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Conspiracy Truth vs the Media Gulag


by Zen Gardner

Ever felt trapped in your mind? Ever wonder why? This happens to countless people in the so-called “modern” media world we’re living in.

Here’s a really big subject we’re not “allowed” to talk about or consider. After all, we’re just “subjects”.

What about the idea of “conspiracy”? Think a dominating or controlling force would look kindly on any such “chatter” against it?

The Conspiracy Seed in Reality

Do people really think nothing is planned behind the scenes? Whether it’s business proposals, financial takeovers or outright political or military aggressions, people plan them…and of course in secret.

I’m so tired of this anti-conspiracy backwash. It kills intelligent investigation. Which of course it’s designed to do.

What these anti-conspiracy propagandists are really trying to reinforce is not whether elements conspire to bring about their own desired ends, but “Do you really think there are forces out to do you harm in your own government or national and economic structure?”

It’s all so obvious, yet you’re not allowed to draw logical conclusions.

Are We Living in a Spiritual Gulag?

This is a nasty time we’re living in. This type of propaganda is really a form of gang bullying. “Don’t even consider this conspiratorial idea or you’re an abject jerk and questioning everything you’ve ever learned. How can you? You’ll lose all you’ve got. Your friends and family will disown you..”..blah blah…

The shrill arrogant disdain in their tone goes on to imply, “Get on board with the program and be smart. Otherwise, ultimately you’re one of them.”

So in reality, their own deservedly paranoid perspective is protecting their own asses by attacking you for questioning them. But you’re not supposed to see that obvious truth.

After all, you’re in the matrix of the mental and spiritual gulag.

Dead Giveaway

Not so smart reactions after all by these reactive elites if you look at it rationally. But that’s not on the agenda. You’ve been programmed emotionally what to and what not to react to. That’s the key.

What’s the response to questioning 9/11? “Do you really think our own government would do or allow such a thing?” “Then where did all the people go on those planes if those weren’t the aircraft that hit the buildings?” “Would the Pentagon really allow a missile strike on itself, even if it was the recently reinforced side of the building and no plane was ever found?”

Here’s the twist. No conspiracy at home, but oh yeah, there’s a big one everywhere else out to get America!

Ironically, they have us think the same of “creepy, secretive evil doers” in caves who can by pass the world’s most sophisticated military defenses in history four times in one day to deal the world’s superpower such a blow that subsequently put us in perpetual war against a “conspiring” enemy…for over a decade and counting.

Scam city. Same as dozens of other truly conspiratorial false flags.

So what are they really trying to say, and why do people swallow their party line so willingly?

Triggering a pre-determined traumatised reaction. Is anyone thinking straight?

Divide, Demean and Conquer Through Drama and Repeated, Ridiculing Rhetoric

–Fear and Acceptance: People want to be accepted most of all. The barrage of fear mongering of every sort, from terrorists to food scarcity to job loss and financial collapse….takes its toll.

–Safety and security: And who’s the big brother provider? You guessed it…the same ones who say it’s the nutballs screaming conspiracy and “Don’t listen to them. In fact, we think they’re terrorists too. So watch your step.”

–Path of Least Resistance: People are so tired, dumbed-down and drugged by tainted food, air, water and food they just want to get by. Sad, but true.

Once again, keeping society divided, intimidated and disempowered.

The Off Limits Pavlovian Mind Game

This point is fundamental, but when you grasp the significance it can be a real eye opener. Apply this simple truth to other aspects of society. What else have you been “banned from believing” or knowing the facts about because “you couldn’t handle it” or it would “compromise national security”?

Watch the rhetoric. Who and what have been declared “off limits”?

It’s like follow the money. You can do the same with political correctness and religious taboos.

Look at Zionism. You question that agenda and you have hell to pay, religiously, politically and socially. It’s such bullshit. Why is that so? Will the world break out into sectarian pogroms at the mention of Zionist intolerance, oppression and financial chicanery? Again, mind control programming over decades by very smart social engineers.

Classified…..by Whom?

What’s really going on and why are these self-appointed “authorities” telling us what can and cannot be known?

Another thing that comes to mind is the use of the term “classified” and how the American public has swallowed this free pass to secrecy—not against some phony enemy, but from the public having the facts. Hundreds of thousands of documents and other forms of information could be telling them the truth.

Why were all the cell phones confiscated by police outside the the Batman shooting theater? Why was all the CCTV footage (closed circuit TV) confiscated moments after the Pentagon and Oklahoma City bombings never to see the light of day? Why was the testimony of over 50 live witnesses by the grassy knoll of the Kennedy shooting not admitted into court?

