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Change Ain’t What It Used To Be


by Zen Gardner

I’ve been realizing lately that things change more than we think. Way more and in more ways. Even when we’re aware of the underlying reality of constant change, we reference new changes by our memory and perception of old changes. And those are based on previous reference points.

The point is, we’re judging change by points of attachment. That cannot be very accurate. Nor fully conscious.

I was shocked to realize how attached I am to my various “points of view” while I thought I really wasn’t. But that’s how the mind is wired.

The Subtle Reflex

Simply put, everything’s shifting. And in shifting ways. In a shifting perception of change. What I realized I was comparing to was an emotional imprint. I was looking back to different periods of time in my life in comparison to what I’m going through now. Consciously conjuring up old impressions in contrast with a current experience.

For whatever reason. Understanding, nostalgia, encouragement, comparison. There’s so much that flows through our minds as we seek meaning and definition.

And that really struck me. I realized how I frequently use old imprints to gauge comparative changes. Not necessarily bad in itself as there’s no doubt something to learn, but I shouldn’t compare to times in my life when I was relatively unconscious.

And on top of that, these current vibrational changes are completely new, as am I. Recalling old imprints only reinforces my attachment to them.

Looking in relation to an old perceived set point will only let me see so far. It’s sort of like comparing apples to oranges when it comes to perception shifts. They don’t compare.

Another analogy might be a rock climber who won’t fully let go of his gear attached to the lower rungs he made in his ascent. He’ll only get so far. As you go higher your perspective shifts phenomenally, but it won’t get to those really inspiring views if he won’t let go of those lower footholds that got him started.

And psychically these memory reference points are embedded in emotions and memory clusters. Very similar to the crystalline knots a massage therapist works out of muscle tissue that then have to be flushed from the system.

Memory can be an anchor. Beware.

Letting Go in a Shifting Reality..or Not

It’s all good…if we let go into this shifting reality. A lot of people are fighting it. I’m seeing it in people I’m close to, and hearing this happening to folks from many sources. We knew the shift was hitting, but as we get further into it and our noses are closer to the details it starts getting very personal.

I should hope so. But when it hits it can be a stinker.

It’s again like the mountain analogy where it’s easy to see the full mountain range from afar but up close to the big climb and vast range of mountains you get all caught up in the foothills and the real climbing work begins as you bear down on the climb ahead. A total change of head.

It’s really a lifestyle shift. Or it should be. That’s what grabs the stubborn souls by the throat. If someone doesn’t budge and they keep refusing to acknowledge the evident Truths around them and then yield to those Truths by consciously making the needed changes in their lives, it can be pretty tough. These include disengaging from the system more, letting go of unfruitful and hindering relationships, adopting a healthier lifestyle both physically and mentally, and preparing spiritually and practically for the upcoming economic and social storm.

Those who refuse to see this will not be peaceful people or happy campers. You can spot them by their stress levels, and a fundamentally angry, confrontational attitude. They also vigorously put down anyone pointing out these evident Truths being made manifest.

You know who they are. Hopefully this will help spot them faster and better, as we don’t need to be subjected to their demeaning behavior.

Defying the Control System

There’s really no reason not to disengage from the matrix, at least in stages. Those imaginary handcuffs of the mind are weaker than cooked spaghetti. It’s the habitual fear programming that keeps people from doing the obvious.

That’s the design, to paralyze humanity.

One of the real toughies has to do with relationships. There are many a couple who have diametrically opposed attitudes and perspectives, leaving very lonely and isolated individuals feeling lost in spiritually unfulfilling situations that wear on them pretty heavily. People do wake up all the time, but that type of situation I find particularly saddening and I know it’s taxing on the collective consciousness.

There’s no blanket solution, everyone has to go according to how they’re led. But if you’re in one of those relationships, always do everything you can to keep strengthening your spiritual convictions and conscious awakening. Some local meet up groups can be very encouraging. The internet of course is the meeting place for most of us. I’m very blessed with an amazing mate who has gone through much of the same stages of awakening as myself and we now share every nuance together and can really talk about anything and everything.

I’ve also developed many wonderful relationships via the internet that’s an expanding, amazing community of awake, aware and loving souls that I’m so very privileged to know. I know that’s the case with many other people.

Our little email communities are the seed and fruit of the awakening.

Keep on and keep growing!

A Time of Change and a Time to Choose

But overall, it’s a challenge, especially for those caught in compromised situations. Reach out to those in need. Don’t necessarily meddle, but be there for their encouragement and a listening ear.  Just letting someone know you understand and care is so very powerful. As things take shape in people’s lives more choices present themselves and as consciousness raises we’ll all know what to do, or not to do.

