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Cosmic Detox and the Crumbling Matrix

by Zen Gardner

Having any weird experiences lately? Good and bad? It appears these vibrational changes and the accompanying wake up are having some freaky consequences. Is the matrix breaking up and releasing its captive energies?

It’s nothing to fear.

Strange things are going to abound as we move into this next phase. Don’t be alarmed, but as the matrix starts to crack it will yield up caged energies of all types, again good and bad. It really is nothing to worry about but if you’re prone to fear it would be helpful to be near stronger people and/or spend extra time reading and watching uplifting information.

And stay informed. It will explain a lot.

Detoxing the Planet’s Soul

This vibrational purge is very similar to people detoxing on a massive scale. All these wonderful natural remedies we take to release the metals and toxins in our system that are available are fantastic. We all know we need to flush them out with plenty of liquids and not let the toxins lodge in our filtration system.

We need to do the same with our minds. People need to be conscious of what we’re going through, because detoxing doesn’t feel so good for a while. Right? So know that’s some of the stuff you’re experiencing.

Weird Stuff

The spiritual is very much the same. Those new to this may not have much background in the existence of spiritual energies, influences and entities. They’re real but nothing to fear unless you’re carelessly fooling around with them. So be careful. Some have been loosed and are looking for homes.

The realm of occult divination can be dangerous without a thorough background in the occult sciences and a strong, conscious hand on the controls.

Don’t look for it, but don’t be surprised if weird stuff becomes more frequent, like sensing entities around you or strange experiences. It’s just stuff getting released. The good energy far outweighs the negative so stay in that lit vibrational stream if that type of awareness comes.

Take command.

Expect the Unexpected – World Gone Wild

I’ve been touching on this point quite a bit, but every day that goes by things seem to be intensifying. The earthquakes and volcanoes, solar activity and weird weather upticks have been off the charts.

And we know the physical is a manifestation of the spiritual.

I get a lot of correspondence from others who are experiencing all kinds of encounters and phenomena. Almost everyone I know is having their dreaming take a hyperbolic turn into new territory. One person told me they woke up within their dream recently and were walked back thru it and shown what the dream meant.

Cool if you ask me.

I had one the other night I could swear I was seeing myself in a parallel dimensional world. It was not like any dream I’ve ever had and I remember in the dream observing it and having that thought. Another world like this, but nothing similar to anything I’ve ever experienced and not one familiar reference point–except it was the same as this world in every other aspect.


I don’t presume to fully understand all of this, but I can observe the uptick in unusual spiritual activity. I watch for this.


It reminds me of Ghostbusters when the idiot dark force regulatory official made them shut down their containment system and everything went bonkers (above pic), whereupon the spirits were released leading up to the whole “revelation” of the powerful satanic forces attempting to take control of earth.

Sounds like today’s idiotic fascist, boot-stomping cryptocracy, which has very similar spiritual roots.

Hollywood Predictive Programming?

Replete with twin obelisks and pyramid..Gozer the Gozerian, a shape-shifting Sumerian, comes to establish control of earth.

BUT the Occult Landing is Thwarted by…

Crossing their energy streams apparently does the trick. Truth, Light and vibe bonanza wins again! Ha!

Warning: More Signs in Every Day Life

Meanwhile, things are getting stranger in the every day world. Are you noticing people staggering around in parking lots looking for their cars or the shop entrance…just barely making it? There’s a serious degradation of life going on and so slowly no one seems to notice.

Driving continues to get wilder as people continue to grow more nervous. Again, there will be increased irrational, erratic behavior so beware. It won’t make any sense and you may want to “steer clear” of anything giving off that signal, including people acting strangely.

Reason won’t be a recourse.

You might have read about the woman in Denver Airport who stripped down to nothing the other day, or the businessman who started cutting himself saying “they’re coming for me”, similar to the pilot that lost it with a similar mantra, freaking out his passengers who then subdued him.

It’s a cumulative effect that’s reaching a critical point with people. Just be aware of these possibilities is all I’m saying so you won’t be taken by surprise.

That’s just practical advice, and maybe it will help you keep an objective, conscious viewpoint instead of getting sucked into the confusion drama. It’s sure helping me keep a lookout.


Fear not, but pay attention. See things for what they are. The effects will be clear.

The lines dividing and defining realms of perception are going to be blurred and fading in and out.

My advice…be circumspect. A lot will be revealed and some of it will be pretty disconcerting. No worries when you keep it in perspective.

