio-political awareness will increase. Simply put: people act as best they believe bssed on what they have learned and social controls rely on this.

  3. They are chemtrailing here now (N Florida) We need to stop these chemtrail aircraft and these morons destroying our environment. How do we stop them short of ramming aircraft on the flightline?

  4. Perhaps a revolution is in order. American civilians have access to heavy weapons, yes? Perhaps try firing an incendiary rocket into the chemtrail. If its particles are close together you should get a nice big explosion. Contrail water vapour won’t do that. Just a thought.

    • Please see my website: PurviancePyramid.net. Please keep an open mind about this. Look at the videos before jumping to a conclusion. This pyramid works.

      In fact, the best endorsement is since my computer has been “down” mid-Dec 2012 the nefarious ones have hacked into my site and took off all of my “Buy” buttons – see the downloads page. These pyramids work. I hope to have my computer running again soon.

    • My invention eliminates chemtrails up to 120 mile radius. Simple invention. Saves the bees too. They hacked into my site and took off the “Buy” buttons – what better endorsement do you need – The Purviance Pyramids Work!! Very well. The more the better. Make a purviance pyramid. PurviancePyramid.net. Working on getting my computer fixed.

      • Have you tried it?
        If that don’t work I think that the home made(very easy and cheap)STRONG solar powered laser beam WILL DEFINITELY get-er-done.Research – I do know that an Arkansas youth made what he called his death ray and local TV (I think ch.7 news) around 2 months ago covered it. It would penetrate ANYTHING. Including concrete walls.His version used covering an ordinary TV dish with tin foil(without wrinkling it) glued to dish.Remove the collecting eye on dish.And replace with magnifying lens. Anything placed at proper distance is toast. Now being the thinker that I be,my squirrels told me….that if I were to use highly reflective mirror tiles in octagon design,glued with a very thin evenly covered high heat glue,tiles being pressed on with even pressure. And attached the magnifier lens,say from an old school projector,at the point where the lens is just covered by the light reflected, Then fond the focal point where all that light gets small enough to just cover all of the end of a flexible length of fiber optic cable about 6 feet long. That one could remove the barrel of a common BB gun,and replace with the end of the optic cable,one would now be able to aim the beam,and distance from D ray machine would not matter anymore.But what do I know? I’m jus a 9th grade drop out.Anyone care to do this project an tell me how it works? Oh an near as I can figger,ifin one was to place another small lens at the end of said barrel,you could also disperse the beam down to ANY desired intensity,say to grill meat on your barbby,or boost solar panels,or super heat water powered engines(or steam) ect. I is a dum ol hillbilly,an not to fer outta tha cave,this is ma first post here,an ain’t sure how to contact ya’ll nice folks ta discuss this tech stuff,but I would be intersted in trying to help ya’lls other questions if ya care ta ask me.

  5. The oxidizer, Red Fuming Nitric Acid, RFNA, was developed in the fifties as an improvement to the thrust capability of rocket engines, used to oxidize kerosine. It was dropped when they developed liquid hydrogen/liquid oxygen, which out-performed it completely. That ends the story.

    • JazzRoc YOU and your gang have been issued a cease and desist… for intimidation and threats to harm so stay away from me and my videos… we have know your past… and its all ON RECORD.

      • Contacting the people or groups like you mentioned will not stop the planes from flying or the companies that are being paid to spray to stop spraying- somehow they are funded- who is the money behind it? They need to be stopped. I doubt groups like Alzheimer and Cancer groups would put any effort into a campaign against a source that earns them their money. As is widely known now, ‘they’ don’t want healthy people, they would go out of business. I do think a bombardment of the white house mailboxes, snail and email is one of the only ways to be heard. Other methods is, of course, attempting to flood the media.
        It’s easy to provide the Congressional and White House Email links as well as media email and editorial links so that when articles and videos like this are viewed, the viewer can actually, immediately be proactive. As this is now, it’s just a scare tactic with little hope to do something.

        • Jax – aerial spraying has mived away from official government programs and into the hands of special interest groups who fund the chemtrails. There are several reasons and purposes behind this but all are based on profiteering, no matter the justifications. Perhaps you can understand why a company like Pacific Gas and Electric – who rely on water and wind to generate much electricity – would want climate modification?

  6. So evil, so disgusting, how can the Engineers of this dark act look themselves in the Mirror at night, do they sleep well???

