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Could 9/11 Truth Topple the American Empire?


by Zen Gardner

I’ve thought about this quite often since hearing the idea on one of Freeman‘s talks. As these exposes, staged and otherwise keep rolling out, it appears we’re being steered toward a major breaking point leading to the dissolution of America as it once was.

What if a 9/11 inquiry were held in the European or World Court in The Hague and the real truth came out and was publicly validated? It’s not that far fetched. It would be purely by design of course, as perhaps these latest NSA revelations are scripted to be part of as well; the deliberate downfall of America, its false facade and eventually its infrastructure.

Remember the end game: the establishment of a One World Government. American sovereignty and what it stands for in the world mind stands in the way of this. Wouldn’t it be peachy if this new, benign defender of the rights of humanity that arises out of an indignant “World Court” saved the day and brought justice to the American War machine via 9/11 truth, and via the collapse of its image and sovereignty converted into a subordinate fiefdom of the new world state?

I don’t put anything past these psychopaths. They kill their own when they need to and would gladly sacrifice Americans and even Israelis in their quest for world dominance. It wouldn’t be the first time. They’d then repackage whatever was left in North America as one of their already designed world zones and  just relabel the American military apparatus as international peacekeepers, something already well under way with even the infusion of foreign troops on American soil, while converting the government to some international substate.

Not only do you get this legacy of supposed freedom deleted but the world elites behind this would come off looking like the saviors of humanity. World everything would easily follow and the sheep would march into it proudly.


Controlled Demolition is their Game

And is it simply irony that 9/11 was self inflicted via guided aircraft and controlled demolitions, with the implosion of two of America’s most proud, sacred symbols as its target? Is that the process of implosion currently at work as part of the lead up? Sure appears that way. And if so, bringing out 9/11 Truth for all the world to finally see and acknowledge would certainly be the final coup de grace.

Just imagine the outrage if exactly what was done and why on 9/11 came into public consciousness, including Israel’s thorough involvement along with the fascist Neocon faction. If this NSA scandal with stale surveillance news is causing this kind of fury where countries are reconsidering their financial dealings with America, 9/11 Truth would sound a stunning and ominous death knell as a furious world would recoil in horror and disgust, only to soon turn to rage as the peoples of the world would look for revenge in any way possible.

Bringing this into “approved” public awareness would have to be with their consent; in other words, it would be by design if it happened. Sure, millions worldwide know 9/11 was a complete scam, but look at the NSA scandal to know which “scandals” they allow or don’t allow into “approved” public awareness.

And yes, things are that controlled.

Ordo Ab Chao Is Nothing New

We’ve known the “Powers That Be” are pushing for confusion, collapse, internal and external conflict, and any sort of confrontation amongst the populace their Masonic minds can conceive of. That’s their game…keep us busy, divided and distracted so we don’t wake up to what’s really going on.

But we’re waking up, fast and very furious. And again, they know it.

I don’t trust the news, I don’t even trust seeming whistleblowers anymore until I’m sure. This is a staged, steered, brainwashed and muzzled world, but I don’t want to be overly cynical or jaded either. The wake up is real and I’m super impressed with what’s happening on the awakening front. I just don’t trust any mainstream announcement about anything.

Anything. There’s always a catch. And their desired catch is us.


The Tinderbox – Anti-Americanism Is Mounting

Here’s a telling little clip from the Financial Times:

Holed up in Moscow airport for the past three weeks, Edward Snowden has only had a limited impact on the political debate about surveillance in the US that he wanted to ignite.

Yet the self-confessed National Security Agency leaker has managed to orchestrate a very different political phenomenon: the biggest bout of anti-Americanism since the Iraq war.

When he first revealed his identity a month ago while in Hong Kong, Mr Snowden used selective disclosures about US global surveillance to rally public opinion in China and Russia. Since then, he has managed to create uproar in Europe with information about the bugging of EU offices and over the past week he has created a new international stir in Latin America.

According to reports this week in the Brazilian newspaper O Globo based on documents provided by the 30-year-old former NSA contractor, the US has been using telecoms infrastructure in Brazil to absorb huge volumes of communications and to spy on governments in the region.

People are sick of wars and and all the obvious oppressive economic manipulations crippling their countries, and now to be made aware of massive international surveillance this puts them up against the wall. They’re on to it and sick of America’s arrogance. Add to it the forcing down of a sovereign President’s jet and it takes on even more momentum.

