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Chemtrail Insider Makes Contact – The Beginning of the End?


[While this only covers a small portion of the chemtrail program and doesn’t include the massive military operations, it’s at least a step in the right direction. Even if it’s a decoy or partial truth it’ll get people looking more closely. It does sound authentic, but again, the bigger program dwarfs the commercial flight involvement. – Zen]


Friends, I have been contacted by an anonymous insider of the covert Solar Radiation Program some call Geoengineering and others call CHEMTRAILS. They have shared what certainly appears to be genuine information that will vindicate the many ” Conspiracy Theorists ” often lampooned by the media and stonewalled with institutional denial. The sky has dramatically changed as the incremental program has increased to full visible operation. Jets can leave contrails, which should dissipate rapidly and not persist and expand into clouds blocking out the sun. The geoengineering public plan is to cool the planet by reflecting the suns rays by bouncing off the reflective nano particles of aluminium…& other toxins. ( if the block is not complete- acts as a blanket to trap heat in and warm up) here is a link to more info at http://mrmaxbliss.wordpress.com/2013/08/

The emails sent to me by the anonymous informant certainly appear genuine and as we continued our trust developed.

Here is the first email, at times I will omit some info that may be too sensitive and paraphrase where required.

“……Max Bliss


The time has come to come clean. Hopefully what I write here will help end the world-wide atrocity that I have been a part of. I know that what I say will shock many, but seeing that you seem to be almost there with uncovering the truth, the sooner this is out in the open the better.

So you know, I am a management pilot with one of the carriers that has figured in your videos; I am involved in the regulatory side of things, which is required because since just about everything we do in these spraying programs is illegal according to the CAA and JAA regulations, if a pilot becomes aware of what we are doing he or she will come to me first and I, supposedly, take it from there. Surprisingly very few of our pilots have become aware of the program, but your videos have alarmed the small group of managers I report to, and I fear the cat may soon be out of the bag.

At first I thought you had actually cracked it. From your latest videos you have accurately identified the method of getting the Al2O3 into the atmosphere, but not where it is stored. Right in the middle of most airliners, apart from the very short range ones, is the CWT or centre-wing fuel tank. As aircraft are fuelled, the tanks in the wings are always fuelled first to preserve what is know as favourable wing bending moments. Unless the aircraft is scheduled for a long-range flight, the centre wing tanks are empty and can be isolated if required by the use of shut-off and cross-feed valves.

Doing it this way allows us to accurately load the right amount of the material and avoid overloading the aircraft, which is a safety risk, particularly on take off. You are correct about the TMA. Other methods of delivery required too much in the way of pumps and switches, which meant too many people would notice what was going on. Under the guise of fitting an inerting system, which is automatic and has no cockpit controls, we can pressurize the CWT enough so that once a simple valve is actuated remotely, the TMA is drawn through the lines by the pressure differential and flows into the exhaust where it does its thing. And doing it this way has only one drawback, it limits “spray flights” by us and other airlines to shorter range flights but that is just a matter of scheduling and logistics.

Really the only people who need to be involved are the people who empty the honey-cart who must purge the TMA system after use; they are required to wear protective clothing for the honeycart job which also covers them for accidental exposure to TMA; and the refuellers who must configure the fuel system from a panel under the wing; have you ever wondered why most refuelling systems have two pipes attached to the wings?

Extraneous weight issues are handled by a small team of flight dispatchers, who exclusively handle the spraying flights. Some time before each flight they check the destination, alternate and departure airports, the planned loads and make sure that the prevailing winds will guarantee that the runways most likely to be used have a performance safety “pad” that will compensate for the extra weight that the pilots are unaware of. If there is any doubt then the TMA will not be loaded. Some other safety precautions include adjusting FMC stall margin values so the pilots do not climb too high for their REAL weight which could cause a high altitude stall. One of the ways we realised that was a problem was graphically illustrated back in 2009. Guess what I am talking about…




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  1. Yes Zen, They are trying to block out the sun to overcome the effects of the decaying magnetic field, Try reading… well anything really, rather than deleting posts which try to inform you and others.

  2. “if the block is not complete- acts as a blanket to trap heat in and warm up”
    Read about this at http://www.sauberer-himmel.de/ too. That explains the “bouncing” temperatures (± 15°C from one day to another), the heat wave we have here since a while (incl. drought and local heavy thunderstorms with hail), many trees in my region – esp. birches – looking like late autumn, why the temperatures drop abruptly as soon as the sun goes down (in midsummer!), etc.pp.

    [sing] Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when I come for you… 😀

    • Neithan – thank you!!

      I have been puzzled for a long time now about how many times I see a very bizarre-looking sky, but do not see any planes spraying. I see spraying often, but then there are days when there’s plenty of crap up there but no planes. I had thought maybe they were up much higher, where they can’t be seen. It’s obvious that they are spraying different things on different days.

      Watching the video, I saw exactly what I have seen so many times, complete with the explanation.

      Thank you for solving that mystery!!

