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  1. This President changes with the wind. So do I and a lot of people, but we’re just in a different field where the wind may be different.

  2. Forgive me.I hate to say it, but one well placed grenade in this roomful would be change we could all believe in! My only question would be, how in the world didn’t he burst into flames upon contact with the bible?

    • Grenades can not solve this one. There are to many cockroaches waiting in the wings to take their place.

      What happened to separation of church and state? What happens when someone is elected and openly states they don’t believe in Religions and Holy Books? It is just an Illusion.

      I am imagining in my mind how I want the world that we live in to be – Happy-Peaceful and Fun. I have been telling my kids to imagine the way you want this world to be for several years- right down to where they physically want to live. Changes are coming our way because of that thought process.

      I do say that there is a possibility of darkness and slavery on this planet in the future, just not as long as my mind exists here – I create fun for everyone.

  3. There’s something coming.

    Remember before the election. Obama made it clear to Sarkozy on an open microphone that he didn’t like Netenyahu, also ignored him when he came to Washington. Romney was all loving to Netenyahu and made it perfectly clear that he supported Israel’s intention of striking Iran.

    What’s coming? My opinion – No World War III for one thing. Also from what I am reading, much good stuff. We’ll never know until it happens. I’ve never been much of an Obama fan but I’m beginning to change my mind.

      • “I can’t believe how big it is”. This statement from a friend I was attempting to tutor a couple of years ago. This in reference to me being a conspiracy guy as he put it then…and now becoming awake.

        I asked him why the change? He stated that I had bet him $100.00 if he could prove that there was no conspiracy and that I would prove there was and is.

        He said what stuck was my statement at the time of the wager: “So, we wound up in this global mess because a whole lotta people in powerful places made a series of unfortunate blunders over a long span of time that has resulted in total enslavement, and they all did this individually without knowing any of the other power grabbers were doing the same thing”?

        He didn’t offer the hundred bucks and that’s OK, the look in his eyes was worth a lot more.

        Just wanted to share this with Zen and his enlightened readership.

        Hang in there good people and don’t miss a chance to do your missionary work, ’cause ya’ never know……

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