It won’t take much to cause a furious backlash even at this stage.

Now imagine if the truth about who carried out the 9-11 false flag operation and the obvious “why” was openly announced? Not only would the U.S. be vilified and abandoned but Israel would be exposed for their massive involvement as well.

Wakey wakey.

I know, if only. Hey, in the real courts of Truth and Universal Conscious Awareness it’s already been tried the day this perfidy was conceived – the deserved consequences will come one way or another, whether or not vast swathes of humanity “get it” or not. The point here is that conscious awakening will bring about needed changes a hell of a lot faster and empower humanity to its rightful place with much less suffering as more and more people wake up out of the hypnotic state.


Coming Into Conscious Awareness

We know the media is rigged. Severely. Yet despite their efforts to fully control all information they can’t, they never will. But they’ll sure try.

The cat’s out of the bag with the internet information explosion. People are armed with more truth, or at least have access to more of it, than at any other time in history. That is a huge phenomenon.

The NSA spying on everyone has been in the news for quite some time but never took hold. Now it’s taking a front seat, perhaps because some of the media themselves have found out they’ve been targeted. We don’t really know for sure, but it’s now out in the open and has gained traction and having a very serious effect. Or at least we’re being told it is.

Whether this is another “release valve” or running something up the flagpole to judge for reactions, or a genuine leak, we don’t really know for sure, but the effects we’re seeing are nonetheless there. Whole governments, not just targeted individuals, are threatening to take action. It’s a completely different dynamic. Whether it was engineered or “allowed” we don’t know, but I always lean toward the sceptical side due to all I’ve learned over the years.

The fact is, there’s a level of mass conscious awareness that has a dynamic all its own, especially when that consciousness is more awake and aware and old paradigms are crumbling into dust. That changes people’s whole perspective and whole new realms open up to them.

And 9/11 Truth is one of the most powerful catalysts there ever was.


Ripe for A Mega False Flag

Unfortunately, this now is the very climate the Manipulators tend to pull their bigger operations, when a distraction from issues at hand and an emotionally charged justification for the next round of draconian clampdowns is needed and most effective.

This is discussed often but is an ever present reality in this dark age we live in.

If an American city were micro-nuked, few people will even consider their own government did it and their heads will be easily turned toward the terrorists du jour, As we’ve watched evolve the past decade, terrorists can be anyone in this engineering fascist Orwellian milieu they’ve created where even federal government workers are encouraged to report on each other…as well as themselves!

Thought policing taking it’s roots. Lovely place to live.


Stay on Your Toes

This goes without saying for most of you but it can’t be stressed enough. These are perilous times. Whether they take the Mideast war to new levels in their quest for Iran and global hegemony, pull the plug on the economy, or execute one or more escalated false flags, the effects next time around could very well make 9/11 seem like an afterthought, even though it’s what got us this far.

The best preparation is spiritual, to have your life in line with consciousness which gives right perspective. Chaos affects the unprepared very severely, while those who have stayed on top of these events and the trends we’re witnessing will have a huge advantage.

The dynamics of what is transpiring before us are important to grasp. The Orwellian model, where everything is reversed and the State is your ever present minder, is important to employ in our understanding of what’s going on around us. Nothing we’re told should be taken at face value. Lying is their modus operandi. It’s a virus to the mind and spirit if not spotted.

“Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom” was never so true.

Keep on exposing the cabal, keep on helping others, keep on getting free from their clutches.

As the darkness descends we’ll be seeing millions of candles already lighting up the landscape.

Pretty damn cool.

Stay lit.

Love, Zen



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  1. Great piece Zen, if not a bit sobering. This is exactly their style.

    I wrote a bit on American exceptionalism recently but never finished the piece. I posit two key points in the article: first, America is exceptional because we were allowed to be. Like a punk stock broker confuses a bull market with his perceived talent, we have confused our position on the planet and in his-story, with a set-up, a bankster silver spoon, a cruel joke. Second, it is our turn now to be sacrificed on their alter, like many noteworthy cultures before us; which may include the likes of Atlantis, Egypt and Rome.

    I hope I’m wrong.

