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Chemtrail Weather Modification Caught by Satellite


by Zen Gardner

Here you have it, apparent weather modification at work. Notice the chemtrails are filling in a large area below the swirl at the top, and working over the vortex in the lower right system.  It’s believed the metallic particles in the sprays make the atmosphere maneuverable by EMF emitting technology such as HAARP and other land, oceanic and space based broadcast stations.

Spraying out over the ocean is also a common spray tactic on the west coast. The trails are done way ahead of time and blow in with the on-shore wind. By the time they reach land much of the toxic spray in then at sea level, pummeling the dense shoreline population. When these false weather banks then appear, they fill in the blue areas with more spraying.

I watched it for years. In this case above it looks like weather mod at work.

(For larger view of the top picture go HERE)

Why Chemtrails?

Chemtrails are a multi-purposed supposed geoengineering effort costing trillions of dollars while the PTBs deny they even exist. These aerosols are toxic to all forms of life while also partially cutting us off from the life-giving sun. Chemtrails also make the atmosphere a more potent medium for mind altering ELF waves as well as a potential atmospheric “screen” for holographic technologies.

And I’m sure a lot more. Viruses, spores, nano-particles and even psychotropic drugs have been found in chemtrail samples.

How do you like having your natural world poisoned and weaponized?

That’s what they’re up to. Chemtrails make the perfect example. Now apply that model to every other area and the picture will become clear.

They’re up to no good except to break down society to a more controllable state. Our weakness is their strength.

Or so they’re planning.

Stay on top of it. We’re under constant attack but we can’t let it get us down.

Stay on the offensive exposing them and sharing the love and light of Truth.

Much love,  Zen


[Hat tip: Jojo-tx!]



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  1. I have been seeing this for many months now, glad others have now and are talking of it, alas the masses are still asleep.
    thanks, I have posted one such file on my facebook page. Our weather is being heavily modified here in NC and our skies sprayed with all sorts of artificial chemically made clouds.

  2. And lets not forget all the aluminum coming down with the (currently very little) rainfall, creating very acidic soil. But no worries here! Monsanto is geared up andready with their new aluminum resistant seeds!
    Damn all the evil bastards, their crimes will carry swift punishment..

  3. Im on the west coast and have been watching the chemtrails on the noaa sat for years…Go here, during day light hours and click on “FOG” 4km at the bottom…. http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/satellite/?wfo=mtr
    Not many today or the last month, but were very heavy in June and show up great…have screen shots, if youd like them… They only show during the day…I compare the “FOG” to “visable” and they dont show as good.

  4. Its definitely a weather mod program.Down here in Wanganui- New Zealand we only ever see chemtrails 1 to 2 days before a low pressure weather systems arrival.The rainbow ring around the sun is a tad disconcerting,”what the hells in that stuff” ?……..

    • Yes–Like I said, it’s a lot of things. They have to sell the program to all these compartmentalized agencies to they each get the explanation that works. I’m sure the pilots are mostly military or ex-military and think they’re saving the planet from global warming..”but of course we can’t tell the people, they won’t understand..” blah blah.
      Dutchsinse has a lot of great info on the weather mod aspect. Cheers, Zen

  5. To expose this further we need a simple website where people can upload pics they have taken of chemtrails in their area. With geotag enabling so users can see where they are and just how much of our beautiful world they are effecting.

    We’d give them all the info about the evil things and details on how to share the info with their friends/neighbours to help this grassroot movement grow even further until the scales tip.

    We could even encourage people to bombard their local politicians about this to spread the word further, as I’m sure most low level politicians won’t be in on the scam.

  6. Guys, it’s not about weather modification–that’s the “pitfall” that you and I were meant to fall into. Weather modification sounds a whole lot less scary and elicits much less of a response from people than the truth–that chemtrails are a “silent weapon for silent wars” (as Jim Keith would have called them) intended to take out a small percentage of already weakened people in society. One result of chemtrails is that aluminum is dispersed throughout the environment and everyone knows about the link between aluminum and mental conditions like alzheimers. It’s been noted elsewhere that this aluminum doesn’t easily cross the blood-brain barrier though. That is, unless small amounts of fluoride are present in one’s diet… There’s no telling what else chemtrails contain to cause illness but one thing is for sure–if they were about weather modification, that wouldn’t explain why historically, chemtrails are dropped over populated areas only. Just my 2 cents. — the Postman (http://truthbetold.webuda.com)

    • If you want the world to change national and international laws to fit Agenda 21 you have to give them a reason, a common goal: save the planet from human generated global warming ( just don’t tell them that the humans that are doing it ARE the UN). In every nation the population is concentrated in the cities and they determine the path of the nations laws. So convince the cities that the world is heating up dangerously and they won’t yell when you start restricting them “for the good of the planet”. And eventually they will have given away their nation and their personal rights and it will be too late.
      Another name for this is : false flag

  7. We must also consider that this is a PLANETARY TAKEOVER !! They are changing our DNA, the frequency of the planet, as well as destroying the health of ALL LIFE FORMS ON THE PLANET!! WHO DOES THAT?? I.m sure there is a human element as well!