The awakening cannot be thwarted.

More often than not ours is to simply defy the system programming…disobey, disconnect, disengage, from anything they throw at us.

The rest will follow.

No man ever steps in the same river twice. For it is not the same river, and it is not the same man.

There is nothing permanent except change.

– Heraclitus

Much love, Zen



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  1. EVERYTHING that is and expression of ones very ESSENCE is ALWAYS relevant, whether ‘past’ , ‘present’ ,
    or future. With essence-expressions—there is no such thing as time.
    Just sort the stream of consciousness for ESSENCE. And, the NON-ESSENCE (nonsense :o) is the great contrast in fine art.

    • Everything that is an expression of ones very ESSENCE is ALWAYS relevant, whether ‘past’ , ‘present’ ,
      or future. With “essence-expressions” —there is no such thing as time (basic physics)
      Just fish the stream of consciousness for ESSENCE. And…, the NON-ESSENCE (nonsense 😮 ) is the great contrast of the fine arts.

  2. Loved this. Very balanced, very accurate, very practical. This is from someone also on the path. Keep up doing what it is you’re doing!

  3. Well, this is it! We make or break now. Zen, beautiful post, sweetie. Thank you so very much. Every where I turn the last few days, everyone is stressing choose your timeline now. Surrender to love. So simple really. =) Can’t wait to meet everyone I’ve come to know and love online.

  4. I wrote a few months about moving to Idaho because I was being driven to. I am in a nine year relationship with a woman from Arizona but she did not move here with me. I have been back to AZ a couple of times in the past year and she came here once so we have spent a few months together even though we live apart. My lease is up and soon it’s time for me to return to Arizona. The problem is that we are all wrong now. I have been telling her about the things I’ve learned since my awakening for the past three years. She appears to listen but then starts repeating the television “programming” as if I had said nothing at all. When I point out what I’ve been telling her the response is “opinions are like ass*#^*s”, (get the picture). The trouble is we aren’t having a difference of opinion
    (it isn’t even my opinion), we are living in different realities. She is locked into “the system”, with bills, worry, fear, materiaiism and constant television, on all the time. It has become painfully apparent that I cannot help her, she just isn’t ready. This has been very frustrating few years, having to start over and explain the same things again and again.
    I admit I have gotten angry many times and I know this doesn’t help, buit nothing helps. It reminds me of a time years ago when I was trying to help my brother quit drinking who came for a while to live with me. It would start out with nobody drinking and soon after I was drinking with him and far more than I usually did. It ended up hurting us both (my brother died in 2005 and I don’t drink anymore). The point is that this environment is hurting me, and I am clearly not helping her. She is a hard working, dedicated, loyal and a great girl. But she really does seem to be willfully dismissing everything. I don’t blame her though, she’s just like so many others and obviously doesn’t want face it right now. I guess it’s not her time to awaken. Things have really changed in the last three years and allot of what I’ve been telling year about (illuminati controlled cabal-government, ect) has been coming out, but still nothing… The absolute futility that I feel, when you have something that is so valuable that was given to you, that you want to pass on and give to others, particularly those you really love. Something that could help them, it’s something I want and have to do and it could very possibly even save them, but to have this discarded as trash. How do you get through? What do you do? How long do you keep trying?

    This article caught my attention because it mentioned relationships. The constant television (and the repeated rederick I keep hearing), the fear and worrying and the clashing of our realities has taken it’s toll on me. It’s having the result that my trying to help my brother quit drinking had. It is hurting me.

    The beginnings of my awakening occured in 2005 in the form of a psychological attack brought on by my own family – who were part of a secret society that I had known nothing about for my entire life-probably because at that same time I had learned about and was sounding alarms to everyone I knew about the 9/11 false flag attack.

    In 2007 I told no one and disappeared, dropping off the grid and I went on the road for over a year. I learned a great deal, got rid of my fear, gained a new perspective on life and began recieving a very strong spiritual connection. This force guided me, protected me, showed me where to look and what I needed to learn. I have not doubted it’s existence since (though I doubt myself regularly :)

    This was the hardest year of my life, I was completely alone, and spent time traveling, camping and eventually was living in my car as I ran out of cash.
    But it was also an unbelievable experience and many times were filled with wonder and joy!

    I returned home to Arizona in 2009 and moved back in with my girlfriend. Since that time our relationship has changed allot, and I really, really do love her. She is in my heart now and is the only human being on this earth that I have a personal relationship with. My family avoids me since I came back, they know that I know their secrets. But I still love them too and wish them no harm. They are just human and have been decieved since they were just children.