  2. Nice, Zen. Thank you. “Be water”… definitely! 😉

    I tend to agree that they will want to smash the identity of America throughout the world, or at least most of it. Hadn’t thought a whole lot about 9/11 truth being a catalyst. Would work on two shores though. Those ‘countries’ that are now pissed at America and those Americans outraged by the truth that they are realizing for the first time. hmmm???
    The waves of the storm still hitting, Zen. Beginning to think it is just waiting, gaining strength… digging in deep. Good news: The longer it waits, the more begin to stir. It has been amazing lately. Tiring, but amazing. Just have to get more to wake up exponentially to the strength the storm gathers. :-) On my toes… enjoying a lighter load today.

    • You soooo get it. Had a wonderful talk with my oldest daughter who’s a heart child and waking up “exponentially”..so heartening to hear the echos of Truth that are hitting home with so many! That’s my focus, as I know is yours sweet Momma, and it’s extremely powerful. Funny thing is it remains at rest, yet does so much!
      How totally cool is that??!!

      • The echoes of Truth never fade. It is only we that let it fade away into the background. And in rest, Light often regains its brilliance in the calm before being whisked away in duty… so does Truth gain volume in its message. Very cool… no words… really.

  3. And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.

    • and she won’t like it….bitch that she is….and the kingdoms of this earth shall be fucking pissed…and beat the shit out of her while bewailing their own loss of income…oh the sheckels, oooh the sheckels…..

      and then they perish.

      Next up – – – new world….yay team!

  4. Zen,
    It’s beyond my understanding at this time to predict how those responsible for 9/11 could spin the truth of what they did or how the rest of the world would react to it.

    I only know that the truth must be faced if we are to avoid the total collapse of America as well as the rest of the world to be rolled into the NWO.

    It is the hubris of the American people that is as much responsible for the horrors that have unfolded since 9/11 as those who would enslave us.

    The truth is that it is America’s “God’s Chosen People”/ master race mentality that breeds this insanity and makes us susceptible to the Satanic influence of our Global masters.

    This mentality must end, even if it ends America in the process if the rest of the world has any chance for peace.

    Other countries should pity us for our folly. Whether or not that will be their final solution remains to be seen.

  5. I love that pic with kid and the super troll NSA.. Great write up Zenster .. I can see the Msm pushing hard for a race Riot again with this Travon case . Let keep in mind that The Main stream was out right caught rigging the 9 11 call .. the order was given right from reuters to AP then into fox .. and was told to play it every 8minets on the LOL .. all kept quiet about that now

    • Rothschilds own all the news agency’s…seems Evelyn Rothschild just happened to be sitting in his new NY penthouse facing the twin towers when the SHTF!…amazing coincidence, don’t you think?…or just front row seats for the ‘entertainment’ of the satanic slaughter of the innocents, as they leapt from the windows?…I guess he held out a ‘thumbs down’ that day.

      • Nero fiddling while Rome was burning in my mind. When his dome headed ancestors started all their other shit (WWII for example) their part in it was done in relative anonymity. Now they’ve popped their head out of their hole. So as the walls come a crumblin down I’m thinking that there’s not enough steel that they can ring themselves in to keep them safe from the seething hordes. We don’t know how it will end but I feel it will be a different outcome to the one they are planning.

  6. The New York event is the most overt cynical action ever perpetrated on american citizens by the parasites that are running the show.
    The level of cynicism displayed makes it clear that these same parasite controllers know that they have the citizen/cows solidly by the nose and can lead them wherever they like.
    The average citizen supports this insidious game by focusing on ME, MY, MINE, just as the controller parasites do.
    Until there is a massive shift in consciousness from this obsession with ME, MY, MINE, things will not improve and will most definitely continue to get worse.

  7. NSA surveillance in MSM = desensitization tactic
    WWW has let the cat out of the bag to those willing to look. The gov. must seek to control it by desensitization, disaster, and control.
    I just fear for the fluoridated folk unwilling to change, adhering to past delusions of grandeur, perpetually on facebook with seemingly nothing to hide and nothing to protect.
    Made ill by the poisons, flock to their doctors and die in the name of science.
    Listen to your doctors folks, give your kids those vaccine shots and fluoride treatments. They will need it to cope with the imending doom that is their own self-contrived box.
    Revolution is imminent as collective awareness shapes reality

  8. It’s the Anglo-Saxon ethnoracial supremacist mentality aided, abetted and now subordinated to Judaic chosenness. The American Anglo-Saxon version is more primitive than the British version and less self-conscious which does not bode well for the American people.

    The Melting Pot paradigm has stripped most Americans of an ethnoracial consciousness grounded in their ancestral heritage. The European Americans and most British Americans who together are a majority of the American people may be too far gone.