Time is their Trump Card

Let enough time go by and the urgency of the Truth and what it implicates is gone. What are we, approaching the 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s assassination and still no reconciliation? Is that because of lack of evidence, in a country rife with secret service, CIA, political jackals and every possible type of surveillance?

You REALLY think they don’t know the truth of the matter? You don’t think the closed circuit TV recordings confiscated after the Pentagon missile and Oklahoma City bombings wouldn’t tell us a helluva lot more truth?

That’s the wake up.

All, as in ALL, of this is known and endorsed and planned and sanctified and covered up and filed away by a cabal so powerful you could never even imagine!



Just another shot at making things plain and understandable, as best I can. There’s so much obfuscation, smoke-screening, distracting and outright denial it’s become hard for most to make out what’s really going on. I hope by chipping away at these dark forces’ agenda it will bring in more light and empowerment, just as many others are bravely doing.

And we need more. Always.

Just remember–be your own person. Stand on your own truth.

Whatever, don’t cater to the power freaks. They’re liars.

And stay lit. They cannot approach or deny the light.

Much love,




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  1. Thanks Zen. YOU REALLY DO HELP.

    We’ve entered a “Catch 22″ world. Remember? Nothing could be answered or explained because of Catch 22. How many missions did they need to fly? Why does the number keep going up? Remember when they made a deal to buy cotton and chocolate? When Milo asked Yosarrian to try eating chocolate covered cotton because they didn’t know what else to do with it?

    Catch 22 is now – National Security
    Classified Information
    Sealed Court Documents (see batman shooting)
    Seized Documents
    Sealed crime scenes

    But it’s not working as well anymore. The higher vibrational frequency that is occuring has begun to shed light to the extent that really simple questions
    are all that is necessary now. Thanks for pointing some of these out Zen.

    An insane world requires much laughter. I’ve gone Galt. 25 years with a construction business. Got pretty big too. Now it’s just me. I love it. No more employees. Lots less stress to deal with. (even though I handled it well) Wonder why the economy sucks? Lots of people like me is why. Tear it down or roll it back, I don’t care which but nothings going to get fixed until one of those two things happen so it will just continue to fall. Hey”elete dudes”, I’ll challange anyone of you to a contest. Start a business with just $2000. No loans. No dishonesty. No bribes. Just straight up talent and hard work. See if you last 25 years.

    I read a comment today on Zerohedge. The guy pointed out that we are all either predators or producers. How inciteful. The thing that most predators don’t realize is – Predators aren’t good at producing, but producers can easily become good predators.

    Like the lady helicopter pilot said on the movie Avatar – Aint karma a bitch?

    Much love to all.

    • They couldn’t tie there shoes with out direction. I deal with both gov’t and large corporate, these people have no idea of the real world and ya i’d love to go 1 on 1 with any of these clowns and put that on a reality show.

      Peace in the world is what we need.

  2. Peace and Protection, Zen!!!!
    Keep well and keep testifying for those of us that need a little Truth.
    Thanks and love back ay you!!!!

  3. don’t know who you are but you are right on target, I see and agree 100% with your articles. These topics are difficult to express and in such a succinct way but you do so beautifully.

  4. I want to preface the following by stating that this does not directly respond to the above article,
    but to other articles and comments I’ve read on this site. Zen, you put forth some very fascinating material
    on this site. Hopefully, you choose to view the following as constructive criticism, because the article you
    have just written here is a huge step in the right direction.

    This site is like SOMA for lonely, intellectual, conspiracy-aware people.
    I’m not sure about the notion that our being alone is due to some sort of spiritual awakening or
    ascension that estranges us from others.
    I think our being alone and estranged from others is due mostly to our own internal frequencies
    that manifest externally as social estrangement. Those same internal workings are probably the reason
    we’re even aware of half the stuff presented on this site.
    In my case, I’ve not been one to be a big fan of social situations. As a child I was very shy.
    Now that I’m older, I’ve learned that
    social situations are not worth it, unless there’s a purpose. I often can’t stand being social just for the
    sake of being social.
    I don’t see much point in talking to people I don’t know.
    I don’t care. Cocktail parties and things of that nature make me feel uneasy, and even when
    I’m talking with someone in such a setting, I often fail to see the value in the interaction.

    I don’t think I’m any more spiritually “awake” than the people who are absolutely content in such situations,
    and find intrinsic value in chatting with other people. I’d argue the opposite to be true.
    The people that are social butterflies and love interacting with other people are more spiritually awake.
    I truly admire those kinds of people, and I’m often smitten by their presence.

    Introverted, intellectual people, often enjoy mentally masturbating about excuses for why they are the way
    they are – stroking their ego in the process.

