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Common Core Testing Makes Students Throw Up and Wet Themselves – School Principals

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[Common Core is a nasty program, very much along the lines of Agenda 21 social engineering. They've always focused on the children to lower human standards  so guard the children the best you can. Home schooling is a wonderful alternative, as is getting back to a much more natural lifestyle away from big population areas if possible. - Zen]


If you haven’t heard by now, the Bill Gates-funded common core has essentially taken over the education system in this country. Forty-five states have adopted these news standards, and although they are billed to the public as “state-led”, in reality, they were written by a grand total of five people.

Worse, some of the homework coming out of common core classrooms is reminiscent of Poland during communism.

Well now The Washington Times is reporting that a group of eight New York principals have penned a letter expressing their concerns regarding common core standardized testing and it’s negative impact on third through eighth grade students in their schools:

The group, led by Sharon Fougner, principal of E.M. Baker Elementary School in Great Neck, said that the children have reacted “viscerally” to the tests, The Washington Post first reported.

“We know that many children cried during or after testing, and others vomited or lost control of their bowels or bladders,” the letter reads. “Others simply gave up. One teacher reported that a student kept banging his head on the desk, and wrote, ‘This is too hard,’ and ‘I can’t do this,’ throughout his test booklet.”

Common core testing is apparently so emotionally and psychologically torturous, it is literally making kids puke and pee their pants to the point that at least eight school principals are officially concerned.

In addition, since adopting common core standards, test scores in New York have apparently dropped a whopping 31 percent statewide.

Our children’s brains are being thoroughly washed here, and it’s taking much more than an emotional toll.

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  1. The students need to be put on ritalin to isolate specific neural pathways to make the testing criteria more easily absorbed via compartmentalization.

  2. This curriculum is beyond awful, and is causing me to seriously consider leaving teaching with only 5 1/2 years left until I can retire. The testing has gotten longer and much more difficult. I had a girl give up on all three parts of the ELA exam last year. Her scores are used to evaluate my teaching, btw.

    It’s disturbing to me that money is not taught – no coin recognition, counting money, making change, etc. I asked and was told it’s considered a “social skill”. Seems more likely to me that it’s really a matter of it not being a necessary skill when everyone is microchipped.

    The good news is that many parents seem to be realizing how bad it is and are speaking up against it. Last year, some children refused to take the test. This year, there may be more. Some parents are also refusing to let their children take tests which are used only to evaluate teachers. Good for them.

    ~much love~

    • The precursor to microchipping was when calculators became commonplace in the classrooms. By replacing the functionality of the brain with a preprogramed device, you in effect switch off that section of the brain, which previously was “exercised”, which then becomes dormant, a non functional compartment within the neural network. And now we have computers and smartphones in schools…….
      Many cashiers at stores/supermarkets are unable to perform basic addition or subtraction calculations within their head…………it worked. The school curriculum has required an overhaul for quite sometime, the problem is, Commoncore has been “waiting in the wings” once the “set-up” has accomplished what it set out to do, a “slow train coming”, but it has now “arrived at the station”………..
      Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric, what was lost, must now be found.

      • Excellent points, Rollo.

        I have seen those cashiers, unable to figure out the change if you give them something else once they’ve entered an amount into the computer. Now, even when the cash register tells them what change to give, they won’t be able to count it out.

        I’m not sure at what point the curriculum required an overhaul. People have been learning just fine for years. Now when we see any signs of success, we’re told they’re not keeping up with the rest of the world, and a new program is rolled out. It’s not even so much that the curriculum needed to be changed, as that it has been changed – for the worse.

        You are right – those things have been lost and need to be found.

        Speaking of found… the EnVision Common Core books can now be found as American Girl doll accessories. Talk about cramming it down our throats.

        Here’s a science book:


        And math:


        ~much love~

        • Once the Trivium was removed as the curriculum at the grammar school level, and the Quadrivium
          at the middle and high, this opened the door, for the aberration, we now see.

        • “In the beginning was the word and the word was with god… (where it probably should have stayed).”

          WHY? God doesn’t use it. People do.

  3. Bravo to the kids that refuse to participate, and the teachers that are speaking out. Zen ran a couple articles on what common core actually is and how terrible it is. They just keep marching everyone forward into the holding pens.

  4. I taught in the late 90′s and quit teaching in 2001 when this Agenda 21 core standard “no child left behind” curriculum started kicking in. This is an Orwellian script to be sure. I saw kids lose interest and teachers started teaching only to the script. It was total mind control and I refused to be a part of it. What poses as education in nothing more than peer pressure, bullying, mind control and brainwashing, period. The only reason that kids go is because of friends and the social aspects of school. The smart ones never get enough information, the unmotivated ones get ignored an the teachers have 40 kids to a class making them standardized and glorified baby sitters against their will and beyond their multi-tasking capacity. It’s a mockery of education. It’s total inversion. It’s the exact opposite of learning; it’s programming.