  8. I am from san francisco and have been watching the ariel spraying for 7 years now… i moved to Wanganui New Zealand two years ago and also noticed them here as well… I have told people about them and they think I am cazy… Look for your self people and you make the call… watch the planes at high altitude and watch the trail for 15 minutes….

    • Hi Bill & fellow Wanganui ite, I get the same raised eyebrow look whenever I mention this phenomenon to anyone as well.Can’t say I blame them,its to big to stomach,& understandably so,I still shake my head in wonder even after 7 odd yrs of awareness.
      Also Zen,I have to correct my earlier comment,it seems from my personal observations to be weather mod,definitely was to strong a word.The size of the program throws many theories into disarray.Do they have chemtrails above Iran ,a very hostile protected airspace for western PTB’s to infiltrate.
      Anyone heard ?

  9. Your message The aluminum oxide that is being sprayed is also what is causing these out of control wildfires everywhere. Alum oxide is thermite and it just burns and burns and is impossible to put out. It could also contain chemicals that could be causing the death of ozone in our atmosphere. Chemtrails are death. When are people going to wake up and do something about this. Chemtrails are burning up our planet on the ground and in the atmosphere. They must be stopped!

  10. Does anybody remember how the air traffic controllers went on strike and were all replaced overnight, back before all this started?

    Where did they get the replacements? Military? So nobody would leak what they see going on, like chemtrails and 911?

  11. they are drawing more spiral style trails today, little puffs, which swirl out, they almost looks like real clouds but they aren’t – you can see the planes spraying…

  12. Good one Zen.
    The chemicals they are spraying have frequency patterns. These can be modified by our thoughts. Energy follows attention. Get with it people. This is a conflict of energy and we the human race hold all the cards…that is, if we can get out of the way. Out of head into Heart. Try using 528hz for healing, 417 for transformation.
    Much Love 528
    Another thing. Zechariah Sitchen in the 12th planet, postulates that the Annunaki came to earth looking for gold. They had polluted their atmosphere and wanted to use gold particles as a shield. They made us in their image and here we are doing the same thing, only this time we are using aluminium, barium and strontium. Ths is a re-run of a twenty six thousand year program. It’s time to break it and establish a new frequency pattern.

  13. I have to post about something that I have noticed today. I know this discussion is couple of days old already and Zen probably won’t be reading it as I would have liked to have his opinion..I was reading a health discussion today on different subjects. But what kept coming back was that people (women esp.) have started noticing a sudden fast pace of wrinkles, getting older almost overnight. And feeling it. Well all of the women posted about the same comments and months apart..In the last couple of years they said, aging seems to have speed up. And these women were of different ages. From 50 to 65 approx. As i was reading I was thinking CHEMTRAILS! Well after reading an above post here about soil becoming acidic with chemtrails it is suddenly all making sense. See, diseases only grows in an acidic environment. Diseases cannot grow in an alkaline environment. So by spraying chemicals that will reinforce an acidic soil etc…It should also be doing the same thing to our bodies, making it acidic. So no matter how alkaline our diet, if acidic takes over, we are doomed! Plus our once alkaline veggies growing on acidic soil…..wouldn’t that make it less akaline or worse, not at all???

    • Good point Mich. Yes, it’s a huge battle we face. What you describe is true, in addition there’s this radiation off the charts. Detox is imperative, as is raising alkalinity in our intake. Nature is amazing in balancing things but it takes time. Finding a good food source is a super challenge but we have to keep at it. Keep on, love, Zen

  14. Sorry, people, I don’t buy the ‘chemtrail’ notion. I did once for some peculiar reason but no longer. The task is too massive to suppress.

    I am surprised you haven’t done a little more research, Zen, given a lot of what you say fits in with sentient beings.

    Since every single thing on this planet (connected to everything else in the Universe) is different, perceptions of the Universe will also be different although communication is possible.

    If you look at some of the Thunderbolts POTD you see the compilation of x-ray/optical pictures of Universal structures. How would your universe be if you could only see in the x-ray, or gamma ray versions? How different is a blind person’s Universe from mine or yours?

    Our perceptions are what we were born with. Sadly these have been compromised by injected toxins from birth and everything else that follows. (I fortunately missed all those, which is why I believe I am sane and healthy).

    Keep up your excellent work but watch dodgey subjects like chemtrails.

    The website link still works but I am unable to update it.

    Best wishes.

  15. it’s sad but true, JUST LOOK UP! You can see them augment clouds now, often an observation plane can be spotted that does not emit anything, and they will spray near clouds then stop and then resume again near a cloud bank… You can feel it get cooler when the haze passes over; seen a 3 degree drop in five minutes in October…

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