    Shouldn’t we be encouraging shy, introverted people to be more outgoing in order to reach more people about
    what’s going on in the world?! The way I see it, there are three choices: smalltalk/fluff, run away,
    or educate and inspire. Someone needs to create a Consipracy Researchers Guide to Conversation at Cocktail
    Parties. Although, he has a negative vibe, and is probably a double agent working for Mossad, Alex Jones is
    great to listen to for some canned responses to address the programmed flack that people give you
    for being awake.

    Nonetheless, strangers are often the least likely to ridicule someone they don’t know for something they say.

    We’re at a great time in the history of the world to let people know what we’re really thinking. The fact that
    people like David Icke can fill stadiums to tell people about interdimensional reptile control networks is
    a great sign for where our collective consciousness is heading.

    That’s my two cents. I’m hoping someone on here can understand, and respond.

    If you’d rather not respond on here, I can be reached at my email, insipidtoast at yahoo dot com

    • Dude, I totally get where your at. Been there, done that.

      911 was the turning point for me. As I began to talk to people, they would look at me like I just snuk out from the cockoo’s nest.
      But after years of research I’ve come to the conclusion that the world is messed up, not me! Now when I get the chance to rant on some of the ways our society runs, I let em have it. and it feels good when you can get someone to just question that maybe what the MSM and PTB are feeding us really is not what the agenda is.
      The 2008 market crash was overboard with the bailouts. Government HANDOUTS should be for everyone not the rich MF ers, that screwed it up to begin with. GM goes under oh well, seeya later. People i’d talk to would say ” they have to save them look at all the jobs that would be gone”. I say no way, we will all still drive cars and instead of being GM’s they might be Toyota’s. Same amount of jobs, we just got rid of the idiots who cant balance a budget.

      Some Inlaws were cheering when they said they got Ben Laden and buried him out at Sea, I laughed at them, again they thought I’d snuk out . Think about it, read about it, check it out ! Oh i am sure every father would let the PTB just get rid of their kids body. NOT

      The Earth we live on is really a beautiful place, the world we live in is actually a false pretense, the MSM and PTB try to show us that it is their doings that make it real. They manipulate and use their power in an attempt to keep us uninformed to what their real agenda is.

      Everyday I see more and more people waking up, and when the scale tips in our favour, GOODBYE to the PTB’s.

      Its about Truth and Love, and when you come to this realization and its really in your heart, you cant wait to tell people.

      Oh yeah, get in the garden, what a genuine place to BE!

    • Insipid is certainly an odd address, and I have to ask why you’re here calling us lonely intellectuals? and why diss Jones and Icke during your personal ramblings? For many getting really pissed is a great starting point and the rest is left up to the individual to discern.
      As for asking we “understand” no, I do not understand, as you made no clear point. Don’t mean to be testy, but I am tired of people complaining about the few, brave enough to stand up and bitch, and try to educate, both jones and Icke and said many things over the years, it’s a learning process, we’re all trying to figure this place out.

  5. You’re in the center of the maelstorm, Zen, able to see the inner workings. Many of us are in the same boat, incredulous that so many are oblivious to the larger plan being implemented. All we can do is continue to speak out and hope that the 100th monkey shows up soon, and we can have a break-out.

  6. Zen, apart from “professional”” debunkers, I’ve found that the average people can’t take that huge threshold of considering, let alone accepting, the idea that their own government (their new mama’s and papa’s now they’re adults) would turn against them. The implications are devestating for them. So they back away and fight it off, defending the conventional BS.

    I always believe there has to be an equal amount of “light” inside of a person to integrate such a huge dark aspect of life. Without it, one would take a fall into depression, fear, and so on. So what I think is lacking in most people is the spiritual background to all of this, and a realistic view on what’s going on in these times. They need some positive backup to be able to accept that they’re f*cked inside and out, that their knowledge consists of layer upon layer upon layer of lies, but at the same time realise that there’s a reason for all of this, and, more important, a way out.
    We all simply need to find the strength to find our way back again, by unplugging as much as we can from the system as it is, and plugging in wherever we see truth and healthy ways of living, thinking, eating.
    We have to take our spiritual energy back, that they so cleverly harness by arousing us to their venues.

  7. Classical physics had the “ether”.

    The ‘science’ of consciousness (STILL) has the ‘mind’.

    There are feelings (or emotions) and thoughts [the thoughts of men (one of those thoughts being the thought of the ‘mind’) or the thoughts of God–Isaiah 55:9].

    All else is a violation of Occam’s Razor.