    • School has always been about mind control and indoctrination. Primarily kids attend school to learn how to be obedient, conformist, and to accept authority and get used to getting up in the morning to go to an external state institution – so work won’t seem unnatural when they leave and become wage-slaves.

      As Walter Karp said:

      “[The public school system is] usually a twelve year sentence of mind control.
      Crushing creativity, smashing individualism, encouraging collectivism and
      compromise, destroying the exercise of intellectual inquiry, twisting it
      instead into meek subservience to authority.”

      And as Peter Gray has said, school, essentially, is prison. I don’t understand how people can profess to love their children and be ok sending them to school. It is fucking evil, incarcerating little children, for god’s sake, robbing them of their freedom, and killing their imaginations. Are we really that insane? If you can’t give your kids a better life than school imprisonment – don’t have any.

  5. When you run into someone who you happen to tell “to wake up”, they’ll probably ask you what you mean. Here should be your answer.

    It means saying NO – at least to yourself. Obviously you can also tell this to someone in apparent authority, but start by saying NO to yourself first, then start acting on it. I believe we need to understand that we are mostly being controlled because we own a house. Sell it. Take your kids out of school and move.

    Why do illegal aliens not have to obey laws like auto insurance, etc. Simple, they rent and when something goes wrong and they have a court date, they don’t show up. Where are they? Who knows. Brilliant actually. I used to tell my guys on construction jobs when they heard OSHA was there, pack up your tools, etc. and leave for the day. They can’t fine ya if they can’t find ya. I’m changing my name to Jose Taco. Buenos dios Americanos.


    • Ha! I “lectured” two “case managers” in the job center last week. ;)
      They said one sleeps better if one doesn’t think of too many things:
      “I know the laws – the ‘system’ as you call it – are inhuman. But we have to do it. We must obey the rules. For example, I have to think of my kids, food, shelter… And we already stretch the rules as much as possible.”
      - “But this is just taking the first step. Instead of taking the second, you shut down the conscience – which will make you inhuman. This leads to dis-eases. I am paranoid schizo?! THIS is schizo!
      You have to take the second step. Say NO to the system. Otherwise we will find ourselves in concentration camps and say ‘Hey! How did this happen?’. But then it’s too late! Think of Martin Niemoeller’s ‘First they came…’!*
      The ‘rules’? This is democracy, right? The power of the people for the good of the people; not the power of the economy – via authorities – to turn the people into robots!”
      [embarrassed coughing] “Yes, I know what you mean. I grew up in the German Democratic Republic…”
      - “Then act! Soon enough there won’t be any elbowroom left in your rules.
      I know I walk a narrow ridge. You could force me any time to take drugs (medicaments) and do a therapy ‘voluntarily’ by cutting the money. This is part of the system: Control them with double-binds. Let them think they are free but lead them with double-binds where you want them. ‘It’s only a game. But you have to play!’ That’s not a game any more!”

      Both were VERY embarrassed and had to admit (ashamed) that I’m right. :D
      I wonder if they are really brave enough to face the truth…

      * https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_they_came_

  6. This would be me. I took my SAT’s my senior year at the last possible date. I threw up on the way to the test, I threw up my “max. number of times I could leave the room to throw up”. I scored a total of 640 on the SAT. I went to Pacific Lutheran University, graduated with a BA in Communication Arts (I am a writer and a public speaker). I also completed my PhD at 31 on decolonizing the western mind. Obviously my test scores didn’t matter. I am now a homeschool mama and confronted with standardized testing. I am taking the loophole this time, since I know where it is. These tests are part of the “programming” and the “selection”. Talk about Hunger Games!

  7. As I do with almost everything, let me tie this to the primary control mechanism. Most teachers will simply say “What can I do, I have to make a living. I spent a lot of money getting this teaching degree, I can’t just flush it down the toilet!” Most students (and their parents) will say, “What can we do, I don’t want to flip burgers or mow lawns the rest of my life. If I don’t get on of those diplomas (membership cards), I’m screwed!”

    And the band plays on (Triumph in this case): “The world is full of compromise, the infinite red tape”

    • Perhaps those who are presently in this situation, and are not willing to take drastic measures to alleviate the situation, will learn from it, and avoid it, next time around.

    • Scooter, that is the easy answer for many. It was easier until they started tying teacher evaluations with student test scores.

      I do what I can. I talk about things that are not in the curriculum… ;)

      We’ve been told that the CC math book is “just a resource”. Ahhh – very well then. That resource has sat on the shelf since before school began. I continue to use my own materials. I hope that they are good and dusty when June arrives.