    • I imagine that their kind sleeps well. After all, vipers, bereft of eyelids, sleep with their eyes open. A few years ago someone, blogging that an unknown race of lizard people, located beneath the planet’s surface, stated that that race loves hot & humid environments in which to live. They could be directing the destruction of life on earth to enable their overtaking it. These reptilians, as they are referred to, are supposed to have began an evolutionary journey long before mankind appeared. Said evolutionary journey has, according to the info, brought them to a level of intelligence equal to if not surpassing that of human-kind. They have contact with the most evil among us who support their goals. The most-evil-among-us undertake this merely for the pleasure of evil they garner from it, and perhaps because they are under some form of hypnotic control made easier to cast over them due to the compatibility of their evil nature and that of the goal (end of all life on earth) of their reptilian masters.

      The full and true extent of reality greatly exceeds that of OUR imposed limitations most of which emanates from our fear of the unknown.

  7. Brother Zen,
    Time to run another Orgonite Chembuster article for the benefit of all living beings, seen and unseen.

  8. Get a muslim with kidney failure who is friendly with the Bush Family to sit in a cave and use a cell phone hooked to a laptop to halt the 6 billion dollar a year defenses at the Pentagone …causing an instantaneous launch of a myriad of ground to air missiles to target and take out any aircraft spraying anything 1000 or more feet above the ground…and see what happens. What, not buying this. It worked on the twin towers, Ha!!! It even caused a war in the wrong country then.

  9. Zen, The powers-that-be spray here almost on a daily basis (NorthWest Florida). We live near Eglin AFB and see these non-contrail stripes in the sky EVERYWHERE. My wife and 2 children have recently all come down with an unknown autoimmune disorder affecting each one of them differently. We have more scheduled visits to University Hospitals to determine what it is but so far no MD in the local area can diagnose it. I am very worried that there could be some sort of imposing factor on the illnesses occurring from the pollutants in the sky and that daily exposure to this stuff is really, really hurting us. Do they not know or see that it is killing us…Or is that what they want?

    • We’re collateral damage at the least, intended targets more than likely. Research depopulation and eugenics. Very dark agenda. Get a good air filter, look up chemtrail detox solutions on the net, see an awake naturopath. Get very intensive eating regimen, no more junk or processed food, lots and lots of organic greens, fruits, power supplements and immune boosters. I stopped all grains and eating almost 100% raw and it’s a lifechanger. Have to be militant about it. Stay in touch. All the best, Zen

      • Christoper,
        I live in Southeast Florida and the chemtrailing is almost daily and heavy. I’ve done exactly what Zen just recommended but have not gotten to eating raw yet. I used to cough up green shit every day. I still get very fatigued but I’m no spring chicken either, lol. But I honestly feel so much better with the healthy eating, supplements and immune boosters. Mercola.com is a trusted resource for info on supplements I think. I use a mask alot too!

  10. Thank you SO much for re-posting this! I tried to watch it the other day & was upset they had removed it. This Geo-engineering stuff must be stopped!

    • Oh lofty Senior Member at metabunk..why don’t you address the issues in Dane’s interview, sleuth that you are? Wanna discuss the issue of geoengineering, or nit pick to feel good about yourself and avoid the core of what’s going on? You give a crap about the seriousness of what’s being discussed or just your little critical world?
      Got anything in your life we could cite that will undermine all you say you stand for? Get my drift? Doubt it..your whole MO seems to be to tear down and come out the smart guy. That or it’s your job as is so often the case these days.

      • Most of the ‘facts’ in this report aren’t actually facts. You may wanna google them before you criticize the only commenter with a brain :)

  11. What type of face mask works best to filter out this crap and where do we purchase them?
    Also, when I saw my first chemtrail nearly 20 years ago, I immediately knew something was amiss…just as I did on 9-11…both were unnatural events and obvioulsy hugely wrong! It is so sad that in both instances, a majority of us have retreated into our own worlds of willful ignorance (denial) where we can pretend that everything is as we are told by our “great leaders”. We’ve been too slow to sound the alarm and will pay dearly for voluntarily placing our heads in the sand in both instances. Perhaps the young people of today who wish to enjoy life on a planet which is fully functioning and free of the influence of the archon (psychopathic) mind set, will rise to the occassion and rescue my sorry assed generation which has truly fallen short of our own expectations for doing likewise.

    • The mask you need is a Respirator which you can get online, 3M makes several. Working in a hospital they fit you for one to protect from TB or any other airborne nasties. In day to day travels I just use disposable ones the kind seen in operating rooms, you can get a box of 50 or 100 cheap enough.

  12. We get chemtrailed nearly on a daily basis here in southwest Germany. They destroy every sunny day by crisscrossing the sky with streaks that turn into gray haze. I think this is being done by drones.

    • Rent the movie the arrival and then google vatic project – Dulce and aliens 6 part series. This is more than just a mistake or accident, This is intentional. Phil Schneider was brutally murdered for talking about aliens and Dulce and there is massive growth going on down there which is only about 30 miles from where I live and the aliens are unable to be above ground with our weather and sun. Remember the twin star has not ignited but is hot, and that would fit with what he just said was the condition of the planet right now.

