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Chemtrails – The Most Ignored Conspiracy of Our Time?

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Bernie Suarez
Activist Post

As the days go by and become weeks, months and even years, a large segment of humanity struggles with the reality of an ugly distant truth we must all reconcile, one that we are forced to behold sometimes on a daily basis. Yes, we are forced to look at the evidence of the chemical trails in our local skies but not everyone reconciles the visual evidence for what it is. In fact, many of us deliberately and carefully avoid applying critical thought into the implications and ramifications of what could be.

Too many of us put effort into avoiding, ignoring, or disbelieving the idea that government or any group of influential people would carry on with this agenda in a business as usual manner—while simultaneously and purposely exposing humanity to known toxic chemicals in the name of advancing an agenda for control of nature and humanity. Regardless of what side of the phenomenon you are on, you nonetheless are subjected to having to look up to the sky and see the trails of white for yourself.

Everyone can see the evidence of the chemical lines being produced by actual planes in real time, an observation not hidden from anyone right? Or is it? Can everyone actually see the white trails of chemicals being artificially emitted into our skies?

Can those who are asleep, in denial, or unaware of the spraying programs actually see the white trails in the sky? Given that we know from psychology experiments that humans are designed to only see what they are comfortable seeing depending on the circumstances. The 1953 Asch Conformity Experiment proved just that. Humans may or may not see something that is there depending on whether seeing it will generate social anxiety or not. Perhaps many don’t see the physical trails in the sky for similar reasons. That is, their senses do not pick up on the white lines because seeing them sets off a cascade of inconvenient thoughts and emotions they would rather not have to deal with. Something as inconvenient as aerial chemical spraying can be easily packaged away and subconsciously brushed off.

For others it’s as simple as missing something you are not looking for while your mind is heavily preoccupied with other things. This temporary blinding effect is something I can attest to in my own experience. Before someone pointed out chemtrails to me I had admittedly never noticed any trails in the sky. Was this out-of-sight out-of-mind phenomenon something that might explain why the chemtrails movement is so ignored? Can this account for why exposing chemtrails spraying has proven particularly resistant to humanity as a whole? Is there something in our nature that refuses to cross the boundaries of earth-related crimes or that imposes a cut-off point with respect to magnitude of perceived evil? Has the control system simply succeeded more at reaching for the greater levels of non-believability with the chemical spraying operations? Or is it something else?

Perhaps the magnitude of corruption and secrecy amongst those involved in these geoengineering crimes really does go far above what our minds can understand. Or do we have it all backwards? Is it that since the chemtrails issue is so easily observable and at the same time scary and unbelievable, is it possible the human brain perceives it as the most ignored issue, when in fact it is not? Would humanity perceive it as horribly ignored because of the feeling of helplessness that comes with the issue? Is this an issue explained by the human brain and behavior?

Resistance, opposition and attacks

A movement without a clear voice of leadership and without a voice is perceived to lack organization. At some levels we have observed leaders in the movement endure character assassination in an attempt to diminish the credibility of those who have risked it all to expose this (geoengineering) issue. Others have been downright ignored and trivialized by the mainstream media and politicians. But is the chemtrails/geoengineering movement any more subjected to resistance, opposition and attacks any more than other anti-new world order movement? What about the mysterious role the chemtrails spraying has played with the side-by-side environmental movement? Is there an argument to be made for why the global warming/environmental globalist movements might be the strongest resistors and direct oppositions to the truth about chemtrails spraying?

I want to suggest that the environmental movement may still be alive today despite the often debunked global warming claims because the globalists need the movement to use as a tool or umbrella under which they are to later hide the chemtrails movement. What if this was the primary purpose of the environmental movement to begin with? What if this explains why the chemtrails movement needs to be ignored by the mass media and politicians at all cost until the time is right? In this scenario, I propose that the environmental movement may be the strongest resistor and attacker of the chemtrails movement by the act of ignoring it. Yes, every time an “environmental” activist ignores geoengineering and the blatantly obvious chemical spraying, that so-called “activist” is actually attacking the chemtrails movement with the label of illegitimacy. It’s the equivalent effect of a doctor being asked about diabetes, who then responds by ignoring the importance of the question, claiming diabetes is not a real problem and then quickly moving on to another subject. By doing that, the doctor is endorsing the idea that diabetes is a non-problem and thought should not be put into it. To those who do suffer from diabetes this would be seen as an insensitive and aggressively ignorant attack on those who suffer from this disorder. Likewise perhaps the global warming/environmental movement and all of its shills, trolls, minions, and mouthpieces accounts for why the chemtrails spraying movement is so ignored.
Money and ethics

