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Clouds – Russell Means' Last Video Message



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  1. With tears, through weeping mind, I wonder in passing if Russell Means and his ancestors had names for the modern, man-made chemclouds which dominate otherwise clear skies, and occupy the stratosphere above “water-laden weather fronts” — like those that passed over us here in Northern Californication — to reduce the rainfall that might otherwise accrue to our plants and animals.

    I shall purchase the book of clouds and celebrate this man’s work.

    May GOD bless and keep us all, as we see fit.


    • White man’s clouds of death would work. When driving across the Southwest I tracked the chemtrail concentrations, and without fail they were heavy over metro areas and reservations. Bastards.

    • The book “If you’ve forgotten the names of the clouds you’ve lost your way” is only available through downloading. $8.19 – Barnes and Noble(or other sources).

      Electronic media is fragile, I do prefer hard copies. If anyone knows of a hard copy or a way to get one, leave a message – Thank You.

      I’ll have to borough my wife’s electronic book thingy.

  2. Excellent question Alananda. The legend of the white buffalo is their legend so I bet they do. The sacred white buffalo is believed to have come down from a cloud in the sky. And the return of the white buffalo would signal a time of purification for the earth. It might be interesting to contact them and find out their thoughts on chemtrails and any relation to the legend.

  3. I’m glad Russell Means has had the chance to pass his message on,

    Who knows what his Spirit may be capable of now !

    • Amen Alex. Days when they’re not spraying I look up and see skies that are totally foreign to my recollection of how it used to look. The sun is a glaring white and the clouds are like an artist’s smeared pallete. I live near the path of this current hurricane Sandy and the radar is looking funky again like the last one, huge proportions with no real eye, very strange. Children and even adults who pay no attention are just going to think this is all “normal”.

      • It’s rife in commercials, kids shows, movies, all for “normalization”. Good analogy for countless social programs we take as “normal”. – Z

  4. I am Native. Russell’s last message was about women. This is no mistake. Our true warriors are doing great work at great personal sacrifice even with their lives. Just thought I’d let you non-native people know that things are not what they appear. Try not to be fooled if you can.

    • I AM WASI’CHU-NOT OF MIND AND HEART BUT BY BIRTH. I PERSONALLY BELIEVE OUR WHITE CIVILIZATION IS DOOMED. WE are cursed by the actions of our ancestors against yours and by the general apathy and complacency of our society. Russell Means tried to wake us up out here in white man’s land but we are dead men walking. I am just immensely sad that RUSSELL is gone from us. IF I FIND ANY HOPE , I WILL GIVE IT TO YOU, i am not saving it for myself or my daughter. It may wound her but i will tell her about SAND CREEK MASSACRE and WOUNDED KNEE and THE GREAT INDIAN HOLOCAUST if she cries I will not apologize but, i will comfort her as I tell her about her curse.
      mitakuye oyasin

      • You needn’t hate yourself, or your own people, for what others did long ago. Surely you are not such a cruel person, so why the guilt? Do you also feel guity for the so-called holocaust? How about the inquisition? Spanish American War? Chilean-Bolivian War? Civil War?…. Take some advice Brother, be easier on yourself, and don’t pass on your problems to your poor child.

  5. Thank you for thinking and talking about “If You’ve Forgotten The Names Of The Clouds…” We finished the book just in time. Hard copies should be available in a few weeks.

    • I got the ebook same day, hope those visiting the site did the same.
      Bless you Bayard and all the family there. Many, many of us are with you not just in spirit, but were/are part of the great spirit family in previous lives and are very deeply connected. Granted there’s the superficial sycophant element, but with the real spiritual brotherhood it is an extremely profound, heartfelt participation in the plight of our brothers. Take heart. They cannot erase the Truth.

      In Lak’ech, Zen

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