  8. I work for a major big company and u get to interact with ‘higher ups’ on smoke breaks etc. And believe me a lot of highly educated ppl with huge salaries who hold responsible job titles are ‘awake’ when talking ‘off the record’ in general conversation but as soon as you’d want their opinions ‘on the record’ out there in ‘officialdom’ they’d lie and give you the BS expected version just so as not to threaten their jobs, huge salaries etc. The point is, these ppl are hopelessly dependant on the system to keep their privy way I’d life. Plus they are to scared of what ppl and especially their peers would think of them! That’s my experience chatting to them.

  9. “There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle, or the mirror that refflects it.” ~ Edith Wharton

    Keep shining brightly, my friend :)~~~

  10. Respect and love to you Zen,another great article.A true conspiracy theory is the official versions of 9/11 and 7/7 etc.An official set of events for the public’s consumption with absolutley no evidence to back it up.I love pointing this out to people who accept the mainstream lies.

  11. Well, I have just finished watching Bases 8 – Chris Thomas Velon ET Threat to Humanity part 1 and 2 on Utube.
    After watching this and feeling through it, everything is quite simple…
    It is all a distraction for us to keep from integrating our whole soul within our body.
    It is time to wake up and do the clearing work, so we can become who we REALLY ARE.
    Bless everyone now on the Sojourn you are about to take after listening to what Chris has to say….

  12. I suppose it depends on what you consider the outset of your initial awakening to Shenanigans.gov.

    For many it was 9/11. That’s what it took to disturb their slumber.

    For me it was JFK. That was followed by a tour in Nam; which confirmed all suspicions, and rendered the phrase ‘official version’ ever noxious and deceitful.

    Reflecting, then, down that linear time shaft, has affected some conclusions on my part.

    Being a decade + from the event; and living in an ever increasing stratagem based upon the chicanery, we find ourselves, yet without remedy.

    That none will be afforded us by investigation in this sphere is a warranted conclusion.

    In those many disciplines prospering in The Far East, in Metaphysics, and across the venues of multiple spiritual paths, our attention and focus is of paramount importance.

    A maxim I have come to live by, through experience, is : “The result, was the intent”.

    It’s applicable in the nausea experienced at your last sitting at the boob tube, as well as numerable venues to which we are, often voluntarily, exposed.

    The point is, what possesses our attention? What frequency are we on ?

    In the ‘conspiracy’ or ‘truth’ movement we now find the infighting, the disinformation, the controlled opposition.

    The blogoshere is replete with abuse by way of comments that no one in their right mind would willingly subject themselves to.

    Frustration, anger, hatred, despondence, all these “Results, were the intent”.

    Yeah, it’s bad. It’s bad along time and trend analysis predicts no relief in the immediate future.

    Worse is the forecast; and, worst is the end game.

    It’s all there, screaming out for your undivided attention! Whether or not it will posses (yea, consume) you is your own decision.

    This site suggests we focus on the positive alternatives. That’s a good suggestion.

    Their performance can go on, without us as enraged spectators.

    Shrug Atlas, shrug!

  13. Hello Zen
    My first visit to your site although I’ve read quite a few of your articles on BIN. When exploring I always listen for the “shriiing” sound, like when the blade clears leather. Your writes have much “shriing” and qualifies as another valuable desk reference for my research.

    Reading the comment section on this site is a good barometer for not only the quality of your article presentation, but a measure of your prestigious readership. The dummie population is sparse here and I particularly like the troll flushing. Love that “shriing”.

    It has been said that a thimble full of truth can destroy an ocean full of lies, you just have to stir it. I am here to help stir.

    Thank You for your work and look forward to next articles.

    In full appreciation,


  14. Hey dude, you can chill and you’d enjoy life more. OK, yes there is mind control at work, but the most important thing to remember is that “they” are not doing it to you. You are doing it to yourself.

    That is what most conspiracy theorists forget. You are free. No one can control you. They can control what you hear and see, but they cannot control who you are.

    You think that they can control your body, and you have to save yourself. No, no, no. There is nothing to save. You have swallowed the illusion that you are your body. You are not. That is the first delusion. All the others flow from that.

    If you keep believing that you are your body, then you will always be afraid. You are the awareness that sees through the body. Return to pure awareness and all fears will disappear.

  15. Here is another way to look at it. People are afraid. There used to be wild predatory animals and murderers everywhere. For millions of years. We are wired to be vigilant. But that is only our chemistry. We are more than chemistry.

    When people are afraid, they form alliances. It feels like being in a group has more power than being alone. So people join groups. You see the CIA as a nefarious group, but try to just see them as very fearful people acting out their very fearful fantasies. And trying to create the illusion of strength to combat their fearfulness.

    If you simply do the same thing and create a groupthink that is aware of these other groups and gains strength by seeing through the power dramas that these groups represent then you are simply doing the same thing as them.

