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Space News Suppressed – Comet ISON Approaches


by Zen Gardner

This is something to keep an eye on. The press has been playing it down which always makes one sit up and pay attention. Notice we never really get detailed analysis from any of these mega observatory installations. Maybe a Hubble pic here and there but always superficial information, as if we’re not supposed to know about the full realities of what’s going on out there.

That certainly fits their strangulating, elitist, eons old “need to know basis” meme.

That ISON will be its closest to the earth near the winter solstice is significant in itself, never mind the sun being in a magnetic shut down in this general time due to its magnetic pole shift now under way. Perhaps even more importantly is the fact that we could easily pass through its debris field. That in itself is clearly something that is worth paying attention to.

Researchers have discovered that major pandemics have taken place on the planet during solar magnetic shut downs since ions are not deflected from earth by the sun’s magnetic field, and they’ve proven they arrive with alien microbes from outer space. Our planet’s magnetic field is also at a low ebb, compounding our vulnerability.

I’ll try to keep this subject updated. Space weather and conditions are important to keep track of,  just as we track geopolitical change, consciousness uprisings, and the movements of the heavens in astrological science.

Keep on integrating all this information, it’s ultimately empowering.

And don’t let our current circumstances get you down. We are the force we’ve been waiting for.  Be enthused! The god or “spirit in us” awaits activation and realization.

Now TURN – IT – ON!!

Love,  Zen

Preparing for Comet ISON

Originating from the Oort Cloud, a repository of icy bodies billions of kilometres from the Sun, ISON is on a path that will bring it within grazing distance – 1.2 million kilometres – above the Sun’s visible surface on 28 November.

The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope took detailed images earlier this year, such as the main image presented here from 30 April. In this composition, the comet is set against a separately imaged background of stars and galaxies.

For some time the view of the comet from Earth was temporarily blocked by the Sun, but it was spotted again in August, by amateur astronomer Bruce Gary.

Astronomers around the world are now eagerly watching as the comet draws closer, its coma – the tenuous atmosphere that surrounds the comet’s rock–ice nucleus – becoming more pronounced as its surface ices are heated by the Sun and transformed into gas. Dusty debris is suspended in the coma and swept into a tail, which will also become more prominent as the comet approaches the Sun.

                                               Comet ISON on 15 September as it passed through the constellation of Cancer en route to Leo.

Astronomer Pete Lawrence from the UK imaged Comet ISON (shown right) on 15 September, as it passed through the constellation of Cancer en route to Leo. Pete used a 10 cm-diameter telescope with a CCD camera attached; the exposures totalled 40 minutes, with individual images stacked together to produce the final result.

ESA and NASA space missions are also preparing to observe the comet. Tonight, ESA’s Mars Express starts its observation campaign, taking photos and analysing the composition of the comet’s coma over the next two weeks. The comet will be at its closest to Mars on 1 October – at a distance of 10.5 million kilometres – six times closer than it will approach Earth.

The ESA/NASA SOHO mission will view the comet as it swings around the Sun at the end of November, and astronomers will be waiting to see if the comet survives its fiery encounter.

The comet will be brightest in our skies just before and in the week after its encounter with the Sun, assuming it survives, but will likely have faded by the time it makes its closest approach to Earth on 26 December. It will pass Earth with no threat of impact.


Here’s Today’s Update on Cosmic Ray Readings, ISON’s Approach and More..

Stay tuned.



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  1. The old vedic fire ritual Agnihotra which is performed at sunrise and sunset is reported to clear atmosphere and ether and to decline microbes by 90%. Certain predetermined ingredients are burned in a pyramid shape twice a day. It´s said to effect an area of 7 square kilometers.
    Agnihotra facilitates the purification of earth, air and water, supports health of all life, harmonizes the psyche, the weather and much more.
    microorganisms are my friends :-)

  2. * Apparently Hubble is conveniently ‘off-line’ & from the net chatter/ scuttlebut > …ISON has orbiting ‘hitch-hikers’ as well …kinda like (martial art) nunchucks whizzing around to make this visit interesting-lol….My Hopium is that it’s a Big Benevolent Galactic Space Ship…with entities skilled in the art of removing reptilian parasite infestations…if wishes were fishes.

  3. The theoretical “Oort cloud” is just more fantasy dreamed up by mainstream cosmologists in an attempt to explain comets – which they still say are dirty snowballs despite overwhelming evidence against this. Electricity once again explains “perplexing” and “baffling” behavior not expected by standard models. Look up the excellent full-length documentary on comets presented by the Thunderbolts Project on Youtube for a better understanding of what a comet really is. There is a good chance that ISON will disintegrate long before it reaches the inner solar system due to electrical stress.