      This year has been one of the most difficult for me in so many ways, and it has been thoroughly draining. I may be leaving just a few years shy of retirement age, but I am finding it I’m possible to continue to be a part of it, as the amount I can do continues to decrease. Unfortunately, there are not enough people who are awake to what’s going on. The good news is that more and more people are getting fed up with it – even without being awake. Parents are complaining and so are teachers. Maybe there will be enough to make a change….

      ~much love~

      • Lots of drone teachers with 4 year degrees waiting in the wings. I am wondering, is a 4 year degree required to teach 1st grade mathematics?

        • There are, Rollo, and that is a problem. Let’s hope they’re indigos or some other kind of lightworkers…

          Waking up is one thing, but to discover that you have (unwittingly) been part of the system is another, and it is not a good feeling. I’ve always done much of my own thing, but as the screws are being tightened, my freedoms are slipping away. I’m just not sure I can be a part of this any more. I am feeling a calling towards a different path and hope that I can be of better service there.

          To answer your question, here where I am you need the 4-year degree, plus you must also get your Masters for permanent certification. But – you will be expected to teach the entire 1st grade curriculum; not just math.

          ~much love~

      • I totally get it Clarity. You are in a tough spot; we all are. “They” own each of us on some level or another. It is the dependence on the system that is keeping those around you asleep. Some are looking for a brave soul to stand up and walk out on the system. That may be you, it may not be you. But it has to be someone, or they win. ;-)

        • Thank you, Scooter. :)

          It may very well be me. That, and/or I might get myself in trouble because I’m finding it more and more difficult to keep my mouth shut.

          However it goes for me, I have no intention of letting them win!

          ~much love~

  8. A school system near us is offering juniors in high school money for certain scores on their ACT. If they do so well in certain areas, then they get $50 per section. Then if they score a 22 or higher overall, they will receive an additional $100 for the score. They can get up to $500 total for doing “well enough” on the test. The school system has put $375,000 aside for this program (guess who pays for this!!!!). Parents were outraged! I doubt they will fight it though. Not only is this buying the scores the system needs to be average, but it is ridiculous that we would even set the standard so damn low on top of the bribe!
    Meanwhile, my daughter’s teacher is offering the kids the ability to build their own ice cream sundaes if they can score well enough on the multiplication test in March. Depending on how well you do is what the ingredients you are given for the sundae. This is the teacher that speaks openly in her class to the students about Common Core. The kids in turn come home and share the things she says. I have fully been supporting this teacher. I understand that her job depends on their ability to perform on the tests, but I told her that bribing the kids is not how we need to handle this. So, we are dumbing them down and teaching them that by (in theory) learning – you earn something. It is not about learning to be an independent thinker… just to get something material, monetary. I was disappointed. Yet to meet with her on this one.

        • Yes it is Rollo. I teach my children all the time. I unschool them as well until I can homeschool them next year. In the meantime, I am going to support this teacher with feedback as she seems to be one of the most vocal at the school we are involved in at this time. Homeschooling is going to come with bigger and bigger obstacles, and we are trying our best to be in a situation where we have more options available as the hammer comes down harder and harder.

    • Heather – ugh! I find all of this to be very disturbing.

      Good for you, doing what you are for your children!

      ~much love~

      • Clarity, It is very upsetting. I understand that we will not be able to change the system, but this teacher is trying to reach parents via the kids. She often speaks of topics of truth that are at a level the kids are hopefully going home and asking their parents which may in turn open some minds or eyes. She spoke to the kids about the pineal gland last week. My daughter came home and asked me about it. She said her teacher brought it up, but thought it best if we spoke to our parents first. This teacher is reaching out and trying to do what she can. I feel obliged to reach back out and help her in all ways I can. I am sure you can relate! I know she is also feeling the tug between wanting to remain a teacher and help kids and this horrible system she has awakened to. Much love to you, Clarity!

        • Awesome, Heather! I’m sure that teacher appreciates any support you can give. It’s a fine line to walk when we want to share truth, but it can put a lot in jeopardy. The parents seem to have the most pull and might very well get some results, even of just to throw a wrench into the system. Teachers can be more vocal when they know they are backed by the parents.

          Sending the love right back to ya… :)

        • Wow Heather! I’m glad you are backing this teacher as best you can. I’m sure she is feeling the tug inside too. What a better place for teachers with some creativity to open minds to awareness of truth. I send strength, peace and goodwill to all you mothers!

          I saw this coming in the schools back in the early 80′s with my two children. I was also a single mom and it was hard. Can’t tell you the number of times fighting the system. It’s really crazy and very sad times but when we actually do something it lightens our hearts. It speaks – - it’s our song and many people are learning their very own song because of what we do.

