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Fabulous new interactive site where anyone can post geoengineering/chemtrail sightings, real time disaster reports,  GMO and EMF intrusions, radiation news,  globalist or military activities, false flags in the offing, etc…let ’em rip. This kind of real time monitoring and reporting will elevate consciousness and activism tremendously! Empowerment brings change.

As Jim, the site developer quotes below,

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,

Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”
~ Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

Love, Zen

ClimateViewer Reports – https://climateviewer.crowdmap.com/
And it feels great!

ClimateViewer 3D

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”
~ Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

Terraforming Inc.
The Radiation Database: About Jim Lee:
The ResoNation: WordPress Blog by Jim Lee
CONNECT3D.net – The Future of ClimateViewer 3D

How bad could it possibly be?

“My name is Jim, I watch the sky. I’m the ClimateViewer Guy.
And I don’t want it all to die, so I say, let it grow!”


The Radiation Database (RadDB) began as a Keyhole Markup Language (KML) project, geolocating Weather Modification projects and devices that may be able to alter the weather. The RadDB is a Google Earth KML network link file, which you can download and view in Google Earth, or view online in my own custom built browser, ClimateViewer 3D. The project is growing exponentially, expanding to cover many areas of interest/concern. Exploring the RadDB & ClimateViewer 3D will help you to see the scope of the problems we face, and hopefully spur you to action. Our world needs a hero, are you the one? If so, get involved.

ClimateViewer 3D contains Google Earth real-time data overlays, images, and links regarding climate pollution, nuclear test/power/storage, radar and laser locations all around the globe, as well as real-time climate monitoring. While focusing on climate change and pollution, the database covers data ranging from Star Wars to Climate Gate.

This project is a labor of love. I’m fascinated with all things radiant, resonant, and electromagnetic. I love science and find these topics intriguing, I hope you will as well.

Yours truly, Jim “R3zn8D” Lee

donate: https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/9M6K7
*this video took 8 hours to make

This video (voice and content by Jim Lee) may be downloaded, shared, copied and reposted on the internet per Creative Commons 3 (CC BY-SA 3.0 US) as long as the details of this video accompany the remix/adaptation.
Music: “Bollywood Blades” (by Professor Kliq)




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  1. i’ve noticed not as much spraying over CT past few days. (noticed an uptick towards sunset and into the evening instead — lately that is). today we are having a nice display of CONtrails — gorgeous blue skies above. not one cloud. the way it should be. Gotta wonder if TPTW are backing off a bit since more people are looking up for fireballs, meteorites, meteoroid,…., etc.

    start calling everyone you know to keep track of contrail vs. chemtrail….

    the skies are changing

    • Those new longish shorter contrails are not natural either. High jets rarely give off contrails, and the chemtanker shorter tails are not short at all but still way too big. It’s usually conditioning trails, to keep the contrail meme going and accepted.

      • Similar spraying going on here in the Lake Tahoe area. Short trails, but I agree with Zen, that these are not natural. Wondering if the aerosol technology is being improved on or altered to be less noticeable.

        • They’re clever bastards…they try all kinds of approaches to make the phenomenon appear “real”…but then the next day will just blatantly kill the sky. They start off with either a bank of crap they float in, or fire short bursts that turn into whiffy clouds over and over…low key…and either back off or go full tilt boogie. They have to mix it up to not be too obvious, so the jerkwads think. Also depends on wind speed, coming weather, humidity, and what they’re trying to steer where, or who needs their next dose of “medication”…damn…

  2. It had been better here in south Florida for only about a week but Saturday the sky was full of chemtrails all day long. They were tic tac tow-ing alot. How can anyone say these vertical trails are contrails?
    A real riot was on the noon and 5:00 pm local news today. Quote: “The American Meteor Society is investigating at least 12 reports of meteor sightings from St. Augustine to Miami” and they showed about 5 pictures of chemtrails!
    Did anyone hear about Al Gore on Ellen Show recedntly talking about chemtrails? Here it is:
    Another happening here today was the fact that our illustrious, fearless leader was here playing golf with Tiger Woods. There was a local fire and because of the No Fly Order rescue helicopters could not get to the home in which two people died. How sadly pathetic golf over life.

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