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Cheer Up, Creepy Jim

The inimitable Snordelhans does it again, nailing this sickening, sleazy pedophile in an apt piece fit for a perv. – Zen



  1. His always made me feel sick, he was always seen touching youngsters….and no one told. He is the tip of the whole rotten iceberg.

    • Let’s hope the exposure runs rampant and the royals and other sick elites are brought into the spotlight. The issue is wayyyyy bigger than most would ever dream, and it’s worldwide.

  2. How pervasive is this evil? I have to admit I have really been asleep. 60 Minutes did a segment not long ago about an old Hollywood perv who for decades has procured young boys and girls for stars. It was almost as if the piece was giving him praise. It was so lighthearted but naughty at the same time. They named names. The guy is 80 something now.

    As a kid in the 60′s at the municipal pool there was a guy called ‘Charlie Brown’ who used to pick up all us little girls and throw us up in the air into the water after he had copped a feel – didn’t realize it then cause it was so much fun. And they’re all under the guise of ‘good guys’. HA! Instant Karma for these sickos!

  3. I feel like I need to go scrub off after just looking at his pics. UGH!! This video needs to go viral. Maybe then we’ll finally start to see some positive action. Thank you, Zen. Have a good night.

  4. …….Water expands when frozen…The tip of the iceberg is expanding, as the British ‘Capstone Chess Club’ tries to ‘freeze-out’ the inquiry into the ‘State of Pedophilia’ that has existed as a prerequisite form of Satanic worship…from antiquity into present day; evidenced by the discoveries of Satanic alters , hidden behind the false walls of the ubiquitous RC churches throughout the ‘old world’.
    …….Before I ascertained that Christopher Hitchens was (in my opinion) just another NWO shill- I read ‘Hitch-22′ -(his autobiography) where he told of his early school days in private schools…wherein he described the ‘hot-housing’ of young males, sequestered away from any female contact, during & well past puberty; whereupon the applied compression of natural instincts, manifested into the perverted ‘faggotry’ of homosexual liaisons among the older boys displaying ‘learned behavior’ of S/M domination upon the younger/weaker boys….This is what happens to our future world leaders, after being dropped off at elite school institutions at the tender age of 8yrs. old….alone & at the mercy of entrenched demonic prussian- programming (see you only on the holidays), instilling aberrant conditioned ‘patterning’ of applied socio/psychopathy, displayed in the attitudes of the generational scoin of the elite & their ‘special ‘educations…Ed Heath(known pedophile) Tony Blair-Gordon Brown-.David Cameron-Boris Johnson et al…all were victims of ‘Hot-Housing”…scary eh!…One only has to observe the ‘Drag Queen’ ritual processions of the Vatican, to dispel any doubts of the opaque patriarchal misogyny, occulted under their costume gowns, between their ears & ruled from between their legs….This ‘sodomic’ ‘capstone cult’ culture is alive & as sanguine as ever… endemic in the upper-class echelons of ‘control’…after all it is all about- ‘control’ & the easy access to compromised individuals via ‘blackmail’ from embarrassing-’orchestrated’ & ‘arranged’ drug/sex/pedophilac/gay, video- taped encounters of contrived indiscretions to pervert the direction of history.
    …….don’t believe me!?!…google/dwnld (pdf) “The Pink Swastika” …a real ‘eye-opener’ & not for the faint of heart.
    …….I was between 4 & 5 yrs old when I was the object of repeated attempts of sodomy & oral rape by a male catholic babysitter, who went on to become a priest…Who taught him?!?…it wasn’t until 2yrs ago that it finally bit me on my PTSD ass!… with memories that flooded back & unleashed a torrent of anger that had been submerged in my unconscious for over 55yrs…As I was born in Great Britain & my own father was a ‘wanna-be’ aristocratic, abusive, child beating narcissist, steeped in the tradition of “Being ruled from the top with a rod like iron & no mercy is shown to anyone that does not do as they are told”….I escaped from this grotesque prison of home & school the day before I turned 16.
    …….Tear Down the Wall !!!!!

    • Wow, that’s so powerful Gus! Many won’t wander into this sordid area of research but they must to fully understand the wholly twisted and perverted anti human nature of these beasts.
      Keep ripping, brother, the wall is coming down! Much love, Zen

    • We’re half way over the rainbow and already the toys in the attic are coming to light! I love the way your mind works, Friend! This “chap” was a close friend of prince Philip. You draw your own conclusions. As outraged as I am about the subjective nature of this latest exposure, it does not surprise me in the slightest. There is no end to how degenerate these self-proclaimed “elitists” can be. You do not have to look to far back in history to find some shining examples.

      Peace and Protection!!!!

      Sean (Eaglehart)

  5. The Royals and the financial elite are like cockroaches scurrying to cover-up their exposure! Karma will make sure they are exposed and give them the consequences they deserve for such bad and selfish choices they’ve made. How dare they cut humanity off from the infinite love of the great spirit that calls us. Enough to their evil and let’s bring in a golden age predicted by the ancients and so many others. What’s the worst they can do? End your biological functions with a painful demise? They can never destroy your infinite love and consciousness….remember that and as Icke says: remember who you are.

  6. The things that evil people do are despicable but there was a little too much ‘gay hate’ in this video and in these comments. Most gay men and women are good, kind-hearted people and I’ll bet that many victims of these evil parasites were gay. Hell gay people seem to catch abuse from every direction these days… I just was not expecting it here. If this were the first topic I read on this site I wouldn’t be coming back.

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