    Instead, be free. Let the fearful people do their little control dramas. You can’t stop them anyhow. But you do not have to set yourself up in opposition to them. What they control is meaningless anyhow. You don’t need it and you don’t need to stop them.

    There is an electrical power grid in Russia. So what? You don’t need it. There is a political power grid in Islamic societies. So what? You don’t live there. There are social power grids in the Greek fraternity society here. So what? You are not part of it. There are fearful power grids everywhere. Let them do their thing. It doesn’t matter.

    The only way to be free is to give up fear. There is nothing you need to defend. There is nothing you need to protect. You are simply awareness, eternally free.

    Be that.

  16. ‘Conspiracy Theory’ is the Elites defense to being caught with their pants down. The counter accusation is so outrageous that our powers of rebuttal are temporarily shut down. The same thing happens when the seductress yells RAPE! It is not easy to understand how perpetrators can lie so well, when confronted with the truth. It is not that the !% has been careful to hide their Conspiracies. Many of them are on record admitting to goals such as the New World Order, Eugenics, One World Currency etc. Is that not evidence and admission of corrupt scheming behind the scenes? The latter is what a conspiracy is.

    What is even more outrageous is that so many in the 99% use the same rebuttal when Elite misdeeds are pointed out. All one has to do is mention or clarify CHEMTRAILS in a small group of people. Then one will realize how functionally illiterate the bulk of the ‘masses’ are. They have no notion or informed view of what Chemtrails are, so they go into their stock of ‘programming’ and retrieves the ‘winning move’ for arguments where the Elites are culprits. Functional literacy suggests a level of awareness and competence in the ‘here and now’. Programming of all kinds pre-empts this.

    There are few who are functional literates in this world. Few have taken the soul attributes or qualities of Awareness and Knowledge, and developed them. Without these, truth will be a stranger. But, that’s how the Elites planned it in the first place. Your principal role is to be a cog in their wheel. They will do the rest for you! They will tell you what is truth and what is lie. Their think-tanks will create histories for you….whether it is Geologic history or the history of the world or of events. The 1% will be absent from your consciousness as the editors of the truth of all histories and as the CAUSERS of the history that has happened to mankind.

    The think-tanks have always been there, hidden and creative, directing what the masses believe. They have invented all the subjects that you have ever studied at whatever level of education. Some have absolutely no bearing on reality…..being so far removed from the matrix (being located and invented only in their mental laboratories) that fairy tales make more sense! Economics, Politics, Sociology, Psychiatry etc are all concoctions of think-tanks. One is lucky to find a half-truth in school subjects. In fact Schools and Colleges are institutions that dumb you down while preparing you for a niche in the Elites System of preferred careers. The masses only get enough to count their wages and to write their names. To succeed in education, you have to ‘cram’ or memorize or program yourself. To ask questions and try to make sense of things should be the way to go. The masses are caught in the distractions/indulgences that accompany the education process. The qualifications earn the money but ‘functional literate’ it does not create!

    It is not only the think-tanks that make lies, disinfo and deception into ‘normal’ information available to the 99%. Publishers, distributors, Management of all kinds, Libraries, Writers etc are all led by the same Elites do their bidding, willingly or innocently. Thus it is that, Feminism, the Gay Agenda, Terrorism and Spreading Freedom have been given respect and legitimacy. With such a degree of programming from all possible institutions, including the mainstream media, to express any but the mainstream views on these subjects is to be called Conspiracy Theorist or worst.

  17. What you say is true, Zen.

    What they want to hide mostly, these 4D entities who are control freaks, is that a gigantic wave of energy hotter than 1,000,000 Celsius degrees is arriving in our solar system, in few months, according to their space monitors called Ibex and Chandra.

    To understand this, listen to Pane Andov here :


  18. Excellent thoughts, as always, Zen.

    I read a fascinating short novel a few weeks ago and it’s still haunting me. While there were ample disclaimers that it was fiction, it rings so true that I think it’s the real deal; see the full PDF here:


    Turns out the biggest worry on the part of the military of the aliens that crashed at Roswell was the fact that not only were they thousands of years ahead of us technologically, but they could read minds and knew exactly what the generals were planning and thinking. Oh, what a fascinating world that would make!

    Imagine no secrets. Imagine no ability to lie ever. Imagine a world where lying was as unthinkable because it was impossible. How would our technology, our government have evolved without any real ability for criminality?

    Maybe that’s what the higher frequencies are all about. Some people have psychic ability, I think most of us have a flicker of it now and then, whether bidden or not. Once we’ve cleared our pituitaries of the fluoride and our bodies of the junk food and GMO attacks, maybe we’ll all make that quantum leap forward, and the manipulators will be doomed as the sociopaths and psychopaths amongst sheep that they so obviously are. Then it will only be a matter of rounding them up or, perhaps, in a kinder world, re-education although frankly I have my doubts it’s possible. They seem to be a separate life form to the rest of us.

