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CNN Caught Red Handed Using Crisis Actor



More clear evidence most will never see or will dismiss as “conspiracy theory”. Be sure to watch through to Judge Napolitano’s  famous rant against the FBI false flag ops before he lost his job on TV. The clampdown will eventually backfire. Keep the pressure on! – Zen

[Hat tip: Edna]

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  1. Wow!! That is an amazing find. What are the odds that the same woman could be in both places… must be a gazillion to one.


  2. One thing that will always be on our side is that no matter what, the truth cannot be suppressed. It’s a universally accepted law much like the law of gravity. And like the law of gravity, those that try to supersede it will eventually fall.

    • Tell that to people who want to accurately compile a number of victims of the Holocaust!
      Lies can be legislated into our modern society, and truth can be legislated OUT!

    • She’ll be testifying at Truther hearings in FEMA camps “Yes, they did say that. Yes, I saw them do that.” then the front of her face falls off to reveal clock gears and snarled wires and a rats nest embedded in the rusty machinery…”Oooops, next witness your honor…seems this one’s lost face in the eyes of some people…”

  3. In the first clip, why is the amateur video pointing above the scene, at the smoke and the flags instead of the ground, where the damage would be? Sorry, but if you’re walking around with a video camera and you happen to “catch” this, wouldn’t you make every effort to get good footage of “ground zero”?

    Sorry, I think whoever took that footage was a plant, and “hired gun”, not some random marathon fan.

  4. You think the odds are high, for her being in two “strategic” places during the Boston Bombing?
    What would you say to 3 strategic places? She was interviewed as a friend of Nancy Lanza’s, after Sandy Hook??? Now those odds are truly astronomical. Even if this woman was “inserting herself” into these situations- where is the fact checking at CNN? And NOT ONE person from the mainstream media approaches this BLOCKBUSTER story.

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