Can it be that the geoengineering and the chemtrails spraying proclaimed by government environmental criminal David Keith to be so “cheap” to implement, represent an extraordinary money and profit making opportunity for some that the profits are being used to silence all the players? Is this a special money maker far above any other conspiracy operation against humanity? What about the admitted weather derivatives being bargained for and the tampering with the weather that is now admitted by sources involved in these activities? Is this a glimpse of the greater picture of what is really happening on a global geoengineering/financial scale? If so, would this explain why chemtrails spraying operations seems to be the most ignored conspiracy ever?

Failure of basic science and reason

Is this really a scientific question? Should we be considering that “chemtrails” a phrased coined in a U.S. Air Force chemistry 131 “CHEMTRAILS” training manual back in 1990 is after all a science and chemistry issue that is difficult for many to understand given their lack of chemistry background? Given that so many Americans are ‘science’ challenged, can it be that this is the primary reason why so many people tune out the issue? Can it be that science and perceived scientific details are items that the average TV watching, videogame playing American zombie has no time for? Perhaps this scientific challenge is one of the reasons Americans choose to default any form of critical thinking to the perceived “experts” who just all happen to work for government and government interest related organizations.

Yes, we’re talking about government taking over the science which was admitted by Obama himself during his 2008 campaigning. We know they did a valiant but unsuccessful attempt to steal the science with NIST 9/11 computer models that side stepped ancient laws of physics and attempted to show the world all the cartoon hypothetical scenarios that lead to 3 giant buildings literally dancing and falling through themselves symmetrically and at freefall speed due to hydrocarbon burning office fires, for reasons paralleling storylines from Bugs Bunny or Coyote versus Roadrunner cartoons. Unfortunately to those who still believe the 9/11 official story these silly cartoons ARE the scientific reality they pin their entire beliefs on.

Okay, so we knew they were capable of working this kind of magic to induce cognitive dissonance at a mass scale. I suppose the lesson to learn here is do not take science lessons from government. Meanwhile, it gets worse; in my study of the chemtrails spraying I discovered years ago after writing directly to my senator about the aerosol spraying programs, that even senators are prepared to quote government science as a primary tool to deflect issues like this. At the time my state senator actually explained to me in a letter that I should be aware of government studies that were conducted around 2000 to understand what those white lines being created by planes were all about. According to one of my senators, we should not be alarmed because these government studies prove that chemtrails are really normal contrails which happen to form at specific combinations of temperature and humidity.

That was years ago, of course I was never given any explanation from government as to where the actual experiments were that actually proved these claims or for that matter what specifically compelled government (NASA, USAF) to conduct such a (secret) study given that the same U.S. Air Force mentioned in one of the studies is the very same entity who coined the phrase chemtrails almost ten years prior. Also I wasn’t offered an explanation as to why would government consider this kind of funding money well spent given the known circumstances. The expectation then, as it is now, was that I (we) should accept this (exclusive) science lesson from our government, we should stop asking questions, and accepted their claims as truth like we should with their global warming claims. There was no room in this conversation for critical thinking or elaboration of the facts and details.

Government has that quality about it — it expects you to simply shut up and obey; and, above all, never ask questions or expect follow through of basic scientific rules (like say the scientific method). Letters from politicians touching on any level of science are indeed classic communications worth considering as historical documents. The chemtrails issue may mark the threshold between—‘that was scientifically sound, understandable, and easy’ and – ‘that was too much for me, I’ll let government experts figure it out’. Perhaps humans are simply overwhelmed by the concepts needed to grasp here, that being primarily concepts of temperature, pressure, gas and liquid formation, and humidity. Sounds complicated?