    Their identification with and worship of their “whiteness” is socioculturally pathological and carries with it the strong smell of depravity. Ethnocultural sovereignty for the American ethnoraces may come after the Old Societal Paradigm is finally and fully discarded with Americans facing a devastated societal landscape trying desperately to reconstruct their shattered lives from scratch.

  9. P.S. I am ethnoracially European American. I am of mixed ethnic European descent. Luis Magno is my nomme d’guerre. On the maternal side my family history goes back thirteen generations in what is today US territory. On the paternal side I am first generation native-born.

  10. Excellent points, Zen, and worded so well. Everything makes sense, and this idea is certainly a possibility. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised. If this is their strategy, my hope is that it backfires. Maybe a bit pie-in-the-sky, but so many others around the world do know the truth, I’m hoping they will see what’s happening and not allow it to progress. People are angry at the USA, and rightly so, but many others know what’s being done here to keep the masses asleep and have some compassion for that. If they don’t fall for it and refuse to go along with the plans, the number of newly-awakened and super-pissed Americans might finally be enough to turn things around.

    I just woke up, and maybe I’m still dreaming… There’s nothing like a good backfire, though! 😉

    We do need to be alert and aware, for sure. Your best advice of all:

    “The best preparation is spiritual, to have your life in line with consciousness which gives right perspective.”

    Right on, Zen!

    Many thanks and much love,

  11. After looking at Zen’s ‘weekly news’ email from the ‘Just Wondering’, I find myself reflecting on writer journalists.

    For the last several months I’ve been putting together a weekly news roundup that I send out to a few friends and acquaintances. I find this exercise offers an insight into the idea of the great awakening (which seems to be a three steps forward, two steps back process) as well as the quality of journalism.

    I’ve often thought that, in a just world, Paul Joseph Watson would receive the Pulitzer Prize for his incredible effort in keeping us apprised of the conspiratorial side of life on this planet.

    But we also equally need great writer / philosopher / social commentators that will provide us with soul food; writers that can give up hope that we humans have the ability and conscious insight to find our way out of the quagmire of our current situation (past writer / philosophers like Sam Clemens, Will Rodgers and Albert Einstein come to mind).

    In this regard, I like to say… Thank You Zen!

    • Before adducing the Blessed Albert as anything to be proud of, it would be a good idea to peruse Christopher Jon Bjerknes’ 1000 page epic called “The Manufacture and Sale of St Einstein”, where we learn that this great man, as well as siring congenital idiot children and deserting the first wife who did his maths for him, was also a plagiarist and a fraud who stole every single piece of “original research” which he so disgracefully published under his own name.

  12. Mass conscious awakening and awareness will not come about simply because nefarious government operations are publicly revealed and acknowledged. After it became obvious that Iraq had been invaded under false pretenses, the public looked for scapegoats. Many articles were circulated on the Internet questioning “what the president knew and when.” But the indignant critics never once questioned themselves for having first believed and accepted the obvious lie at the outset of war. And after it was graphically revealed how the United States tortures and murders people as a matter of policy, the critics buried themselves in a debate over what constituted torture and who might have side-stepped legal definitions.

    Take any subject, any despicable act of violence, even the government’s great lie of 9/11 that defies all the laws of physics and mathematics, there you will find a curious mixture of academics debating blowback, possible negligence within our national security apparatus, and the existence of evildoers and mavericks who side-stepped our otherwise just and honorable systems, laws, institutions, and traditions.

    Now we come to the real truth. Mass awareness has been incorrectly defined as large numbers of people becoming aware of institutional corruption and government plunder. But true awareness comes only to those who look within themselves at their own responsibility. Only then will they turn their prayers into action. Only then will they stop supporting phony patriotism, flag waving, the troops, the military-industrial complex, the fraudulent monetary system, unconstitutional legislation, the tax system, unjust criminal laws and regulations, and the war psychology that is destroying our society. They will look no more for outside scapegoats to excuse their innocents and neglect. They will stand on their own two feet and say, “no more.” Sadly, I don’t see any evidence of it.

  13. Thanks for this article, much love and keep on telling the truth!
    My word to put it:
    Deep inside of you, there is a voice, which tells the truth. We all know the truth. It´s the warm feeling, to be in consonance with the universe, with all that is. This feeling we call LOVE. You are surrounded by the truth like fish in the ocean.

