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They Are Coming For Our Water


Illegal to conserve?
What happened to Agenda 21′s
conservation movement?

Dave Hodges
Activist Post

America is under attack in so many ways, it is difficult to count.

Along these lines, there is presently a three-pronged globalist plot designed to subjugate the people of this country. These three elements include (1) controlling the nations’ water supplies by creating massive debt forcing governments to relinquish control over its water supplies; (2) private individuals and corporations are acquiring and hoarding massive amounts of water; and, (3) the Environmental Protection Agency is presently engaged in activities, on behalf of the UN’s Agenda 21 policies, to use the control of water to also control food production and eliminate private property ownership.

The Path to American Totalitarianism

If a totalitarian government desired to control the people of the United States, garrisoning the country with an army of occupation would be extremely difficult, if not impossible. The United States has 315 million people who own a total of 300+ million plus handguns and the country occupies a good portion of a continent. These are daunting challenges to occupying the United States.

Most military strategists will tell you that it takes about one soldier for every 50 citizens to effectively garrison a country. This means that an army which would effectively garrison this country would have to be over six million strong! Even for the Chinese, this would be a difficult task. There are simpler and more efficient ways to control a country than military occupation.

How to Successfully Occupy the United States

History tells us that to successfully occupy the United States, one would be better off controlling essential life-sustaining resources instead of attempting to garrison the country. What are these essential resources?

To control a population such as the United States, one would have to control what Abraham Maslow called the essential elements for survival, namely food, water and shelter. How best to control food, water and shelter than to reduce the diversification of ownership over these resources. History has produced an effective model to describe how to control these essential elements of survival.

As the Roman Empire declined in influence and power, Feudalism replaced the nation-state government. The feudal lord was one of the few employers in the fourth and the fifth centuries. The feudal lords owned most of the land and nearly all the resources. Today, the specter of feudalism has shape-shifted into a global corporatocracy headed by the central bankers, the United Nations and their Agenda 21 policies. The global corporations are constructing this brand of neo-feudalism right before our eyes.



  1. Great expose from Dave, thanks for posting Zen.
    Check out this video of Nestle CEO (Bilderberger) Peter Brabeck. He believes water is not a human right, that water has a market value. Also doesn’t see any harm in GMO’s (“it’s hypocrisy”), he certainly sells enough of them. I see the water he’s peddling in stores nowadays. Thankfully I have a well with spring water.

    • * Not hard to imagine ‘Peter the Squarehead ‘ unconsciously clicking his heels together as he barely controls the urge to to ‘Seig Heil’ like Dr.Strangelove……..guaranteed he’s the psychopathic generational scoin of some 0.01%er from I.G.Farben in WWII…probably a bastard from the Rothschild bloodline…..If it wasn’t so serious…people would laugh & think he was doing a comedy routine- hahahaha!….trouble is…psycho ‘control- freaks’ like him, really believe in their own ‘silver spoon fed’ bullshit narcissism…..I bet he’s into S&M & sitting behind his desk with a ‘woody’-lol

  2. * Dave Hodges can’t be bought…& he’s exceptionally astute…realizing & pointing out that ‘DEBT’ is the lynch pin that is toppling the house of cards built by the 0.01% to build the global NWO.
    .. I realize that I’m peeing in the wind here….but DEBT is, after all, a construct…a fantasy fabrication…an agreement between vipers… that have spun a web of deceit & ‘pulled the wool over our eyes’ for centuries, & these Snakes in Suits have given themselves the “life & death” power of supreme social control, with all the other ‘fantasy constructs’ of Q.E./ Fiat $$$/ ponzi schemes by the FED itself, replete with sham -bought & paid for elections/ congressional whores/ right & left wing parties (what pathetic sad/ sick jokes)… but DEBT & INTEREST IS the Babylonian ‘shell game’ sorcery of contrived & connived $$$ Magic… It’s still just an IDEA!… that everyone had to swallow, hook line & sinker for it to work & carry water… in order for this multi faceted mendacious scam to be ‘pulled off”…..Its the biggest Grand Illusion hoodwink of all time…It’s NOT grounded in natures natural reality.
    …Pull the plug on this diabolical erroneous concept of ‘DEBT/INTEREST’ …as the smoke & mirror illusory con job that it really is…& is shamelessly being used to take everything away from us…including our children.
    …An alien from a ‘sane’ planet… looking at our situation… would shake it’s head & wonder at the futility of our folly… with 99.999% of us living & dying , suffering starving for a bullshit agreement with a 0.01% ponerology of insane socio/psychopaths in the first place….such a mind boggling & UNFUKNBEEELEEEVABLE fate for mankind in this miasma we find ourselves in.

    • Well said, Alex! One concern, THEIR answer to debt will be ctl alt del and start over with digital currency (and rfid of course) and the people will marvel and hail their new financial and whateverthehellesle messiahs….one big prob-react-solution. The un-fully-awake to the full picture will get hoodwinked – esp if it’s “get on board or off with your head” kind of thing…that tends to be effective in it’s various levels of implementation… “no soup for you”….Cheers Alex…

  3. Why do you support the corporate Snakes In Suits? Do you see them slithering from their board rooms to DC?
    There is no real illuminati, or illumined ones. Our only real problem is the greedy families that own the major corporations. Stop buying their crap. They threaten you with becoming a third world nation. So start living like one.

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