Be vigilant and proactive.

Much love,



P.S. The Zen Swami over at Zen Haven sent me this video of an astrologer doing a fascinating reading for next month,  just as I was finishing this up– unbeknownst to him. Synchronicity rules!

Enjoy this astrological confirmation for the near future!

The Astrology of May 2012


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  1. Too true. What Chippalone (well, now lot’s of us chipping together) called the terminal madness of the end times.

    And in one sense they are. The coming dimensional expansion will be pre-cursed (notice that word….) by a tunnel passage, just like all births are.

    That is the mouth we are upon now. And the ensuing chaos is the flow starting to break up.

    We can make it much easier on our-selves eh Zen?

    But that takes work, truth, courage and all that. :-)

    Go easy. Or if you cannot go easy, go as easy as you can.


  2. OK, I’ve been experiencing the exact dreamlike state where I seem to be in a parallel existence as described above. My thoughts upon returning to full consciousness have been pretty much identical to those mentioned above. In that “parallel” existence everything ‘s right but also all wrong ! It’s like that place absolutely exists and I exist there but don’t. Makes me think of the TV show “Fringe” These experiences are completely new to me (began a month or 2 ago) and any insights would really be appreciated. Knowing that others are experiencing these things eases my mind since they are so odd.

    • Landis – Sounds the same. I had another one last night but not at vivid as the first one. Clearly something different. When we share these things and get them out in the open we can learn more about them. But my impression like you was that this is something distinctly new. I mean physicists talk about 11 dimensions swirling around us in the same spot…parallel worlds, different times at the same time, etc. It’s about time we could step thru and experience them…;) Hey, anything’s possible! Cheers, Zen

  3. Yeah, I’ve been having “altered dreams” too! In some of them I am going to sleep in the dream, but that’s because I’ve been skipping sleep lately but I’m trying to cut back on that habit… But still other dreams there is just such a panoply of stuff going on. Unfortunately I tend to forget the details by the time I am forced to go about my business in the day.

    You know what is interesting for me though? Lately my daily life is looking more dream-like. I notice that other bodies in the matrix tend to behave like AI’s just like in my dreams, like astral robots that automatically want to get closer to my physical body for no apparent reason, or close in when there is plenty of space to pass (play chicken on bridges and sidewalks, etc), or do things in such a way as to get closer to interacting with me even when there were clearly more options and I’ve been able to predict these and fake them out more and more. It’s kind of funny now when it used to be only irritating. I think the matrix thrives on irritation and pain and drama, so I’m avoiding those. I’m even avoiding hating the matrix, but just focusing on a certain mantra I have.

    My mantra is secret, but the point is that each person with a soul needs to develop their own inner mantras, and they may change for different circumstances, they may have some that are permanent, or have permanent elements that recur in other mantras. I say mantra to mean a mental action that helps me know myself whenever an opportunity comes to do so, especially when the opportunity is also inviting me to bury myself in the ignorant drama of this matrix/world.

    I agree that the outside realm of phenomena, manifestations, are tokens of implicate, inner workings. I think really that since all we understand of the so-called “outside” world is really “inside” our minds that the outside world basically just is an aspect of the mind. But since I accept the idea of other minds, at least one other mind in my direct environment, then I have to think that we are really in a metaphysical reality to which the movie “Matrix” refers to artistically. The matrix is and has always been real, but we are currently in what I take to be a negative-weighted matrix. Good beings have to know themselves, protect themselves. Any being which is not good doesn’t care about anything really, but is just a sort of automaton that runs on bodily reflexes and has just enough light left in it to form a reasonably functioning ego (reasonable in mundane terms of the body getting by in this corrupt world).

    I also wouldn’t want to hype up the negative, and I’d warn anyone to do the same as you say, Zen. Be aware of the outside energies because they always say something, however indirect, about each person’s inner self. That’s again because the outside is always meeting the inside some percentage of the way even though an other mind may be on the other side.