  14. Greatly presented observations and conclusions Zen, it’s a pleasure to stumble across another likeminded individual with such a clear understanding and logical awareness of our true reality. It seems when most people get too close to this level of understanding and awareness; they suddenly slip off the pathway of solid truth and become lost in a fog of theory, possibilities and unproven ideas. As to your topic of discussion, only time will tell. As you said ‘everything is by design’ and nothing happens at random… well at least that’s how it used to be. They underestimated the potential of the internet and failed to predict its power to unite, inform and educate so many, so fast and so beyond their control. This will ultimately become their undoing. But what you express is very real and could absolutely be yet another stage of their ‘master plan’. America no longer holds that untainted ‘Good Guy’ image portraying freedom, liberty and justice as un-waiverable virtues, by the people, for the people has failed. The USA is now viewed as oppressive bullies who torture, murder, spy, kidnap and pillage anyone that does not comply. The rest of the world has already concluded that the home of the brave and the land of the free is merely a shattered dream that has been stomped out under the oppressive boots of corrupt power elites. The world knows that Americans no longer have any control over the corporate governmental entity that has hijacked the nation. It’s mostly just the average everyday Americans who are not yet aware that their country has been overtaken, that they have lost all their rights, freedoms, prosperity and wealth to a global cabal of banker scum and that’s only due a lifetime of brainwashing propaganda and fluoride. Yes the world will be angry, and so they should be! But it won’t be directed at the American people so much as it will be directed at the ruthless, evildoers themselves. When the most well armed nation in the world finds out what has actually been done to them by those they had blindly given their trust, faith and taxes… well the shit will really hit the fan and the American citizens backed by the US military, will join the world in this international revolution against the corrupt power elite dictators currently running everything. We have all lived with too much bullshit for far too long and we’re sick of it…. So I say let the truth set us free!

  15. I like Joe F’s analysis.
    But one academic who has not engaged in debate, but who has simply presented the extensively and photographically-validated facts re. the 9-11 events, and has allowed others to draw the then-obvious conclusions, is Dr Judy Wood, who should be placed at the head of the putative European Commission of Investigation, although that investigation has already been completed and published in her magnum opus “Where Did the Towers Go?”. She reveals by default the holes in viewpoints such as ZG’s, which wrongly assert that aeroplanes were involved on that day, except as observational platforms, or that “controlled demolitions” brought the buildings down. The simple fact, validated by the almost complete lack of commensurate debris on the ground, indicates that the buildings went up, they did not come down. Every fact available for objective scrutiny reveals that low-energy nuclear reactions were involved on that day; probably the most telling confirmation of this fact is the complete absence of this assertion by the so-called Truth Movement, and by the placing at its head of the erstwhile low-energy nuclear physicist Steven Jones; who unaccountably (?) asserts, as does ZG, that CD was the primary factor involved.
    My apologies for not joining in with the breathless chorus of praise and mutual high-fiving for ZG’s observational abilities, but I find that irritating and obscurantist.
    Returning to JoeF; the one word which jumps out is his use of the word “prayer”, buried within the substance of what he says.
    There is a spiritual dimension to all these matters which is entirely overlooked. The simple fact, to a Christian at least, is that all these things will come to pass; there will be a New World Order, but it will be mercifully brief.
    Those of a mundane mindset concern themselves entirely with the affairs of this world, indeed, they have no other vision but one which looks to this present evil world. But soon coming, as repeatedly attested to in the Bible, is a new world, and a new heaven. This might as well be part of one of the “parallel universes” so beloved of Kabbalists and “scientists” everywhere, for all the reality which it has for the unregenerate minds which are on display here at this website.
    But God cannot lie. Which of you convinces Him of sin? Not one; therefore, believe what He tells you. Isaiah ch 66 v 22-4 tells you what is coming, as sure as night follows day.
    A new world, in which dwelleth righteousness.
    If you want to look behind the veil which covers this new world, you must ask for eyes to see.
    “Ask, and ye shall receive, seek, and ye shall find…”
    “If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to them that ask of you, how much more shall your heavenly Father give good gifts to them that ask Him?”
    The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and to depart from iniquity is understanding.

  16. It’s important to prepare ourselves for a stage managed “revelation” regarding 9/11 as many of us would be sucked in and reassimilated, potentially. I share your sceptism of whistle blowers appearing in MSM. How frustrating that it takes so long for the mud to settle on these affairs. My instincts tell me that this article is very well timed. Keep up the good work Mr Gardener.

