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Corporate Con Men: The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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ExxonMobil, BP, Chevron, DynCorp, G4S, Walmart and McDonald’s are just a few of the companies that the mega ‘charity’ supports.


With an endowment larger than all but four of the world’s largest hedge funds, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is easily one of the most powerful ‘charities’ in the world. According to its website, the organization ”works to help all people lead healthy, productive lives.”

So how do the investments of the foundation’s $36 billion investing arm, the Gates Foundation Trust, match up to its mission? We dug into the group’s recently released 2012 tax returns to find out.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation exposed

The Gates Foundation did not respond to requests for comment; however, its investment policy says the the trust’s managers “consider other issues beyond corporate profits, including the values that drive the foundation’s work.”

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation exposed 1

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation exposed

In its most recent annual report to investors, private prison company GEO group listed some risks to its bottom line, including “reductions in crime rates” that “could lead to reductions in arrests, convictions and sentences,” along with immigration reform and the decriminalization of drugs.

Military contractor DynCorp, meanwhile, has faced allegations of fraudmismanagement, and even slavery from the Middle East to Eastern Europe.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation exposed


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  1. * I don’t believe for a minute that he started his empire in his parents garage…it was all handed to him…just like that little shit ‘Zionberger & Faceplant’..Gates definitely has that sallow beatific countenance…the same look as a priest gets before he sodomises a 4 yr old boy…He’s part of the Jesuit Sodomy Club that is at the pinnacle of all of the latest pedophilia revelations of this ancient ritual practice that is still self perpetuating in the upper echalons of the 0.ooo1% Capstone Club…you know…the perverts that have ruled us all for at least the last 13,000 years……I guess this all just another one of their corporate miracles

      • * All the best Indigoviolet…luv your moniker, as I’ve always been attracted to that aspect of the color spectrum …always have…I think these colors are linked to Saggitarius/Scorpio…as I was born on the very same cusp in 1951/6am …which is exactly where they’ve introduced the 13th sign (forget the name)… a couple of yrs ago…you always have discerning solid no- fuss commentary…I see you as about 5’8″ with short black hair small/medium build…this same image of you always comes to mind when I read some of your contributions…am I ‘bang on’ or ‘no ciga’r-lol….see you next year

        • He he… well you’re right about the no fuss. If I had a motto, it would be ‘Simplify’. As for the rest, I’m Leo, 5ft nothing, 98lbs, medium-length blond hair, but have a cigar anyway!

          PS, nice to see you back.

  2. Everything Microsoft came out with was a copy of Corel software……….I think it’s called industrial espionage.

    • *Yeah Rolls…when I found out a few years ago that his father headed up ‘Planned Parenthood’…I knew immediately then, that these gargoyles were into the NWO Malthusian mindset, spawned at the turn of the last century by the 1%er ‘Usual Suspects’…ie: H G wells -Huxleys-Darwin- Bernard (the drunk) Shaw-Bertrand Russel etc etc/et al…all living in the rarefied air of Mt Olympus, living like demi gods on their estates… accrued from the sweat & gross violations & indignities of the slave & opium trade…’snobby assholes’ criminals more like… that loved to separate everything & to sequester their credo in little box realities & regarded everyone in the ‘mob’ with abject & haughty, dismissively superior condescension whilst viewing the peasant farmers as ‘sub-humans’…not much has changed in the intervening era gone by.

        • Guilty as charged! …that’s why I use these 3 little dots…as an ‘alternative’ spacing to avoid the firmly fixed rules of excessively rigid standard punctuation… with my own ‘strung out’ ‘Newspeak’……Once you catch the meter…you can do the ‘Macarena’ while you’re reading-lol

          • I always enjoy reading your comments alex. There’s such a cool flow to your words. It reminds me of stream of consciousness writing :-)

          • I second that Mea…I enjoyed Alex’s flux of words…Rollo’s too. I learn a great deal from the comments posted by some of the folks here at Zen’s. This time of the year can be difficult emotionally for me but checking out Zen’s site immediately lifts my vibration

          • * You’re very perceptive Mea …as that seems to be the way I naturally express it all…….apparently James Joyce wrote the last chapter of his epic “Ulysses”…’consciously’ setting his words free via ‘automatic writing’… loose… into an ‘unconscious’ “Stream of Consciousness’ mode…seeking to by-pass the ego (edit/ filter) & just let it all hang out by letting his words fall where they may… so as not to be unduly compromised by our ‘little Hitler’ (obsessive compulsive-lol) ‘control-freak’ EGOs… hahahahahaha!…merry everything & happy always Mea…cheers

          • * All the best Mary …as you seem like such a gentle & pure soul….& bringing that kind of loving energy here… makes me feel better as well…I’m sure there are mant among us that would agree whole heartedly….give your kids a hug from all of us…cheers

  3. I had to watch this after one of my anti-government conspiracy buddies shared a link with me for a video that had a biased opinion about Gates’ comment in regards to population and vaccines. After watching this entire video, and looking more into what health care/vaccines does for us, and what a lack thereof does to impoverished regions, I now understand what Gates really meant by what he said.

    Vaccines, health care, etc, doesn’t reduce population by killing people or causing infertility. It reduces population by causing people to not feel the need to have 5-10 children. Regions that lack proper care have higher mortality rates, which causes them to reproduce more to sustain population. In turn, this causes higher population, which furthermore causes more health problems and higher cost of living. By giving a region or nation access to proper health care, they will feel less need to reproduce because mortality rates are lower. This in turn reduces population – because people choose to.

    a quote from a youtube video Bill Gates on energy: Innovating to zero

    • The life span in 1st world countries is far lower now than it was throughout the world in centuries past. The only reason many died in large numbers in the past was due to water born disease, which was eradicated, which now unfortunately has been replaced by flouride, which is likely why you don’t properly comprehend the Gate’s ideology. Go to an old cemetery and look at some of the ages.
      Also, I’ll go “out on a limb” somewhat and speculate that it is likely that the boys with the bone through their noses, are not, and are not likely to, practice any form of birth control in the near future.

      • I must apologize, what I posted was not my belief or that I was swayed in anyway by the video. It was much like watching a politician. I decided to put this person’s comment on here for discussion purposes, not a stating of my new belief or to sway any of you.

          • I should clarify, the only part of the original post I made that was mine is the final line “a quote from a youtube video Bill Gates on energy: Innovating to zero”

  4. koitavan, you left out a whole slew of cultural and religious ideologies in regards to having 5-10 kids! Not to mention the impact of orchestrated wars and induced poverty (both of which affect the immune system) and famine. So many thousands of people die everyday, many children, from these three that no vaccine can help. Why not spend scads of money on changing these causes?

    Some other q’s for ya:

    What regions are we talking about exactly? What’s really going on in these places that you don’t see in a two min news story because it’s not furthering a certain political agenda? Further, what’s the real story regarding mortality rate vs. population? Numbers that do not come from gov’t sanctioned agency/health corp. studies?

    “Innovating to zero.” Zero what?

    Today’s vaccines are full of chems and god only knows what else. If chems and GMO are in everything we consume including our air, then how much of a stretch is it to see logic in the same tech being employed in vaccines?

    Why are gov’ts and agencies such as this one that lie, cheat and steal from their public pushing to make vaccinations mandatory? Is it really because they care about us as human beings and the impact on our earth in this ONE aspect? Really?

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