But wait, surely some level of science is absorbable by the average science novice. You don’t need to have a chemistry background to know that ice will not form in the warm weather right? Is our common knowledge of planes and jet fuel burning on a hot dry summer day in southern California that disconnected and beyond basic critical thinking that we can’t reason at any level why a persistent cold-humid-weather condensation trail can’t be spontaneously emitted from an unmarked jet with non-transponder signals which loop around the sky and incidentally leave trails of white clouds that spread and cover our skies white when teams of planes spray together at the same time? Really? Being able to distort even this basic level of common sense seems to have been part of the plan. Though the argument seems to have died out a little in the last few years it is still not uncommon to hear regular assaults on common sense in media and radio when government trolls exclusively defend these government spraying programs, still hanging on to the ‘contrails’ myth with a straight face.

I often warn activists, beware of the chemtrails/geoengineering movement, it comes with a disturbing level of psychological discomfort and it can subsequently weigh heavier on your being and psyche. I’m not sure entirely why this is, but some of the above reasons are included though the reasons may not be limited to these only.





  1. Scary, isn’t it? Who knows what the government will come up with next. It really makes you realize how much the human race is ignorant, or in denial.

  2. What if orgonite truly is the solution to chemtrails and mind control blasted at us non-stop from cel phone death towers? What if something as simple as an orgone device is the answer to chemtrails and weather manipulation? I see that the cockbiters want the sun to never shine through the gray haze, is this a human agenda or alien? This is where my mind gets all fuzzy. What does everyone else think?

    • Organite works.

      But so does ones own bio electric intention. I tested this out one day when one lonely trail was being flown over my house. Where I concentrated my intention there the trail dissipated into nothing. Very very cool to see that happen. I can’t always affect the trail and I feel that has something to do with my own health, the esmog I am battling at the same time, my energy level, etc. But I am determined to try every time because I believe it’s like any other muscle, just needs some conditioning!

      As for agenda…what do YOU think? More importantly, what’s your gut say? A fuzzy mind is easy to control and sway, wouldn’t think of doing that to ya ;-)

  3. The last two days we had clear skies in Belgium, but at the end of the second day (today) spraying restarted in full force. Yesterday there were almost no planes visibles and those that were, had normal short contrails behind them as I know them from years ago.
    Today, the sky was full of planes all leaving long and widely spreading white streaks behind them, gradually forming the well known grey soup. Spraying even continues in the late evening, it seems it has nothing to do with keeping away solar radiation..
    It was very disappointing to see how spraying resumed after just one full day without it. How evil are the people perpetrating this on us. How I miss the clear sunny skies of winter, when the air could be so fresh and clear.
    I keep myself sane by realizing the fakeness of the illusion we live in and the conviction that we are all magnificent souls in a meat dress playing a temporary game on this strange planet.
    Reading the Zengardner articles and comments make me feel less lonely as it shows there are other good-hearted and sane people on this planet.

    • Two years ago I bought a chembuster with orgonite, from Atelier Casa in the Netherlands.
      There are far, far less chemtrails where I live, since then. I almost can’t believe its because of the chembuster, but when I travel to other places I see there are still chemtrails there.
      Well y’all: they’re not that expensive and it is quite doable to make your own, so give it a go.

      And indeed Jules, I come here too at Zen’s friendly beautiful site , a lovely place to connect with many good people.

      • Hi Lisa,

        I can’t seem to find a website of Atelier Casa, would you be able to give me some contact details?
        Yesterday there was a short item on chemtrails and conspiracy theories on the Belgian TV program ‘Koppen’ . Of course it was all prejudice, mockery and misrepresentation of facts. My god I wish people would open their eyes every now and then and think about something else than their career, sex-life and -partying.

  4. I’ve just made my 2nd batch of Orgonite. And yeah, I agree. What if YOU are what it’s all about? What if my positive intentions while making it are what affects the outcome? I’ve got it dotted around the house, by the wi-fi thing etc. Gifted several to family. Next stop, the cellphone towers around town.
    It’s so easy to make, and although it may not be the intention, it looks amazing, too! I used muffin tin moulds, aluminium shavings, quartz crystals and polyseter resin as the basic ‘ingredients’. It’s only the polyester resin that costs anything. Pretty sure you can experiment with the shapes and sizes. Just give your Orgonite making some love and positivity!
    Also, the chemtrails ‘deceit’ becomes kind of obvious when the technique of hiding it in plain view to make it seem normal is used. I watched the kids movie ‘Planes’. On several occasions, they had skies full of the chemtrail patterns, planes leaving billowing trails etc etc. Perfect programming. Why hide it in plain view if there’s nothing to hide??