    • yepp- I’m from the same area and confirm. Coincidently, the day of the lunar eclipse the sky was kept perfectly normal…. as always for big events. I’m tired of feeling like a wacko. I believe but I need to KNOW in order to prepare some kind of action. Chemical analysis of rainwater should do. Also with more and more news on the web I believe that resistance is already forming. There was a hearing about chemtrails in the european parliament, for example. There are official evaluation reports about geoengeneering possibilities. I think they are preparing us that *someday* they *might* be forced to use these technologies which definitely already exist (which kind of idiot would patent a tool for loads of money -. and then not use it?!). And then sell it to us as they would take the last possible chance to save mankind. And if that fails? We’ve got Monsanto to feed us. Let’s hope its not to late. And let’s fight back.

  13. Oh, my GAwd, They always tell us what they plan and they did in the movie “The Arrival”. Methane was the gas that the aliens needed to colonize our planet. Is that what is going on??? We have nucleated snow today and tomorrow. Its the arrival of the twin star that is hot but not ignited. IF they did not do the snow the temps here would be in the 80’s. In january, Denver Co had temps of 67 degrees.

    • My favorite pumper sticker I saw about 30-years ago that got me laughing for about 10-minutes showed the planet Earth with an Alien spaceship speeding away from Earth.

      The caption said: Came looking to find intelligent life, found none, so I left.

      Found that one right on point and the ironic humor overpowering. We all must ask ourselves as we cut through our own egos and overbearing state of self importance; Would we choose to expose ourselves directly in the midst of barbaric, hostile, ignorant creatures?

      Most would say probably not. Additionally most people would say the same thing also..

      Perspective and development of any being is only the reference of the beholder, and the beholder’s circumstance. If we looked back on the people of this planet several hundred years ago we today would look at them as being naive, barbaric, creatures. Well, four or five-hundred years from now, the people if having survived will look back on us as being naive, barbaric, creatures.

      Now think of a race of creatures 100,000 or more years developed over us. Pure telepathic, no government, no currency, no god being that they walk and breath in the spirit of the creator in self as we breath air and drink water. Could you imagine if you did not speak language and were a pure telepathic and stopping on this rock being able to be one with all in mind. I go back to that bumper sticker..

  14. It’s moronic anyway. Mankind can’t control the weather. Cloud seeding is all we can do and that’s very limited.

    • No Barn Cat HARRP is very real and it has been in operation for quite some time. You sir are out of your element here. You are dismissed and may return to your ignorant bliss.

  15. Does anyone know what the ‘official’ or ‘debunkers’ explanation is for all those tanks/containers inside those planes?

    • They say it’s water tanks used in testing planes’ stability, and it might be right. Doesn’t change anything. Look up inside chemtanker David Dees and see something more compelling, but still it’s not sure. This is one heavily guarded secret, in spite of the fact it’s right in front of our faces. Practically sorcery how people are duped.

  16. Can you please post links to some of these many scientific studies you keep talking about having been done. For example the science that shows that geoengineering is the main cause of ozone decay.

  17. Interesting read at The Living Moon, find the terra papers 1&2. The containers on the plane contain aluminum, barium,aerosols that I suspect are also used to do intentional releases of various virus,flea,tick,mosquito vector for research and studies. We are basically the subjects of mass experimentation. Go to usa.gov, cdc, air quality control and youtube chemtrails. It’s all there in plain sight. Hope is all we have.

  18. Toxic pollution is a serious problem. No one argues that. The origin of the alarming levels of Aluminum, strontium etc is also a concern. However, looking more closely at this, I am disturbed at the use of file photos etc of test and research aircraft giving unwitting viewers the impression that the photos represent planes fitted out with chemical spraying equipment. In an above link of the Debunkers forum, No apology is offered for this misrepresentation by the authors. Instead, the argument is that ALL aircraft engine emissions or toxic. This is a VERY different argument to the theory that Monsanto or some higher power is deliberately spraying the globe with toxic chemicals from purpose built aircraft. Be warned from getting caught up in hysteria, and in the process miss the detail. The GMO and drug/pharmaceutical threats are deeper reaching demons in our society. Just beware.

    • Whether or not the photos show chemical containers on planes or not is irrelevant. We can look up in the sky and see the haze and I have nucleated snow all over my yard this moment. The loss of a large percent of sunshine alone is enough, never mind the toxins accumulating in the soil, water, and in every living creature. It’s an assault against life itself, who gives a crap about photos?