  19. If you’re worried about elites, then you are doing exactly what they want you to do. Their apparent power is simply you believing that they have power. Think Wizard of Oz.

    There will always be elites. Complete equality is unattainable. Undue attention to the apparent power of others is simply giving away your inherent power.

    All the power you need is inside of you. Anything that appears outside of you is simply an illusion. It only has power over you if you give your inner power away.

  20. Thank you again, Zen, for keeping the light beaming! Everything you write checks out beautifully with my own intuition. It never ceases to amaze me how “popular” it remains to be ignorant and asleep. You would think people would gravitate in general to the empowerment of “hidden” knowledge. I guess feeling safe and secure under the shroud of “the big lie” is more desirable. Nonetheless, I’m grateful for our slowly but surely growing minority!
    Big hug, Joe

    • Hey Joe—yes, if you read with your heart and not let the head interfere too much it’ll check out. Those who get hung on the details are still learning to let go, although I like it when people challenge things and not just take them at face value at the same time. Interesting stuff. Here’s to the growing minority…although one soul with the Universe is a majority..;)) Love, Zen

  21. zen – i love your site but these days i love reading the comments even more! i’d love to have a cocktail party and invite you all – we could talk our talk and be ourselves and we’d respect each other for who we are. tt – don’t get upset if people don’t like who you like – it’s no biggie 😉 we can change minds, behaviours and attitudes – we just have to want to. don’t be fearful or scared and don’t lie – honesty is always the best policy. i wish i knew people personally like you guys who come here – thanks everyone.

    • Yes Susan, lots of great folks! So much great stuff to share!! Would be a blast to meet, ha! One day, somehow, somewhere…but then again, it’s always and already here!..;)) Love you, Zen

  22. Working as a consultant for Painewebber back in 2001, stationed at the Newport Center I had a front row seat for 911.

    Changed my life, spent the last 11 years telling people what I saw and in the process lost alot of friends.

    I heard the weirdest noise prior the explosion, then watched as the towers fell, the last to go was the columns, which resembled burnt match sticks. The columns crumbled and turned to dust.

    That was the day I woke up.

  23. Just because your seeing what is happening does not make you awake.

    When you awake you will feel peace not anger and frustration.

    When you awake you’ll know your not the first.

    When you are intrigued and amused by the chess game you have become aware of your awake.

    When you awake you know that its all smoke and mirrors and the maneuverings of one side versus another is as important as the material your bedroom door is made out of.

    Don’t know why I chose hear and this article to really speak other then one other technical spot but here it is. Meditate on it. Own it. And once you awaken know for the first time that its more your fault then anyone else’s. (change that its whim)

    1. That which you perceive as your adversaries discovered the game before you and are believe it or not working for you. However, the real adversaries divide an conquer.

    2. Beyond the Ninth is the first.

    3. LAUGH, CRY and EXPERIENCE. Play the game.

    • What game? Is that what my life is? No God, no salvation, no soul….nothing that matters to me! Who are the adversaries..both real and fake? Their job is to make me laugh, cry and experience?

      Don’t know where you got this or your philosophy from, but you need to get your head checked and radiated with a dose of reality. Tell the more than 1 billion hungry people on this planet to go and play games. But then, to trivialize life like you do, you must have a lot of money and wellbeing… and feel that the world is your ‘oyster’.

      You are definitely part of the conspiracy to keep us stupid and evil! Go back to your somnambulism!

      • Play the game is symbolic for live your life. To be enlightened is just to be enlightened and someday you will get it. You will get that we all create our own reality an at the same time share our reality with others as well as share their reality with us. The adversaries are those who don’t want you to evolve. Its the biggest insult to them to make them irrelevant. I sincerely hope you lose the anger and learn to see through the glasses they put on you.

        What if the conspiracy was deeper? What if the adversary (call them the lizards, the Illuminati, Satan’s minions) made you think men who fight on the same side are not your friends? What if the took it farther and made you think they were your enemies fighting at opposite cause? That’s the failure of secrets and floating on the surface of the fringe. Its your reality, start the change, join the change, or spend your time on the attack. The point is you can not be so absurd as to think you or I can solely be responsible for everyone’s decisions or journey other then what we create and/or do.

        There is a vast difference between being aware of something and doing something about it. There is a vaster difference between be aware to your surroundings and awake to them.

        I was merely trying to nudge the ones who were ready to the next step. Or maybe just getting the few to ask the right questions.

        I can see where you may be upset of the idea of life being a game. But lets ask the right question. If we are a multiverse based on spirit then why are we limiting ourselves both temporally and physically?

