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Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails – Conference & Call To Action!

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Conference to Discuss if Geo-Engineers Are Playing God with Our Weather

Are Geo-Engineers playing God with our weather? That question and many others will be pondered during three days of discussion centered on science, action plans and solutions at the Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails Conference to be held from August 17 – 19, 2012, at the historic 1250+ seat Ebell Theater in Los Angeles – a suitably grand venue for the largest gathering against Geo-Engineering & Chemtrails in history. The conference will feature the premiere of Michael Murphy’s new film, “Why in The World Are They Spraying?”

The CBC conference is also a fundraiser for Morgellons Research, as all net proceeds will go to helping two leading groups acquire the equipment they need to further study this disease and not be dependent on outside lab testing.
The subject matter of this weekend long event will focus on an issue that is increasingly becoming a concern to many citizens – it’s called Geo-Engineering and is associated with what is commonly referred to as “Chemtrails.”
As scientists try to deal with some of the most crucial environmental issues of our time, many are embracing the idea of controlling the weather and some have even gone as far as to suggest that spraying heavy metals in the atmosphere may help reduce global warming. This “playing God” scenario is also being pushed by corporations and governments – all supposedly for the betterment of mankind.

In recent years, extremely elevated levels of aluminum, barium, strontium and other metallic elements have been found in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and other regions of the northwestern U.S. and southwestern Canada.
Could this be the result of such weather modification that is already taking place? And if so, why haven’t the citizens in these areas been told of such activities?
Is anyone concerned about the effects of these toxins on humans and animals –not to mention our food and water supplies? Examining the global implications of such weather modifications at the Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails Conference will be a dynamic roster of speakers that include weather experts, scientists, whistleblowers, researchers, philosophers, filmmakers and journalists.

Special speakers include; Leuren Moret, Clifford Carnicom, Laura Eisenhower (great granddaughter of President Dwight D. Eisenhower), Jeffrey M Smith, Dane Wigington, Alfred Lambremont Webre, “Dr. Dream” Mark Peebler, Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri, Dr. Wil Spencer, William Thomas, Allan Buckmann, Sofia Smallstorm, Kerry Cassidy, Deborah J. Whitman, Scott Stevens, Francis Mangels and filmmaker Michael Murphy whose latest film “Why in the World Are They Spraying” will make its world premiere at the conference. The emcee for the three day event will be Cary Harrison, host of The Harrison Show on Pacifica Radio’s KPFK 90.7FM.
All of these speakers – and more – will be at the Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails Conference to held at the Ebell Theater in Los Angeles on August 17-18, 2012. Advance ticket sales are available now online.

All net proceeds from the conference will benefit Morgellons research. Morgellons is a multi-symptom disease that has a number of symptoms such as; erupting skin lesions, sensations of crawling, biting on and under the skin, the appearance of blue, black or red fibers and granules beneath and/or extruding from the skin, fatigue, short-term memory loss, impaired thought processing and feelings of depression and isolation.

For more information on this three day event please visit; www.consciousnessbeyondchemtrails.com
Media Contact: Julia West Good Karma PR
Cell: (805) 477-8887 email: goodkarma@goodkarmapr.com
Take 10% off your purchase with this link! http://cbclive.eventbrite.com/?discount=BlueSky


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  1. Thanks for the post and the discount link. It’s fairly expensive for the two day conference. I trust that the info from this historic gathering will make it out on the ‘internets’ to educate people.

  2. The more people who get aware of this the better. I must admit this is my favorite conversation “awareness” insertion while in any retail lineup.
    Evergreen Air/CIA/AirAmerica has a base in Oregon, their planes are white and I believe have dark green wings, fly regular schedules of “chem” flights paths here in Southern Interior of Britsh Columbia. I have contacted my member of Parliament, who is taking my comments “under consideration” The Environment Minister of B.C. has not deemed to answer my email as of yet.

    Thank You CBC, keep the good works rolling.

  3. I live in the country about thirty miles southeast of Kansas City, Missouri. In the process of completing the construction of an art studio/shop in one of the barns,I was was installing an alarm system which has a very bright light that turns night into day. I decided to take the light with an extension cord outside one evening and shine it toward the the field and woods to reflect in the eyes of any animals that might be “watching”. I saw no critters,
    but there were tiny bubbles and very small particles of “matter”drifting down from the sky.There was no wind to speak of .The bubbles were about three to five millimeters across. I tried to take pictures but the digital camera couldn’t focus on the phenomena.I got concerned about inhaling the “stuff” and went in for the night.I’d been watching the chemtrail activity during the day and there was quite a lot of it. That night I developed a cough and a congestion that has stayed with me for six months now .I’ve able to control it more or less with an expectorant .

    • Tim–Damn…that’s nasty. Sorry the pics didn’t come out. I’ve had a cough for over 4 years from the damn stuff. I take ginger and supplements and it’s better but never fully leaves, and activates on spray days.
      There’s several articles about chemtrails on the site—search the word at the search line or go to the links at the bottom–moouse over the pics and you’ll see some interesting stuff. Stay well. Zeolite btw is a recommended chelation and detox for them as well as the radiation. Nice world they’re building for us, eh?…sheesh. Keep on and stay chipper, Z

      • Dear Tim and Zen, in case you are not already aware, vitamin B12 is great for your immune and nervous systems. Eating meat is supposed to give you enough, but since the meat is generally poisoned these days, most people have chosen not to eat meat and those that do eat meat, probably do not get the required amount, since the immune system of the animal, before it is slaughtered, has probably used up its own B12 to try to clean out the toxins and foreign hormones pumped into it by farmers concerned with profit. However, supplements are abundant and a little research will give the best brands for potency. (I cannot really give you a brand, since I do not know what is available in the US). Also, if you have access to a product known as “Greens+”, it is a compilation of natural substances that both cleanse and energize the body. It’s a little on the expensive side, but it works.(If it goes against the rules to give product names, then I sincerely apologize, but it is not an intended advertisement!) As well, fish oil is very high in vitamin A, which aids in the healthy function of the immune system, among other things. I use Norwegian Cod liver oil. It does not taste so great, but it does work! I have been using this regiment for sometime now, and although I really did not have any health issues to begin with, I can tell you that I have a lot more energy and strength. Aside from the Greens+, the rest is fairly inexpensive and they work! When you consider how good you actually feel after about a week of taking it, Greens+ is well worth it! Peace and protection to you both!!!!

        • Tx Sean. Gr8 tips. I agree about a good super green powder, been using them for years, really helps. I’m a big supplement user, it’s really important with our food so depleted as well as contaminated. Dr. Mercola has some great research and recommendations, Dr. Wallach has great info too exposing the cholesterol myth with great research and advice, and many others. People have to sort through to find out their best options, it can be a little daunting, but thankfully the natural health community is generally very sincere and helpful. Cheers, Zen

  4. boodabill – it’s actually a 3 day conference at a 1200 seat theater; that is only $32 per day! For Hollywood…no way to make it any more affordable than that!

  5. You might also be interested in something I’ve been working with since Nov. 2005. It’s called The Sedona Method. More info can be found at http://www.sedona.com and http://www.lettinggo.tv. As someone who has taken thousands of photos of chemtrails and seen the stuff floating around in the air and been working to educate others, I find releasing or letting go very helpful. Perhaps you will as well.
    Love, Peace, & True Freedom!

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