    • There is also a very good chance that ISON is 100 times larger than reported and does have orbiters. Additionally, it is possible that it is not a “C” class comet, but a “P” class (periodic) and it’s been here before.

    • Agreed. Comets are charged bodies travelling through a charged environment. Whether they disintegrate, or their comas suddenly expand to solar proportions, or they do nothing much at all, depends entirely on the degree of charge differential they encounter in their immediate environment.

  4. So, we are the “force” we’ve been waiting for? Sounds like more of that luciferian babble we got from Crowley, levay and a host of other self god teachers through out the ages. LOOK at history. Man’s empires have, from the beginning, risen and fallen, no matter the current teaching of the day. It has been that way since Adam and Eve believed the same LIE that you are telling yourself and others now. “you are the force you’ve been waiting for!” “You will be as gods”……just like the father of the lie. No. We, as history has proven quite convincingly, are NOT the “force” we’ve been waiting for. satan, and his fellow “force they were waiting for” are now thrown down here, knowing they have but a short time to wait for the arrival of Christ, the One True King. Shake, rattle and roll, all you will…..believing the LIE that you are the “force” you’ve been waiting for, will only let you down, hard. That’s what we do. Let each other down. Christ picks us up and shows the only Way to a Kingdom without end. One where Freedom and responsibility are the best of friends, not the polar opposites that man always ends up making for himself. ALL the signs now occurring were foretold to the letter in God’s Word. Now is the time, if ever there was one, to turn, or return to God in Christ. If you feel far from Him, whom do you think has moved?


    To say that all paths lead to the same place is correct. No matter the course a man takes, He will end up where all his fellow humans ends up. At the feet of His Creator, awaiting judgment as to which hand of God he will face. The hour is late, and as many rise to join the counterfeit revolution being prepared for them by lucifer himself, believing they are the “force they’ve been waiting for……many will remember such ill chosen decisions after being cast into outer darkness, where their weeping and gnashing of teeth will be. Instead, choose wisely Whom it is that you will serve, and Stand UP and Lift UP your heads, for Redemption in Christ draws near. Blessings in Christ

    • Saul, If you read the words of the Christ and look past all of the Roman doctrine and the Paulianity, you will discover that is exactly what Yeshua the Nazarite was saying, that “we are the force.” That we would be one with the creator as he was one with the creator. There was christianity before Rome. Study the Essenes, the Ebonites and the Nazarites. Gnostic Christians knew what I am telling you now, and a host of other things that were later deemed blasphemous by the state of Rome and eventually the Roman Catholic Church.

      Most devout Christians claim the power of the Creator inside them, but deny its power every single day by deferring the fate of the planet and its inhabitants as “his” responsibility instead of theirs. Every movement of evil upon this planet occurs at the consent of the human. They have strict laws and guidelines that makes them justified in their actions to deceive you, and you play along because you are waiting for a savior. Well, they will show you their savior……… Run like hell in the other direction.

  5. Was watching a youtube channel 00skyview which posted some very interesting and seemingly credible videos and information on Ison and what they call the KBO (Kuiper Belt Object)
    The 00skyview team (as they called themselves) never came out and said the KBO was Nibiru or Wormwood etc, but there were strong suggestions that ISON was not alone and that this KBO would wreak havoc. As well, they spoke of an upcoming comet storm starting in October. Updates were coming regularly every 2 or 3 weeks until about a month or so ago when many of their later posts were removed, and the site name changed briefly to a person’s name (don’t recall the name) But ever since, very quiet and smelling very fishy…

  6. Amatuer astronomers including science guy james mccanny, are convinced that the arrival of ison is going to prove to be most under-whelming. It’s a much smaller comet than never-a- straight answer say it will be.

    I know, i know…big surprise :)

  7. I recommend checking out the BPearthwatch channel on YouTube. He has been covering the ISON coverup for a while now. It’s interesting stuff….

    • I watched a video of it being orbited two rod shaped objects. I could have sworn that Ison was showing itself, just slightly, that it was cube shaped. Like the Borg space ship, a fantasy race of cybernetic human/androids on the popular television science fiction show, Star Trek.

  8. I follow suspiciousobservers on youtube. Here you get an education as well as videos and links to what this
    man is showing you on a daily basis and what is going on with the sun, ison, and the electric universe. I go here first thing every day.