      Much love,

      • Was working for some time on that puzzle, too. Just found this as Zen put up this post. Love this synch’ing stuff! 😉

        And much Love to you! :)

  3. Gosh, when I see information like this I try not to become incredibly discouraged. I saw a very disturbing lecture yesterday by Deborah Tavares of stopthecrime.net. She was describing how chemtrails dovetail perfectly into the Agenda 21 takeover by ushering genetically modified trees and plants that are asexual, and are designed to grow in toxic aluminum soil. Similarly, humans will be replaced by robots, much as we have seen the introduction of the so-called robo-bee to replace our devastated pollinators. So many humans will be sick from the chemtrails (and not to mention the food, water, etc) that ofcourse it generates huge profits for big Pharma. What few people are left will be herded into Smart Cities, and noone will be allowed to grow their own food or be self-sufficient. How incredibly evil. How do we oppose this? What can we do?

  4. About chemtrails, have you ever wondered about Nazca lines, they sure resemble chemtrails expect those are drawn to a ground as mirrorimage of sky or satellite pictures with trails. Also pics about animals with genetic engineering in nazca, six fingered monkeys and so on.

  5. Fascinating. I hope it’s real, and I hope more follow.
    As I tucked my son in last night, and we visited, he told me a story about something he did at his grandparents’,a late-day activity outdoors.His frame of reference for the dusk time of day was”when it’s white”. It was a sledgehammer to my heart. That his Normal, his baseline of what dusk looks like, is not a gradual deepening of blues, pinks, & purples with visible clouds, but white-out. Which is true, here, most days end in a whiteout. If they aren’t heavy spray days where the skies are whited out early, then they are picking up momentum around 5-6 pm, so that it’s usually all just a haze before sunset.
    I am very saddened at the state of the world where my child doesn’t remember what normal sunsets look like.

    • and in whose interests are these disgusting chemtrail skies! if the pilots
      are becoming aware of their responsibilities and waking up, then about time,
      a lot of children don’t know what normal healthy clear blue skies are anymore,
      but a lot of us remember! and know this program is an appalling deciet.
      let alone experiment.

  6. If you want to help get it out of your body start taking Silica , it binds to the aluminum & passes out through your urine

  7. Chemtrails are a fact of life, since ’97/8, but are not dispersed by commercial aircraft, by my observations in many places of usa. The routes, and aircraft type, suggest military and contractor guilt. There have been numerous “confessions” of civilian aircraft mechanics; but I believe them all to be disinformation, IMHO, this is another one. Of course, maybe I’m wrong. Be well, all, Rob

  8. The beginning of the end? The end of what? The spraying program? Or THE END? I think I know the answer to my own question. I’m not the typical person, because all I do is LOOK at the sky. It’s bad out there, folks! It’s bad.

    I love you all

  9. Zen, if you go the the original aircrap article, one of the comments shows how to tell this is a lie. I wrote down the first letter of each sentence, it starts out, This is a fraud, you are si so gullible…. More after that, but it was obviously concocted. Peace.

  10. Not intended as back handed or abuse. Maybe misunderstood because I didn’t use quotes? “This is a fraud….” I wasn’t saying you or this site is a fraud, that’s what the letters from the chemtrail ‘proof’ article spell out. Lots of folks out there play this game, putting out decent looking evidence and then laughing at those who believe it. If you write out the first letter of each sentence in the whole article, you’ll see. Whoever wrote this had me believing it except for one technical error, then I started looking for proof it was made up, and found it. Peace

  11. Zen you rock! I love to see “they” squirm; I believe we have some representatives here… Apparently you’ve touched the nerve with this post, love it! As if our loved ones here are going to see some of the “enlightened” comments and change their minds to see it any differently than what it really is; a NOT consented attack on humanity by evil-dark souls. Really we are not looking for acknowledgement from the evil doers, we’ve known about it for a LONG time. We just want to share in hopes to stop it. First we were all crazies for pointing this monstrosity out, then they began to acknowledge some of this as “solution” for our survival, yeah right… it is definitely a sign to see how the matrix really does wipe-clean man’s connection to their souls, truly sad indeed. I feel like it is already too late to save our blue marble. Overt actions and planning by pure evil got us here, and lost soul make it perpetual. My kids do know this is pure evil being perpetrated by dark evil souls to destroy life support on our planet. Thank you for posting this, love you!

  12. FYI…………….. The article has been taken down. 404 error code. I looked at this yesterday and forwarded it but now it is gone from that site.

  13. read the first letter from each sentence to spell out?? THIS IS A………………………………………

  14. hate to be a downer but chemtrails are WAYY worse than anyone here has alluded to, until i came along that is..

    the cover story is the climate bravo sirerra, the REAL story is whats in the spray, why its there and what its for.

    when i learned of this i thought i had things figured out, NOT!

    chemtrails are simply a transport device that contains nano tech that has invaded everything on this planet.

    right now you and all 7 billion of us have nano tech in our bodies

    thats a fact. if u deny it thats ok, i dont want to think about it either but its real.

    this is the fisrt step to transhumans- man & machine as one

    sounds crazee for sure but what isnt these days?

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