    This last three years has definately taken it’s toll on me. I tried to reach out to my family members several times. And I’ve been living with her daily for most of this last three years. I came back home strong but I’ve been taking a spiritual beating. Meaning that it appears that not only have I made no progress getting through to anyone, but my own spiritual connection has been compromised. I find little solitude, and often feel I’m loosing it and have found my self slipping back into my old life and old way of thinking. This frightens me and is of great concern. There appears to be a conflict between my soul and my heart. I seem to know deep inside what has to be done, but this kills me. And my mind? Well I Iearned allot about all it’s tricks and deceptions while I was on the road. And I wonder what role it appears to be playing in this, because it seems to rationalize both sides of this conflict.

    I really love her, were both 50 years old and starting again is no easy task. It is not all bad either, there are many good times when we enjoy each others company and engage in playful fun that lifts our spirits. That is also very real. It appears that my soul deep inside is telling me something I don’t want to hear. It will break my heart to leave her, but worse it will break hers. I do ok on my own for long periods, but to not have her to talk to…I sometimes think this might be my undoing. She doesn’t do well alone (she is financially self sufficient), she is a social creature and enjoys my company. It is the thought of her being left alone. The pain I feel this may be more than I can bear. No words, no justifications will make any difference (to either one of us). She didn’t do anything wrong, she didn’t do anything except try to love and care for me. My God! What am I going to do? Staying is killing me, leaving will kill me. I don’t really expect any advise, I guess I just needed to write this.
    Thank you all, with love,

    • Jared,
      Sending you hugs and peace. This road is not an easy one. But it is a way out of the labyrinth. I was having big disconnect with someone I loved recently. Luckily, I had just read Stuart Wilde’s post, How to Cleanse your Soul. So instead of speaking in reaction or anger to this loved one. I went to the bathroom (the only quiet place in my house) and really, strongly forgave them. Then I forgave myself very strongly. Honestly, the next day, there was a noticeable shift between us. Not that we see eye to eye, but it is as if the love was able to bubble up through all the other crap. Also, David Icke made a really good point in his Wembly talk (I highly encourage everyone to listen to it!) He said we are all SO programmed to react from emotion, not our hearts. The reactions are the controllers minds and programming and I DEFINETELY do not want to follow that anymore.

      • Directing our thoughts to create the world we live in is the reason we are here – To Change Life for the Better – In,On and Around the Earth and the Universe we live in.
        I like your reply Clara.

        Jared, Your doing Great. Keep facing life Head On and Grab hold of what is right for you and let go of what does not feel right. That first Intuition(thought) that comes to you is usually the correct one. The answer is always deep within your Heart

        If your mind keeps telling you something different- just tell it to knock off- forgive it and Move On. Keep looking forward and always with Happy Camper thoughts. It Works!

      • Thank you Clara. It really does help reading the comments of real people. Don’t feel so alone.
        Take care,

    • Jared, dont leave her. I know its none of my business but i feel strongly in the things you say that you really love her. Dont leave.
      My husband once put me through the wringers but I just couldnt stand the thought of a future without him so i stuck it out and now there is no doubt in my mind that he is my soul mate. it was a test and we passed.
      Hes not nearly as awakened as I am but I patiently nudge him along. I know him well enough to know when he is responsive and to what things he is responsive to. There was a whole month I barely said a thing about this stuff but he made big progress just because i held fast to my truth in my heart. Think of yourself as a receiver for her. You hold the light and she can soak it in slowly. I feel like it is my job to help awaken my soul mate. Heaven on earth wouldnt mean a thing without him there with me. if thats the way you feel about her- dont give up. this isnt the time to trash a relationship. the world needs love. Stop fearing the future and believe that you two will make it- in that way you live on faith instead of fear and create your own reality.
      Again, I know this isnt my business but I know true love when I read it and it looks like your post above.

  5. Zen, can you give an example of what you mean. I watched the David Icke Wembly and everything he said resonated so strongly with me. But aside from a few people, most of my friends are completely unaware. They watch “Homeland” and tell me how great it is. They were caught up in the Royal Wedding or the Olympics or they make excuses for the school systems, despite complaining about it. To them, it is business as usual. I really do feel like in an alternate reality many times, as everything from car logos, to famous works of art, seem to scream to me occult signs and symbols. Anyway, it was nice to see the crowd at Wembly, and know that even though I feel isolated in some ways, there are a lot of people feeling as I do.