    • Good for you Nick!! Try going to a locksmith/key maker and get his metal shavings – great additive!!! Always good to have different sizes of metals for effect, and is super pretty!

  5. I don’t know how much more of this I can take.

    Check out Colbert’s “interview” with this guy

    “A Case For Climate Engineering” author David Keith explains his proposal to use geoengineering as a means of slowing climate change.

    at the VERY LAST SECOND Stephen asks the question (the wrong one, but he still asks…)

    I left a comment:
    STEPHEN STEPHEN STEPHEN you done got this guy good! WHo’s on first???? wtf. At the 4:44 mark did he just say “In practice only” (a country?) Shouldn’t he have said in THEORY only. It’s Yogi Berra on 2nd!!!

    “In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.”

    PS – I know who’s on 3rd

    PLEASE get this guy back and finish the conversation. PLEASE ask him the difference between a CONtrail and a Chemical Trail.

    • Yay Steve!! Nailed nicely! That Keith makes my skin crawl. How fucking bold to put this out this way. Now that they’ve been spraying for decades, let’s put this out there for discussion. It’s like the NSA bs – release valves so they can cram more into our TV dinner lives…sick….
      Let’s see what comes of this…good find!

      • I went back into another comment section and loaded this.

        you all realize that this climate modification/global diming/ SRM/……WHATEVER tptb are calling it today………has been going on for many years. anyone who has been looking up can tell a regular sky day as opposed to a geoengineered sky. If you can spare the time, you can see what happens within an hour of being assaulted from above. While your at it, grab a pair of cheap binoculars and watch these shiny silver planes go by one after the other — These emissions go from distinct grid lines that quickly blanket the sky. You can still see the sun when all is done. It’s not normal. Period.

        Sulfuric Acid my acid…. do your homework people. STEPHEN THIS ISN”T FUNNY ANYMORE

        “They” started something a long time ago, probably chasing some sci-fi idea to melt the north pole to create a tropical paradise and then…… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Purchase_of_the_North_Pole

        sorry — I keep forgetting this isn’t funny anymore

        we could really use your help here, Stephen. I know you’re no fool — just please don’t be a tool

        They really think we’re that stupid, don’t they. This Harvard dude is an insult to educators and and and why do they always find some doctor/mister “scientist” from Harvard? You call that a BOOK? It looked like it fit in your hand.

        SO….Mr. Keith…..you want to have a uncomfortable discussion????? Let’s Talk.

  6. I’m seeing less and less of the sun. The sky has turned into one big blank gray blanket, and nobody is noticing this?

    Too busy looking at those real safe cellphones.

    Hello Hello…..Anybody home?

  7. I have 3 orgone devices. I put the first one outside in the spring hoping it would get rid of the chemtrails. What was so weird is a large noisy neighbour I’ve listened to for years and years suddenly shut his big yappy trap! Quietest summer I’ve ever spent here. When talking about chemtrails to others I always get stumped on the question for myself and them as to why actual human beings would do this to their own planet and themselves. I find it hard to always muster the energy to try to combat chemtrails with my mind power of light. I get ensnared in anger and hate towards the assholes doing this. I find it hard to comprehend the psychotic minds that are doing this and wonder about so many things going on in the world, are these truly human beings or are they really alien pieces of shit?

  8. I started taking photographs of the ChemTrailed skies over our Southern California home in early 2013. Soon I had so many that friends joked I should put together a calendar. By this mid-November, I had so many that I turned them into a video –


    Less than one year, and assembled in 6 minutes, the evidence is staggering. Hope it helps.

  9. Yes, please!! All artists of the world can make a difference. Print calendars for 2014, T-Shirts, umbrellas, house walls, hats, coats for doggies, table sets, book covers. Whatever comes to you mind. All that allows you to start the conversation with the ignorant people.

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