    But I’d like to offer a distinction. The other minds are further away from self-signification than are things, and things further away than circumstances, and circumstances are further away than one’s own body, and that if further away than one’s own emotions (esp. bodily), and those are all further away than outer thoughts, and those are all further away than inner, feeling-like thoughts (intuitive notions). I think that since knowing and being aware of the outer is really the same thing as knowing the inner, one might always use one’s awareness of the outer to “move within” on a continuum to one’s own innermost mind and so that way even if something is very potentially impactful, another person freaking out for example, I can avoid unecessary dramas etc by simply moving in to larger circumstances, then to my own bodily reactions, then to my mental reactions, then to my truest self. This way I avoid unecessary interactions, especially in freaky situations, especially since the only connection it may have with my true self is an incidental, accidental one. But that still fits the formula because the outer world always accidentally refers to the inner world. In fact it may be most of the time, and so we always have an excuse to “know ourselves” by seeing our reactions to the world, then our reactions to our reactions, etc.

    Be aware of the world, know yourself.

    Just my bit.

  4. Oh, and like you say, REASON WILL NOT BE A RECOURSE in most circumstances. People had EONS to be reasonable about what’s been going on in this material universe. If they didn’t want to be reasonable by now, they aren’t going to be. If people are still being reasonable after all this time, then you’ll know them when you meet them. Either way, people will be OBSTINATE. Me, I’m obstinately reasonable. I won’t give up philosophy and I won’t give up knowing myself and the world I’m in, and what the truth is. I know others often couldn’t give a damn and that’s not my problem anymore. I won’t be found arguing with people about anything anymore. I will interpret what I see as the natural and necessary results of that phenomenon being commited to being exactly what it is. I think being free to choose and all that is good, but there is a season for that to end, and that is when we are entitled to reap our rewards, or else if we have been avoiding them then they will be reaped for us and we’ll be forced to take our share.

    I’m an optimist about the freaky things in that I seen them as symptoms of a failed and dying matrix reality, and we can now let those who love it reap it, while letting those who love everything this world has despised, disregarded, hated, killed and abused, and deceived us about, we who love those things can leave this world and go to one where such things are valued the same way. I think it is fair.

  5. Hi Zen. Nice words. Things are changing, and for the better, I feel.

    I want to say something about Astrology, but I’m not too articulate. Basically, I feel it is another of life’s traps – something else to get us focusing outside of ourselves, rather than on our own inner source of power.

    If, for instance, I want to go on a journey but ‘the stars aren’t favourable’ (who says so?), it would be a fear-based decision to postpone the journey. But I don’t do fear or negativity so I will go on the journey with my intuition as my guide. Intuition is a tool which needs constant honing, and it is honed by honouring it. It is blunted by overriding it.

    So, Venus can get on with her own journey and I’ll get on with mine. I may give her a wink occasionally but she won’t be influencing any of my decision-making.

    Just my take on it.

    • Indy..agreed. I don’t steer according to all that either, but it’s amazing how it all works together. Something to be learned from everything. Trends in space, astrology, earth changes etc. and how they intertwine with changes in humanity and the awakening are just fascinating to me. Much love, Zen

  6. totally relate to this article,especially what you said about dreams, I look forward to going to sleep at night to see what very unusual experience awaits me, thank you zen

  7. Pretty much on the ball there! The collapsing ‘political’ system is just one small indicator of what is to come, politics-obsolete. The money system at breaking point, money and those who are behind it-obsolete.
    Its all going to fizzle out, there is a way to go before we get there, but it is coming!

  8. I have never really been an astrology ‘buff’..no judgement about it..just a peripheral interest..I did watch the vid…and the visual of all of the six pointed stars in the center of the chart indicated..to my awareness.. the star tetrahedron..our Mer-Ka Ba..Light Body!!!

    Note to myself: perhaps time to dust off the Mer-Ka-Ba meditation I learned at a ‘Flower of Life’ workshop years ago..a la Drunvelo???
    Be in our ‘Light Body’ Grounded with Mother Earth and Cosmic at the same time…..
    Speaking of ‘time’ I keep having this vision of two waves converging…very powerful…
    Whoah! What a wild ‘Chariot’ Ride!

    If I see you..I’ll wave!
    Love to All,

    • Hi Kate. Yeah, there’s apparently quite a pulse coming at us of some sort that’s going to affect all levels–like an atomic blast but spiritual. Interesting you saw two converging cuz those types of shock waves pull and then push, like a tsunami. It’s gonna be a wild ride for sure and feel disorienting. Should be fun! Heck, this current paradigm is so “yesterday”…ha! Love, Z

  9. Somebody (Nela) commented about the Matrix in one of Zen’s previous articles. She/he said it is a false construct superimposed over reality. This is a great way of putting it.