  9. You guys should definitely consider checking out the material the folks at http://www.sott.net have put together on the subject of comets.
    They seem to be doing VERY extensive research, and will give you a whole new perspective….there are miles to be read, if one is so inclined =)
    this is a good starting point http://www.sott.net/topic/10-Comets-and-Catastrophe-Series
    Also – if you want some “reliable” numbers, check out the reported sightings of fireballs et al. at the American Meteor Society e.g. for 2013 so far http://www.amsmeteors.org/fireball_event/2013/ , notice the increase over the years. have fun

    [Z, sorry for the edit. ]

  10. Hi Zen, thank you so much for your site and all the hard, dedicated work by you and your team. Want to ask a favor, if possible. I live in KwaZulu-Natal about 60km from Durban in the mountains and where are, we cannot watch the sun rising nor do we have a clear view of the sunset as trees obscure it. Is it possible that you could share some pics of ISON with us, that is, if or when, it is spotted by others with good access and the right equipment? Would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and again, thanks for all your articles & videos … learning so much here!

    • Hey there – I’ll try when they come in a post – you can search the net for those, it’s slightly visible now near Mars they say but we’ll be getting better looks soon. SuspiciousObservers is a good feed on youtube to get daily updates. Love to all!

  11. I love reading the comments on this site but for some reason they are no longer visible. It started yesterday with just this Ison article but now I’m no longer able to read them on all articles. Did you change something Zen or is this a freak anomaly.

  12. glen i am SO GLAD to see someone quoting a reputable source: jim mccanney!!! i highly encourage everyone to tune into his podcast each thursday. the professor is the only one that has it right when it comes to ISON!!

    & the more peeps realize ISON will dwindle the better…as the timing for ISON being closest is the SAME date for the “grid down exercise” 11/13 & 14

    jim’s site:

  13. Since there has been so many meteor reportings lately, I had to sit outside and watch for something. Well, you look at anything for a long time and you start to see what you mind is meant to see. So, in the stars, I saw wolves and lots of them. The thing that ran through my mind was it was the “season of the wolves”. I did a constellation search and the Lupus constellation is the one I am thinking of. It seems that it is remote and mostly seen in the southern hemisphere. Does anyone here know anything about astronomy other than a college course, like me? Just wondering…..
    Much love, Carla

  14. SON is not a comet. On Dec.21,2012, Earth moved from a level 0 to a level 1 civilization and joined an intergalactic community of STO ET’s. TPTB are on their way out. There will be no nuclear war, although a nuclear false flag is very possible. Mass genocide has already been stopped; regarding the population reduction agenda. Most humans will not be reincarnating to Earth and that includes all of TPTB. Taus/Enoch is now positioned close to our Sun and will protect Earth from Sun activity. No large celestial body will bother Earth and numerous ones have been rerouted or destroyed. Earth is becoming a totally different place and the new friends of Earth, will not permit anyone to interfere with our makeover.

  15. Hi Zen, can you tell me the reason you keep deleting my comments? Ileft in this space a comment that I thought was an interesting twist on this Comet thing : Days of the Comet (1906) by H.G. Wells. Tell me WHAT is wrong with that ? Did you even care to google wikipedia it?????

  16. Big yawns on the distance for the disrespectfully named asteroid Apophis (Gods are NOT asteroids).

    Apophis is not even a near miss at 11300km. This is so far that even with the naked eye would miss this asteroid. Perhaps 11.3 km which would hardly even be memorable. Apophis at 38.5 km will be mostly unnoticed and really does not deserve such a dramatic name.

    Even at 1.3 km (thats a mostly inconceivable 130 typical storeys) people might actually not even notice that something flew by because though they might feel a proper sonic boom or shockwave.

    My sites’ https below, on occasion I comment about astronomy when an article appears but thats not alot, but I think there are alot of ‘must reads’ in the comments I leave regards diverse subjects :


  17. But, I can for my life not find the comment where I mentioned the H.G. Wells’ book :” In the Days of the Comet” an absolutely wondeful book (available in the Net) telling how life on Earth became after this close encounter with this comet…. yes as good as any god presens!… Worth reading and let it sooth any frzzled nerves. I look forward to Ison coming.Humanities ONLY saving grace as it might turn out to be….just like in the book (which was hidden for decades by the Establishment since all of Wells’ other books had turned out very profetic, so the Crooks were afraid of this one also being so… Not good for THEIR plans!)

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