        As for me Im an older gentleman who has made and lost fortunes. I now live in a small duplex and can barely move from Morgellons and the amount of pain I experience everyday. My take home is about 900 dollars a month. I have open sores that itch and I cant sleep because of the pain for days at a time till I sleep from exhaustion. And still I love the experience of everyday and will not be beaten. The advesaries want you to take the world on your shoulders, but I leave for now with this.

        What if each act of selfless sacrifice in your neighborhood is all it takes to start? What if simply mowing the yard for a sick neighbor or helping them take out the trash is all it really took?

        • I guess you fell into the traps of language. GAME is a too flippant paradigm within which to include all the serious issues about being alive. Those who have the competitive advantage, tell us its a game. But it is no game that we want to play or enjoy playing. Those who have unbeatable force on their side like to make these kinds of jokes.

          It is more like war. It is war by deception. It is a Conspiracy. The truth has to be unraveled…and the info used in LEARNING THE ENEMY to defeat them. Physical battle will be necessary, as it was in the days of Krishna. With DRONES coming, it will be suicide.

          Knowledge must be used to fight this battle. The Elites and masses depend on the dark side for power. This is what actually is used to control human beings from within. Within is where the battle must be fought. Defeat the darkness within and the Elites cannot use it against you…ie you have no exploitable weakness they or the masses can use. This is the method to be used. A lot of technology is being created that affects people through its effects on the dark side. If you defeat the dark side, they cannot use this technology against you.
          The way to deal with this world is to fight back in effective ways. Your body is your vehicle yet evil wants it dead or usable to themselves. If you fight back, you can win because it is your body. Make the body alkaline and see if the Morgellon’s recedes. You have to research and experiment on yourself. They made these weapons to function in ACIDIC people! The filaments maybe halfway between living and dead. Try SERRAPEPTASE which digests non-living tissue. Try things that fight infections eg Lugol’s Iodine, Colloidal silver. Try Rife machines….who knows what Frequencies can do. Don’t give up in favor of doing nothing. Try baking soda, Magnesium Chloride etc. Change the body so that it offers no support to Morgellon’s!

          You just express yourself differently. Don’t worry about it. I am worse off than you materially. One thing they could not conquer was my consciousness so that leaves me as an original soul. From that perspective, life is not meant to be lived like this. To live at all, the Elites and Masses must be allowed to steal your body. Thats not right! In fighting back, you have to stop this. Then, hell is unleashed on you. But, A LIFESPAN is not all. There are more journeys to come. My generation and friends are dead or dying. Only my battle keeps me company!

      • Pandava –
        I agree with you completely. Game? Carnival ride?? I do not choose to play chess with the putrid stench of Evil, and then, thank them for the opportunity. I do accept my decision to be where I am.

        But what about children who are sexually violated, chronically diseased/ malnourished, and have their limbs blown off?? Not their fault, but I’m sure they own it. A populace who has been drugged, and scientifically mind-controlled, to consume and deny all “human” qualities? Surely, they deserve some help from a loving universe.

        • I am truly sorry for your frustration. I truly appreciate your feelings of powerlessness to save the innocent. I assume you say this because like most you are a good loving being.

          Oddly isnt this conversation a perfect dichotomy of the original question?

          Do you feel like you are locked away and your thoughts are being controlled.
          Could our own social network fall to the same sins?

          ie: The shrill arrogant disdain in their tone goes on to imply, “Get on board with the program and be smart. Otherwise, ultimately you’re one of them.”


          You are definitely part of the conspiracy to keep us stupid and evil! Go back to your somnambulism!

          Don’t get drug down yes there are innocents to save but you will be infinitely more effective with positive gentle persuasion. To start a landslide push a pebble its much more efficient then blowing up the hill.

          • You are suffering from the ravages of Conspiracy fact. Morgellon’s is a created disease. How can I, in all good conscience, maintain my original impressions? It would be hypocrisy not to be understanding in this. You did clarify!

            Anyway, try working on the problem they have inflicted on you. I indicated how I would proceed. Alternative medicine does have answers. Finding them is the challenge! Good luck!

        • I think Jerry just chose the wrong way to express himself. In a way, he is right too. The traps and tricks, old and new, are there. You have to be as wise as serpents in the detection of, and fighting back against, the ‘moves’ of the enemy. You have to learn the enemy to defeat him. The Predators don’t feel the pain, you do. For them, it is a scheme to get you by one means or another. The proper response is not to fall asleep as they wish, via enjoyments, habits and status-seeking. Even accumulation causes you to sleep. To have your possessions and achievements cloud your philosophy…is to fall asleep.