      • Totally agree. The whole issue has gone way beyond that point of the “normal” toxins in the water, soil and so on. The whole chemtrail thing is happening here in Sweden as well. just yesterday I snapped several photos of chemtrails and put them on my FB. What happened do you think? You guessed it. No on cares about this and if they have something to say about it, they all in choir stands up and shouts: Put on your tinfoil. Sad but true.

  19. You said< "We haven't been very kind to the Planet."

    THe thing is that there are two levels in each country: "THE People – and then, there's the Elite/Controllers….who don;t listen to the will of THE People, and don't care about any Living Thing here.

    These Elite are, obviously, NOT Native to this Planet. It they were, they wouldn't be destroying all Living Things.

  20. I never wanted to believe this, but I’m starting to believe that folks behind GE are either are not human or that they are planning to inhabit Mars or another planet. Otherwise, how would they be so willing to destroy our entire planet?

    People are extremely afraid to believe any of this. They are in complete denial. They simply can’t believe that the govt, military could do this. Bill Gates money is funding it along with our own tax money. I think that within 5 to 10 years we will literally bake.

  21. Yesterday, while I was at work, my sister stole my iPad and tested to see if it can survive a 30 foot drop, just so she can be a youtube sensation. My iPad is now destroyed and she has 83 views. I know this is entirely off topic but I had to share it with someone!

  22. The neighbours let their dog shit in my garden. Not just once but different places got dirtied while I was away. When I saw the son walking the dog I told him that has to be stopped and he should tell the other family members as well. However, two days later while I was on the phone I saw the mother waiting for the dog to finish his business. So today I collected it all in an open box and rang the bell and, standing on the stairs, I told the lady that I am bringing what their dog had deposited in my garden. She excused and said it would not happen again.

    Can we do the same in other situations? Can we just hand the unwanted stuff back? Can we do it with chemtrails? Imagine each of us would speak to someone higher up on the hierarchical steps with a little more decisional power and we would simply hand it over, give the responsibility to the ones above who should assume it. How fast could it reach the top?

  23. Zen, I reaLLY appreciat your platform. I wrote a poem and here it is. Please suggest corrections if it’s not clear:

    Make your own weather forecast

    Look up!
    See those white lines?
    It’s going to be colder
    You’ll soon get a bone penetrating chill.

    Those white lines are fizzled out?
    If you hadn’t looked up
    you would think it’s a cloud.

    Can you feel that dryness in the air,
    that missing link to the sky?
    You thought clouds were a sign of rain.
    But no, it’ll be sunny and you know why.

    Then there are lousy smells,
    smells of burnt rags,
    smells of candy and gas
    It’s hard to name them all.

    But you can certainly smell the rat.
    The birds are forgetting to call
    and evening comes without a bat.

    What is the wind telling us?
    It’s coming from nowhere,
    then it’s blowing to uproot the grass,
    gives way to a plumbing silence
    that makes you puzzle and stare.

    Next day the sky is overcast.
    Can you hear the sound of a plane?
    That means it’s not going to rain.

    Darkness and confusing heat
    are stifling the air of spring.
    In our ears the bells ring.
    Mist makes heavy metals glitter on blade
    and fog into brains penetrate.

    What did I intend to do?
    Dreams and projects get eaten up
    by the bogey-boo.

    A whip of rain
    just when you thought
    it was eluding again.

    Drops stuck to the window,
    why are they not running down?
    The rain’s composition
    as garbled as the schemes of a clown.

    Children’s games are missing a beat.
    The cat comes in but won’t eat
    and grown-ups are getting cold feet.

    Our tap water comes with a high bill
    and sure, water’s memory recalls it still:
    the sound of the plane
    and the taste of the rain,
    the wind that brought you that chill,
    the rag smell, the one of the gas
    and the gust that uprooted the grass.

    Water helps to accurately make a forecast.
    It allows to tell how many
    during their gloomy sleep will fall ill
    and how much profit to make from each pill.

    Stop saying you don’t care!
    Look at the skies,
    smell the manipulated air!
    Get the official weather forecast and,
    if you aren’t dumb, you’ll notice the white lies.

    In the name of your daughter and son
    In the name of your dear life and fun,
    look up! See those white lines?

    Our work is to (at least) spread the word
    to those who haven’t heard
    G.e.o – e.n.g.i.n.e.e.r.i.n.g
    Spell it out, there’s no change without.

  24. I’m guessing it was pulled because most of the images used in the video are either ‘incorrect’ – the ballast tanks of water, for example, being suggested as being involved in chemtrails or geoengineering, or the ice-test nozzles, or all the other things that have documented purposes that are NOT geoengineering related. That, and perhaps that a lot of those images were re-used from their sources without permission.
    I don’t think this is trying to silence anyone, it’s more that the imagery used to go along with Dane’s talk is completely misleading.

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