    • Hi Clara. Take a look at some of my earlier posts from some time ago, “Are You Alone or Strategically Placed?” and others on the shift going on. There are a lot of aspects to all of this. I’m pointing out here how we use reference points of our own making that aren’t necessarily true markers. Let’s say a time in your life when you were going through something significant and how it made you feel. That feeling may come back time and again and either give you a sense of nostalgia for days gone by, say when your kids were growing up or you were in a certain location, but it’s an overall sense you had during that time that you remember. But really, as you become consciously awakened to the illusory aspect of everything, what were you really feeling or sensing or going thru then? Some aspects are constants where there’s love and Truth, but had you been fully awake then it would have been completely different. More than that, what is that memory to judge these new changes by? It itself was illusory and won’t be a good gauge of where you are now. And that’s just habitual, programmed thinking we learned in their matrix.

      Hence, the illusion still working on us through memory clusters. Just something to be aware of. We can watch it like a movie, but just remember it’s a movie. These new changes, and real change always will be new, are again all about now and by comparing them to other “perceived” changes we think we’ve gone through we can easily be limiting them.

      Just wondering. Ha! The main thing is letting the shift happen. I can tell you’re in the thick of it by the way you view those around you. You are not alone, believe me. Part of the illusion is to make you feel alone since so many DON’T get it, but never judge by that. They’re the crazies. You’re the one who’s right. Enjoy it! And find those like you and stay in touch with them…. Thanks for being here. Love you, Zen

      • LOL “Are You Alone or Strategically Placed?” was the first thing that came to my mind as I read Clara’s comment. – Mind-link already? 😉

          • Clara, my hubby like the show “deadliest catch”.He isnt awake yet but I like to watch these things with him so as not to seperate us but i make a game of it by spotting awakening messages. They are everywhere if you look.

            This year as the fisherman sat around the table chatting they were talking about feelings and the deep love and respect they have for eachother. This is so different from the kind of dialogue these fisherman had last year let alone a few years ago.

            Oh and the Nascar boys opening up about their feelings i saw lastweek was enough to make my husband comment on the emotional change in the racers.
            its there is you look.

  6. Great article Z

    I agree change is now do different we are living in a completely tech world than in 1776 during the days of Paul Revere….in those days they died for their values and beliefs to live in a free land in a free way…..Our system of money now in our United States of America our Fed Reserve is a money cartel ownd by private people. Here’s change people do need to realize in http://investmentwatchblog.com/dollar-collapse-update-7-of-10-asian-countries-move-from-dollars-to-yuan-and-fed-may-buy-85-billion-in-bonds-per-month-we-are-on-the-verge-of-a-major-currency-war/ God Bless America and may they develop heart to help others less fortunate. Money is power but so is the Power of Love so much stronger and longer lasting, always choose love over the change of money which can come and go. http://wakeup-world.com/2012/11/09/are-corporations-masquerading-as-government-in-australia-and-world-wide/

  7. It is natural to look back at this time of year, leading up to the solstice, xmas and the new year. The short days / long nights, the extra time spent indoors, and the shift from work-life to family-life seems to bring on this annual spiritual audit. So we must be distracted before our dizziness wears off between stepping off and back onto the merry-go-round.

    There are a lot of stressed people around at this time of year – stressed because they are taking part in forced get-togethers with people who they don’t particularly like, and at a great expense and workload; spending money on junk for many when they could be heating their homes (for example) or treating themselves; lying to their children about Santa, etc, etc, etc. Happy Cognitive Dissonance everyone!

    It’s interesting that water/streams/rivers are often mentioned in metaphor, as never has there been a more crucial time to ‘go with the flow’. We will be dragged there anyway, but in what state?

    I like to ‘test my intuition’ a lot by going against it in small, insignificant ways; I consider it exercise. Nowadays though, I follow the finely-honed beast to the T, because I feel like the time has come to do so – no more playing.

    Nice article, Zen. Love to your wife. X

    • Hi indigo!
      How about another metaphor? 😉
      Much Love!