          The key thing is to make your body immune to all they can manipulate or destroy you with. Alkalize your body and the dark side within gets defeated. There is no traitor within to be manipulated or to want this or that incessantly. No traitor within to be programmed. No competition for your head! Then the possibilities of why God and Soul are the bosses, emerge!

          This was written for the audience and does not directly relate to you! Thanks!

          • Thanks and love the stimulating conversation. and if we agree on 75% of things we are allies and even friends. Goddess bless.

  24. My path has been to remain dispassionate and live life in the NOW. It’s like the Buddist idea of “being”. By dispassionate, I mean keeping my mind and heart open to more information as it comes in. Those who live in black and white terms have great trouble doing this. They can become blind to new ideas. I think this is human nature, as we are brought up from youth to establish our ideas and understanding in such a way that we can become a “finished product”. No wonder people become adults yet still find themselves confused. Learn to think for yourselves!

  25. Infinite and Eternal Divine Blessings and Thank you Zen for sharing wisdom and truth.

    I also like to break it down like this:
    This entire so-called society is like playing a game (could be chess, could be baseball, you name the game), and during this game THEY are always cheating (whether seen or unseen) in one way or another or in every way.
    The bottom line is THEY won’t play fair.
    Yet THEY can’t play without cheating, and THEY can’t ever win with cheating, either.

    So as long as WE stay wise (and continue to gain wisdom) and stay strong WE can’t lose.
    But it does suck playing against a cheater (so have empathy for THEM, but never fall for their bullshit).

  26. It’s now official – there’s been no actual shortage of Holocaust Survivors :

    Quote from The Holocaust Industry by Norman G. Finkelstein of the City University of New York, published by Verso in the year 2000:
    ‘The Israeli Prime Minister’s office recently put the number of “living Holocaust survivors” at nearly a million.’ (page 83)

    I’ve checked out the six volumes of Churchill’s Second World War and the statement is quite correct – not a single mention of Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ‘six million’ Jewish victims of the war.

    Eisenhower’s Crusade in Europe is a book of 559 pages; Churchill’s Second World War totals 4,448 pages; and De Gaulle’s three-volume Mémoires de guerre is 2,054 pages.

    In this mass of writing, which altogether totals 7,061 pages (not including the introductory parts), published from 1948 to 1959, one will find no mention either of Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ‘six million’ Jewish victims of the war.

    CODOH – Committee for Open Debate of the Holocaust – breaking the power of taboo


  27. The political art of large-number reiteration:

    Zionist trial runs of “6 Million” Holocaust propaganda in 1911, and also in 1919

    Max Nordau (1849-1923) was the co-founder of the World Zionist Organization together with Theodor Herzl.

    Have a look at this Max Nordau quote from Ben Hecht’s book ‘Perfidy’ – which is available for free in PDF format at
    http://www.hirhome.com/israel/perfidy.pdf (on page 232 of 261):

    In the Zionist Congress of 1911, 22 years before Hitler came to power, and three years before World War I, Nordau said, “How dare the smooth talkers, the clever official blabbers, open their mouths and boast of progress. . . . Here they hold jubilant peace conferences in which they talk against war. . . . But the same righteous Governments, who are so nobly, industriously active to establish the eternal peace, are preparing, by their own confession, complete annihilation for six million people, and there is nobody, except the doomed themselves, to raise his voice in protest although this is a worse crime than any war . . .” unquote.

  28. And take a look at the article from The American Hebrew, October 31 1919

    (see attached reproduction below), prophesying a ‘holocaust’ of ‘six million’:



    The Crucifixion of Jews Must Stop!
    By Martin H. Glynn
    (Former Governor of the State of N.Y.)

    From across the sea six million men and women call to us for help, and eight hundred thousand little children cry for bread.

    These children, these men and women are our fellow-members of the human family, with the same claim on life as we, the same susceptibility to the winter’s cold, the same propensity to death before the fangs of hunger. Within them reside the illimitable possibilities for the advancement of the human race as naturally would reside in six million human beings. We may not be their keepers but we ought to be their helpers.

    In the face of death, in the throes of starvation there is no place for mental distinctions of creed, no place for physical differentiations of race. In this catastrophe, when six million human beings are being whirled toward the grave by a cruel and relentless fate, only the most idealistic promptings of human nature should sway the heart and move the hand.

    Six million men and women are dying from lack of the necessaries of life; eight hundred thousand children cry for bread. And this fate is upon them through no fault of their own, through no transgression of the laws of God or man; but through the awful tyranny of war and a bigoted lust for Jewish blood.

    In this threatened holocaust of human life, forgotten are the niceties.. etc etc etc

  29. There is a face in that smoke, he seems like he is disgusted by the entire situation. tks zen your site should some kind of blue ribbon for creativity.

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