    • Tx Chris – yr gut tells rt, something big’s afoot and soon – it’s also all already happening, they are experts as slow rollouts while distracting from their real goings on…

  17. “And is it simply irony that 9/11 was self inflicted via guided aircraft and controlled demolitions, with the implosion of two of America’s most proud, sacred symbols as its target?” Zen

    “I don’t trust the news, I don’t even trust seeming whistleblowers anymore until I’m sure.” Zen

    Just where did Zen get this aircraft guided into the twin towers idea??? From the news Zen claims to not trust. This is why we are in the position we are in, folks!!! Even the likes of Zen joyfully spread the bullshit the lying government workers and complicit media whores try force feed down out throats.
    Coincidence that Zen is guilty of spreading the aircraft into the towers lie???

    Don’t bet your life on it…

    • Wow, that’s presumptuous. Furthermore, guided aircraft and missile mainstream news? Dom baby, you’ve scrambled your sources. Or you’re one of those adamant no-brainer, no-planers, causing rifts in the overall movement to get the basic knowledge out there because of pet peeves of pride? Time to lay aside childish attitudes and mature a bit, “the hour is getting late..”

  18. How many brain-numbed “Americans” would ever know, or care? I think this is our best hope; it may be our last. THIS HAD BETTER BE GOOD!! It better POP so big and so hard it can’t be ignored by U.S. media. I have a hard time imagining it, but I’ll never give up hope until … well, until they shoot me dead, or I die.

  19. some background music….

    Theme from Taxi Driver- Bernard Herrmann

    It’s over. It’s been over before it even started. Land of the free and home of the brave….. where’s my BULLSHIT BUTTON???

    They sure spewed a nasty one on us with 911 — Boston was the litmus test. …(.Red or blue?)
    I received this email meme from several “yanks” after the Boston BS — the good ‘ol “what is an american” aka as “to kill an american” by an Australian Dentist!!
    FORWARD: I don’t usually forward “hooray” messages like this — but I thought this should be an exception — given the proximity in time to the recent Boston nightmare and that it was pointedly written, not by one of our citizens, but by an Austraiian!!
    So forgive the flag waiving and the (sometimes) overly simplistic view of our contributions to world order, peace and prosperity — and be glad that we aspire to be all that he claims for us!

    At the time, I didn’t have the heart to burst their patriotic bubble heads with the (nationalist) background on this piece. It was written by one By Peter Ferrara, an associate professor of law at the George Mason University School of Law.

    he “penned” it just after 911.

    He’s even a climate expert…


    I CALL BULLSHIT TO http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Ferrara

    did you catch this latest…… BULLSHIT LEVEL, DEFCON 5!

    Eyes wide open, people. Shelter in place??? — Ha! we’ve been in lock down mode for quite a while now

    We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

    Great post ZEN!

  20. Speaking of 911, no comment has so far been made regarding Building #7, which was “pulled”; i.e., destroyed, around 5:20 PM, hours after the Twin Towers fell. That in itself should have raised a huge red flag. Why was this building destroyed? One reason that came to mind is that it was probably used by the CIA and/or FBI, and it had to be destroyed to cover up whatever was in it.

    American Free Press had published a good-sized story known as 50 Questions on 911 not too long after the event, maybe a year and a half after. I wish I still had that issue, because it covered not only the World Trade Center, but also the Pentagon, as well as the mysterious plane crash in Shanksville, PA. 9/11 was certainly the motherload of false flags.

  21. What did bring the Twin Towers down that fateful day on 9/11/01? Certainly not any airliner, since jet fuel consists mostly of kerosene, when burning, reaches temperatures of around 800 degrees F, not nearly high enough to melt steel. According to a group of structural engineers with 9/11 Truth, the Twin Towers were demolished by either thermite or thermate, or both, which burn at temperatures hot enough to melt steel; thus, bringing the towers straight down.

    In addition, many first responders who had survived the collapse later fell ill and died; so what else was in the rubble? Micro nukes, perhaps? The steel in the pit continued to burn and melt for weeks afterwards, evidence that whatever was fueling the smoldering ruins was certainly not jet fuel.

    And, get this; atop all the debris was the passport of Mohammed Atta, one of the alleged 19 Arab hijackers. The passport was undamaged. This could mean only one thing; the passport had to have been planted there after the event. Furthermore, it had to have been stolen sometime before 9/11.