  10. Im working with a guy at the moment in one of my capacities as an NLP/ Hypnotherapist…whos 66, and is experiencing a mass trigger of emotion and past trauma….he cant explain why at his age its all happening now…because lifes been “normal” up until recently

    Its as if somethings turned the switch on.

    Me on the other hand I just see myself as placed to help people who are going through that..i think its my purpose, but ive had to forfeit alot of my own needs to do so…like intimate relationships..which I struggle with…give me traumatic memories anyday and Im ok..weird huh?

    • Emjay..that’s interesting. We each have our roll. But I’ll bet even that’s gonna shift around. Expect the unexpected..;) Gr8 you can help people! – Keep on, Zen

    • John..me too. Lovin’ it! Key is to respond to them and you get more. Attached people are disabled from that full ability. Time to drop out. – Z

  11. thanks for this…very uplifting…myself, i am on an upswing after a few days (once again) of swaying around……feel great today, and your message has given me an extra boost of confidence………thankyou……cat

  12. You’ve filed another wonderful article Zen. You are so right about the collective uptick in dream activity. Within the past month the regularity and persistence of the amount of dreams that I’ve been having has sky-rocketed. Upon going to sleep (with a full nights rest) and then waking in the morning, I now have an average of give or take 5 to 10 seperate dreams (very lucid) on a good night-often it’s one episode of extreme weirdness bleeding into the next episode, equally more bizarre. I haven’t changed my food habits nor my drinking habits, and I’ve never used drugs or ever consumed alcohol; it’s as you say, the truth vibrations, for certain having some sort of residual, collective effect.

    More and more it is really beginning to feel like the waking state is the dream state and vice versa! It’s a strange feeling to put my finger on for sure, but the very noticeable difference in the overall atmosphere of daily life and the vibe I’m getting from everyday interactions with various people is markedly different from the years before. You’ve explained all of this in your articles masterfully and at length, so no need to summarize your brilliant analysis here. You have hit the nail on the head for sure. Anyways, that was a long story made short. Thanks so much for your contribution to the world Zen. Everyday I look forward to reading what’s on your mind :)

  13. Sounds very familiar to me.
    Sometimes in dreams I look over my own shoulder. Other times, human-like beings teach me ‘magic’ and other things. Or it’s like an action movie. Saving people from danger, zombie-like people and demons. And when it get’s to tough I ‘zoom’ out of the ‘film’, have a break and zoom in again.
    Many times I can’t tell if memories are things that happened the other day or only in my dreams.
    The other day I awoke in a bedroom that wasn’t mine but it ‘felt’ like my home. I decided to sleep for another half an hour and finally awoke in my usual bedroom.
    I also see more and more people running mad. And only a few waking up. Those running mad often try to attack me in different ways. When I ‘feel’ into them they are full of fear and hate and greed. Poor souls!
    Others and many animals (dogs, cats, horses) seem to love me as soon as I come near. They even don’t obey to their owner’s commands until I say ‘please do it’. ;D
    People tell me they feel ‘lighter’, happier and ‘like in mother’s arms’, free of any burden when I’m near. :D

    Although it can be hard sometimes – carry on my friends!

  14. Yeah for sure the synchronicity is everywhere.I’m having a blast with it! My friend at work even mentioned how she has been having strange things happen, that made me smile cuz she is noticing things.
    What an amazing time we are in! Onward through the fog!
    Love to you all!!!!

  15. Zen, seems like you’ve really got your finger on the cosmic pulse as it were.
    I always come away feeling uplifted after reading your thoughts.

    I’ve definitely had some strange dreams recently, strange feelings and even seeing things out the corner of my eye. But what has absolutely exploded in the last few weeks is seeing 11:11everywhere, accompanied by a strange feeling of exhilaration and excitement as if I’m waiting for something but don’t know what. That happens when I see 11:11 and then relax and imagine opening myself to the energies influence, kinda strange.

    Have you got any ideas or thoughts about just what this 11:11 phenomenon means?
    Many thanks and love, Crolin

    • Hi Crolin.

      Personally, I think that seeing 11:11 is simply the peripheral vision picking up vertical lines / pattern. I say this because I used to drive myself nuts as a child/teenager when I would see it ALL THE TIME. I would ask adults if they also saw it, and ask if they had any idea why I kept seeing it, but I’d just get blank looks and no explanations. So I decided to try to figure it out for myself.