  9. Heather and Rollo…..I pulled my daughter from a public charter Montessori school. I couldn’t take it any more. We homeschool now and it’s been a long time coming. Once I was “ready”, I just did it. We are now loving every day homeschooling, unschooling, deschooling and remembering our Ancestors every day. It’s probably more liberating than everything I’ve done in my life that is liberating! The only solution is for parents to pull kids and homeschool or co-homeschool with neighbors…….to take our children’s brains back from the programmers. Any “alternative” minded soul “should” do this or what’s the point of being alternative thinking! Jobs and money are not in the way of doing it. No point in complaining about the system. I complain about parents who don’t homeschool. It’s the only way I know to save my future generations from all this crap we discuss.

    • So, quit my job, take my son out school, and just go home together. Jobs, money, not matter. Just live on love. I am a single dad. I don’t own the duplex I am staying in, and there is not enough yard to sustain a living. How do you propose the rest of the jobless moneyless fairytale to work out? That’s a real question, not a smart ass comment. I really want to not work, and not need money. Please show me how. If you say I have to figure that out, then I will say your comments are pointless. I share your zeal against this bullshit, but don’t tell me I have to get out of it, when there are no viable options.

      • It’s one step at a time. We get strengthened with each right decision – each of our ways out varies – and that’s no flighty bullshit either – I had to go thru it, so have many others. Remember that. This isn’t coming from untested waters. But there is a learning curve for most.

        • One step at a time, i know. Each time someones comments sting because of my current situation, just take it as a figurative kick in the pants. I am in my car 4 hours a day, up from the old 2.5 hours, just to get my son out of public school. We lost a lot of time in kindergarten in public school last year. I was fired when i tried to put my foot down and homeschool this fall, but i hope to figure something out before next fall. I am a plumber by trade, but was a mechanical engineering student before marriage and my son. I currently make the drawings for the mehcanical contractors, so working from home should be easy. Gotta find the right company to help me. Ill get there, and share it with you and the world when it happens. blessings

      • Shelby, I have been preparing to homeschool as a single mother – if the hubby does not grasp this soon. One thing to think about is looking into homeschool networks in your area. There are families that are willing to help with other children in a homeschool setting while you work. This is not a specific solution for me as most are very religious in my area. So, I am trying to find a way to source income from home that does not mean I am as tangled into the system as much as working a job away from home. We have a bigger goal, but we can only untangle a bit at a time in some situations. We just keep peeling off the webs and adjusting our lifestyle to help free us and allow us what it is we are after. Keep looking at the situation from as many angles as you can imagine. I wish you well, Shelby! Much love!

      • So don’t take your child out of school, but at least take somewhat of an interest in what they are pumping into his head by talking to his teachers etc. Most just see schools as glorified day care.
        Teach your son to be better than you.

  10. I am a single mom with a disability on a low income. Single meaning – there is no child support or co-parent. I figured out a way out of the educational system……and now I work from home. I trade hours of childcare with my neighbors, I do things differently for income, I trade and barter……I also own my home. I don’t eat out, I shop thrifty and we do almost everything for free (library, parks, etc.) I decided to shift from working in public relations and marketing to writing and public speaking. I DUG DEEP within myself and decided to stop complaining about a system and get the hell out of it. My kids will not be sheeple and public schools where we live are a JOKE. Zeal? No Shelby…..it’s survival. What “they” do to kids’ brains is bad bad bad. Spend a day in your child’s classroom. Core Curriculum, phonetic spelling and No Child Left Behind is a Sheeple program. Out of SURVIVAL I got my daughter out of the system. Parents come up with all the reasons why they can’t get out of the educational system…..I work, I need childcare, etc………well, they are excuses and western mind limitations. You must change your perception to “see” how its possible. Anything is possible if you know where the back door to your thinking and perceiving is. Anyone can homeschool. Anyone. Single parent, double parent, working parent………anyone. It’s your thinking and perception of the structure of your life that is in the way. There is a lot written about the transition process and you can see how parents are the ones that get in the way of it actually happening because of the “I can’t” and “here are all my reasons why”. Trade for childcare, barter, tap into other skills for money………if I can do it, there isn’t any reason at all why someone else can’t. I have multiple layers of limitations and I did it. WAS NOT easy.

    Zen’s right – it’s a learning curve. Our Ancestors survived as long as they did – not because they had mortgages to pay, car insurance to pay and children to put into childcare. They had survival, trade, barter and community. Redefining what is important and valued is a first step. For me, liberation from public school was mandatory. It took me seven years to figure it out and over two months to finally do it. Now that I have – I look back and wonder why I didn’t get it sooner.

    These tests and this curriculum is programming our children in the utmost negative way….up to you what to do about it. The system and the teachers are going to stay the same.

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