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Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails – Meteorologist Scott Stevens on Geo-Engineering


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  1. Hey Zen! I don’t know if you allow this or not, but I thought it might be important, I’m not pretending to promote anyone’s videos, just some interesting info I found and it totally made sense to me for some things that I’ve experienced.
    Check this out.

    I’ve seen that beautiful sky, I swear :p

    I’ll check your video out.


    • Jerry, I watched the video you referenced. This guy Chi? talks about his web site , but does not tell us what it is? His Blueskyg1 reference on youtube does not come up on searches either, Any Idea?.

      • No Jbaker, I’ve no idea, sorry =/
        I found that video on glp, maybe someone over there can tell you…

        What do you think of the things he says in the video?


        • Jerry,

          Somehow I connect with this guy. I take everything I experience with caution-I question everything.

          He talks a lot of truth and like him I keep a keep an eye on the skies, because you stay aware of what is happening by being outside and aware of what goes on around you.

          He sticks out publicly by going on video with his viewpoints. He now is a target for evil minions to end his life because of what he has to say.

          I do believe the beings that control this planet will do everything in their power to stop humanity from awakening, but it will not make a difference.

          I pointed out a UFO to several people at a little league baseball game last year in the middle of the day(clear skies) and they admitted to seeing it,but did not care.

          I see what is going on around me, but have no one to discuss it with. This is the only forum I have found where you usually are not ridiculed on your comments.

  2. Thanks Zen,
    It certainly makes more sense when this man says where are the pilots? and that ‘it is almost like the planes are being flown by artificial intelligence,’ 36.30 plus the geometry?
    So who or what is doing this ?

  3. By the way, every time I fly I ask the pilots as I leave the aircraft what they think of the chemtrails they were avoiding as I watched from my window. No response.

  4. They are like 4 year olds playing with flamethrowers. I miss my blue skys, billowing clouds and wisps. I used to sail and could tell the weather; it used to be readable just by the clouds. The soup in the sky disgusts me and I don’t feel like going to the great outdoors any more , cause it ain’t there any more! Who the fuck is paying attention? Good insight on the “ionizing” affects. I do wish THEY would watch out for the insects when they play.

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