    The question is, when it comes to false flags such as 911, qui bono? Who benefits? And, the answer is not Muslims.

  22. Someday his brain will be studied, like that of Einstein.

    He fooled the multi-billion dollar security systems of NORAD, U.S. Air traffic control, USAF, NSA, CIA, and the FBI.

    He set the scientific world on its ear by showing that a few random fires started by jet fuel and weakening of a concrete and steel-framed structure near the top would bring very large buildings down to the ground in their own footprint. Previously, many millions of dollars had been wasted worldwide on lengthy planning and execution of “controlled demolitions” of even much smaller buildings.

    So much time and money has been saved on such demolition projects since 2001 when we learned of the new technique.

    Schools of commercial architecture have had to update and correct their offerings.

    Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

    Identified by the 9/11 Commission as the mastermind.

  23. The powers that be want revolution so they can twist it into their socialist paradise.
    Unfortunately, insurrection is fast becoming the only way to save liberty; it will have to be done with the full awareness of what the end result should be, and not what they want it to be.

  24. I think it is obvious that a simple Orson Welles, “War of the Worlds” type broadcast is all it would take. A media announcement that is sensational but not based on a true finding. In other words, people who hear an announcement that is broadcast worldwide of the US government being behind 911 would immediately believe it due to their feelings regarding the US. This would be impossible to turn backwards… almost like Michael Jackson being accused of child molestation. Well, after that happened, even though he was acquitted, who really believed he was not?!? The same is true for 911 Truth at this point. The Goliath only needs a small rock to the forehead for everything to come crashing down. That rock is a false broadcast, worldwide. It can later be retracted, but no one will care at that point. It will be out of control, absolute mayhem. The collapse of America will be a world collapse. From 1939 forward, the creation of the existing global power structure has rested on a foundation of despicable lies. 911 is only the latest, but it is not close to being the worst.

  25. You American people better wake up to the bs happening inside your government, if you do not act soon you and your children and there children will wake up penniless and your land will be given to low life’s and crooks.

    Wake up America

  26. I am likely the minority but I never even liked the looks of the Twin Towers as they seemed like an ugly stain compared to the wonderful buildings surrounding it minus some boring office towers.

    The Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty still shine proudly against the landscape and are much more grand in design and the amount of work.

    The Twin Towers were designed in an era where sources were shifting away from America to overseas.

    In fact when the Bay Bridge was built it was done by Chinese slave workers which not a single American put their sweat onto it and there was a dispute about it that was funny but sad which I cannot remember.

  27. BTW: It’s too bad most internet forums are full of the *asleep* people who will laugh you off or even ban you which happened to me if anybody dares speak out about 9/11. The closer to the truth the more aggressive they get if they can’t find any holes to poke.

    I truly believe both political parties were responsible for allowing 9/11 to happen so it will further the *Republicans vs Liberals* false front which most internet forum people have their heads full of crap.

    If that’s the direction of America I feel sorry for her when the gig is up.

  28. The powers to be since 2008 or so have decided that the internet is to be a subscription service for everything you look at which caters to the rich.

    The rich elite wans the internet to be under their thumb which they are making DLC and micro transactions seem normal into our brainwaves by using hip phrases.

    They want to divide the rich against the poor like the kings and queens of old. Back to monarchy they want to go and what better way to spread their message then to use the internet and push the *smartp hone* trend in our faces in order to convince everyone that you HAVE to have one.

    Most of my history we didn’t HAVE to have one but now the powers to be are trying to kill anything that isn’t a smart phone and that even includes laptops and tablets which are basically cell phones with a bigger screen.

    I hate Android OS after playing with one to see what it’s like compared to a computer and it’s for retarded people who don’t know a thing about PC’s and likely never will.

    Unfortunately the changes to computers were too much for most people which the industry could’ve done a better job preparing people for them such as the 16 bit to 32 bit changes and most of all the 32 to 64 bit changes in hardware which lead to Vista being half broken because it wasn’t thought out very well.

    Same deal with going from rabbit ears to HD TV. Before Cable TV even existed you had all the stations you needed right from the box!

  29. Satellite TV even exited in the 1960s and you didn’t need to *unlock* it since they were not scrambled until you pay DISH network money.

    You could go actually view international television if you knew where to point the huge satellite dish back in the old days before it all went commercial and yes they were HUGE!

    The elites have top down control over the changes of technology to cater to THEIR whim not yours! They do things TO us not FOR us!

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