      I have no reason to doubt my original conclusion. I also saw/see 10:10, 22:22, 23:23, and 9:11. I believe the peripheral vision is quite active, even when we are focusing on something specific. Perhaps it is a survival mechanism.

      If you are seeing things out of the corner of your eye, perhaps you are using your peripheral vision more, which may be part of the wake-up process. Just a though.

    • Crolin – Both my wife and I get those 11′s all the time. I mean a lot! If you search it you’ll get various interpretations of what it means. To us it’s fun and we find it very synchronistic how they show up. The more you notice the more you notice, so it can get wild. They just remind us that synchronicity abounds and to keep our eyes and minds open at all times.
      And as far as seeing things out of the corner of your eye, same here. We’ve had some very peculiar experiences. Different people handle these things differently, but I believe it’s important to take control and intend them into the light and a better place if they’re questionable vibrationally, if that makes sense. A lot going on out there we don’t know much about, but this Multiverse is hopping with vibrational life! Follow trusted sources for more info on this, but be wary and see what resonates.

      Thanks for the great comment, so happy this is resonating. It’s good to know we’re all going through very similar experiences and helps all of us handle this period with more confidence. Stay in touch, love, Zen

  16. Zen absolutely loving your postings. I am having a whale of a time, seeing and sensing so much. Dreaming that brings poetry, verse, colours and answers to questions. Seeing numbers, 11s 12.12, 22.22 and 9s – I keep within the light, and the potency of my healing energies has intensified too. People are tellibng me about the deat they experience and cold and a whole host of lovely jublies.

    Even my poetry is getting read a lot and I have had some lovely even magical comments. I am staying in love with love in this zone…..
    love peace and bring it on!

    Namaste (oooh I got a 4 4 and 8 on the sign in thingy!

  17. Some good points, yet I do not believe that Astrology is a true science as is Astronomy. When you have heard the truth it will enliven you. The greatest awakening is a spiritual awakening. Jesus found an even greater one when he went to the desert in prayer and fasting for 40 days. Being in the wilderness for some is more than the physical desert, it’s a spiritual wilderness I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I have personally experienced the natural flow of clear thinking and artistic creativity flowing exponentially. I and millions globally find when having realized that we have been “quickened” to this new life and focus on being centered in Him, life is easier to manage.

    A person is defined not by his mistake, but his solution regardless of choices made, if you fall, pick yourself up, dust yourself off. Move forward by following “Let Go, Let God” attitude and not fall to misguided astrological forecasts. Such forecasts and psychic readings are no more than the “theory” such as of evolution and not Facts. Psychics are at best 40-60% accurate which can only be counted as not of God. All biblical prophecy is 100% accurate and over 1500 of those have already been manifested and proven true. Look to your Creator and know that He has given you the power to be in this world but not of this world. Look for your affections to come from heaven above where He sits at the right hand of The Father. Deceivers abound with vain words enticing you to fulfill the desires of the flesh and of the mind.

    Open your mind for spiritual awareness with discernment because you don’t want to just flood your mind with anything new coming along then mop it all up. If you have given some attention to things that don’t compute or overload your mind, they can appear in dreams. Dreams are a mechanism by which they are a shredding in the mind from things set aside and pushed to your subconscious. Like your maintenance crew that comes in to clean up when the work day is done.

    The Babylonian religious system maintained a variety of specially gifted and trained practitioners of the occult sciences–magicians, astrologers, sorcerers, Chaldeans, soothsayers (Daniel 2:2,27)–but only the God of heaven can really reveal the future, for He controls the future.” “Only God can correctly predict the future, for He controls it. The Bible is unique among all other books as a book of fulfilled prophecies.”

    Why is it a psychic can seem to be correct one day, and totally opposite in predictions in a day or two-three? They use “familiar” spirits who read your mind. Thinking is powerful and our thoughts can be read…

    Be careful to whose voice you are obedient to when facing puzzling times – do you want to be in a desert wasteland or find refuge in the goodness of The Lord. Surely you want to feel like a new man. Let the peace of God rule in your hearts. Stay informed with the Scriptures and pray to be led by the Holy Spirit that you may learn and grow in the word. Studying the occult may best be left to someone who is already seasoned in the scriptures that you may differentiate a pythonic spirit from truth with the guidance of God through His Word or by His Spirit to seek various magical devices to help them find which way to go.

    Christians have a real sense of grounding today and they need not fear the occult or its practitioners as long as they are walking in God’s will.

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