      “Open these soul cages, fill my blank pages

      So Love becomes my saviour
      It’s creeping underneath my skin
      Gets me connected

      Like notes can turn to music
      We spin a web that makes us more
      More than we are
      Just let it happen

      I try to reach my hand out
      And wonder what may come to me
      I let it happen

      Like raindrops in a river
      We can be part of bigger things
      And if we dare
      We get connected”
      – Rage, Connected


  8. Tx bro! Great message!
    Let us be one step ahead. 😉

    Rage – One Step Ahead

    I know, some will hate my guts
    ‘Cause I’m telling the truth
    They’ll deny me ’cause I am exposing their rules, nothing but fools

    Scared of possibilities
    That life laid down to their knees
    Uncontrolled, unguaranteed

    Change is now and it is clear
    Nature works this way, my dear
    Just the moment is for real

    Heads up, you fools! Someone controls your head, man
    Heads up, you fools! Someone’s controlling you

    Can you feel it in the air
    Life’s eternal, everywhere
    Free yourself and be one step ahead
    I’m confessing to no one
    To no father and no son
    Free inside we’ll be one step ahead

    There are those who live in fear
    Don’t know what else to do
    They’re unable to believe, going nowhere, never they dare

    All these people have their gods
    Their religion tells them what
    They are not allowed to do

    Heads up, you fools! Someone controls your head, man
    Heads up, you fools! Someone’s controlling you

    Can you feel it in the air
    Life’s eternal, everywhere
    Free yourself and be one step ahead
    I’m confessing to no one
    To no father and no son
    Free inside we’ll be one step ahead


  9. Good points as always Zen-Bob. But I think we should aim beyond the interNET aka world wide WEB and not be shackled by technology when we have the capacity to share by purely spiritual means. If we are bound to technology then we are slaves to those who control the technology. I believe that is where The Shift is going

    • I agree. We’re moving into the spiritual/telepathic pretty fast actually. The synchronicities make that manifest more and more. So many of us share even mood swings now, or when there’s a sense of confusion or angst, like during this ugly Gaza invasion by the Zios it affects us. I think we’re subconsciously learning to trust this intuitive sense more and more, not just for ourselves but for other awakened ones. This will pick up…should be fun!

  10. What’s with the ads for RFid chips, Zen?
    Talk about cognitave dissonance.
    No thanks, I don’t want my ASSet tracked.

  11. very good point you are making here…i feel like i am reviewing all of my childhood conditioning, via subconsious mind providing me with intense freakshow dreams ….(who needs drugs,lol 😉 ) seeing this symbolic movie is such a trip…thank zen …you really are blessed to have a loving mate. i see people who are so illmatched in my life, and though i am single, i do not envy them. yet loneliness is a major hurdle for awakening souls. thanks for helping to “bring us closer” on here. love maggie :)

  12. Stevie Wonder very much expressed the same sentiment way back in 1972, when he released “Superstition”

    “When you believe in things you don’t understand then you suffer
    superstition ain’t the way”

  13. Thanks for what you do Zen.

    If it wasn’t for the Internet, I believe I would have gone insane by now. I have absolutely no one in my “real” life I can talk to about this stuff. My closest friends have told me I’m paranoid and I should stop over-thinking stuff, they are basically telling me to stop thinking. Ha!

    If I wasn’t reading other peoples accounts on-line, I would think it was just me. It certainly makes it easier reading your work and the comments from other like-minded people on here.

    Thanks and much love to all.

    • Chuck, most of us are in the same boat. It’s the nature of the awakening. It’s so vastly different from the status quo others are afraid to even touch it, but that’s just more evidence of the fear programming. Glad the site helps. Stay in touch, and be encouraged. Love, Zen

        • Chuck, I’m in your same boat and as Zen said ” It’s the nature of the awakening. It’s so vastly different from the status quo others are afraid to even touch it, ”

          We can not unlearn what we know, but we will shoot forward and expand our knowledge of who and what we are by helping the people around us as we go. The efforts to awaken the sleepers is working. They are doing a Dandy job of hiding the effect we have on them. As we go on we will be making new friends with the awakened ones that live near us and/or move to a place with more awakened people. Every Vibration has it’s own level just as like attracts like. Dig in and hang tough- life is getting better, but it is going to change a lot.

  14. You are a beacon Zen. I awoke a couple of months ago. Sweaty palms and had to sleep with the light on. Partner has own illness to cope with so can’t take any of this on . But it’s in his mind now and time will tell. Know no-one else awake. Chinks of light coming from people though. Suddenly my mother said out of the blue the other day – ‘I don’t like the BBC news cause they always just tell you what they want you to know.’ This site has helped me immeasurably, particularly the article on cognitive dissonance which I am very much going through. Love to everyone out there x

  15. I do not even understand how I ended up right here,
    but I thought this submit was great. I don’t recognise who you might be but certainly you are going to a well-known blogger if you happen to aren’t already.

  16. Thanks yet again for some sense in an every increasing madness. It seems now that politicians are caught in a panic and will say anything and everything to keep in power. It’s all unravelling. Just glad that, when you look, there is so much sanity here too, via the internet. Seems it is being a “physical” expression of our collective consciousness. Love to all x

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